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Path of the Serpent

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Take a look. File information Last updated 30 April AM. Original upload 19 February PM. Virus scan Safe to use. About this mod This a major Stealth overhaul, intended not only to balance it's effectiveness across all skill levels and perks, but also to improve the overall gameplay and realism of it. Author notes This author has not provided any additional notes regarding file permissions.

File credits This author has not credited anyone else in this file. Donation Points system This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. Version 1. Fixed requirements for Snakeblood and Experimenter perks.

The Path of Shadows: Chthonic Gods, Oneiromancy, Necromancy in Ancient Greece

Shadow Warrior no longer applies invisibility. Assassination now properly registers detection state to apply on sneak attacks. Fixed Backstab and Deadly Strike to be in the proper positions. Fixed the description on Backstab and Shadow Warrior.

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Fixed Shadowstep to not activate when using Silent Roll. Due to an oversight, while inside an interior cell it was previously not much more difficult to be spotted within direct Line of Sight than the base game. This has been corrected. Both Obscurity and Dark Adaptation now require you to be within a space twice as dark as before to activate. Dark Adaptation no longer makes sound while activating or deactivating. Obscurity will no longer work while your weapon is drawn or you are in combat.

Dark Adaptation now activates only while in dark areas, and no longer breaks when toggled on and back off too quickly. Dark Adaptation now replaces Muffled Movement rather than Silence. Obscurity now replaces Silence. The Sneak skill and Stealth perks have been improved to compensate for the removal of Muffled Movement. Obfuscate perk renamed to Concealement.

Dodge perk replaced with Coercion. Slip perk replaced with Focus Senses.

Blindside perk renamed to Opportunist. Extra Pockets perk replaced with Sleight of Hand. Invisibility spell is now two-handed. Invisibility spell includes the Muffle effect. Invisibility spell has been renamed to Obfuscation. Concentrated Poison perk now allows 3 strikes instead of 2. Locks now have drastically smaller sweet spots when picking. It is now more difficult to break picks while picking a lock.

Path of the Shadow - Official Path of Exile Wiki

Rank perks for Lockpicking now provide a larger improvement, and have clearer descriptions. Invisibility spell costs Blackjack perk has been removed. Invisibility and Muffle have had the rate at which they improve Illusion reduced. Muffle now costs more to maintain. Blindside perk now grants full sneak attack damage on a successful hit. Benefactor and Poisoner can now properly be ranked up to 2. Invisibility is now naturally silent, even without the Concealed Casting perk. Invisibility and Muffle are now both Concentrated spells.

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Fixed Concealed Casting to properly work with Illusion spells. Undeleted Light Foot from the game, so that incompatibilities changing the Sneak tree will no longer give a bugged out variant of it. Fix to Blindside so that it will properly check that you are behind your target, and not multiply actual sneak attacks either. Evasion renamed to Slip. Obscurity renamed to Obfuscate.