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While mirror neurons may become active during language production and comprehension, the available evidence suggests that mirror neurons do not, by themselves, provide a sufficient basis for action understanding or alignment of mental states. Instead, mirror neurons may be a component of a larger associative network that connects production and comprehension systems.

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Citing Literature. Volume 7 , Issue 8 August Pages JM: So could you elaborate on the social implications and broader practical implications of mirror neurons?

Vision and Action in the Language-Ready Brain: From Mirror Neurons to SemRep

VR: Well, [mirror neurons] enable me to see you as an intentional being, with purpose and intention. In fact, we suggested nearly a decade ago that mirror neuron dysfunction may be involved in autism. That requires a theory of mind. Not every symptom, but many of the symptoms match beautifully. JM: From your perspective, what do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions around mirror neurons—speculations that have yet to actually be validated by science?

VR: Well, I think as with any new scientific discovery, initially people are very skeptical. When people discovered that these neurons do exist, and that they exist in humans, then people went overboard and said they do everything. And I myself am partly responsible because I made this playful remark, not entirely serious, that mirror neurons will do for psychology what DNA did for biology and open up a whole new field of investigation.

Mirror Neurons Are Essential, but Not in the Way You Think - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus

If mirror neurons are involved in things like empathy and language and all of that, then monkeys should be very good at these things. One of the things I argue, and others have argued, is that mirror neurons are important in transmitting skills from generation to generation. Mirror neurons are important in that. VR: Exactly. But if that were true, it they were responsible for all that transmission of skills and culture, monkeys should be very good at those things because they have mirror neurons. Thank you for this rich article, Jason!

Capacities such as, indeed, empathy. You get the idea. And of course it all emanates from us, the parents, the adults. Marcy Axness pm, April 8, Link. He has theorized that mirror neurons are responsible for everything from empathy to the evolution of human culture. There is virtually no scientific evidence to back up such claims.

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You should read up on the research that has been done and update your blog with more accurate information on the subject of mirror neurons. Gallaher am, April 27, Link. Igrice am, August 8, Link.

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