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It bothers my grandmother to this day. However, the toll of the Great Hunger on those who fled Ireland was apparently so calamitous that those who lived through it were never to produce such an enduring work. In recent years, a diverse array of authors have labored to fill this historical gap. We can now add Lyndsay Faye to this impressive list of novelists. It would be pink! With her fashionably cropped dark hair and ready-for-stage appearance somewhere between Rachel Maddow and actress Ally Sheedy , Faye does not fit the stereotype of someone who spends hours peering at microfilm copies of 19th-century New York newspapers.

Faye vividly recreates life in the harsh Irish wards, and even includes snippets of primary sources from the day, to convey the vehemence of anti-Irish sentiment in certain quarters.

American Copper: A Novel

If religion was the central historical question in Gods of Gotham, it is race that is central to Seven for a Secret. It, too, explores the gritty life of a Five Points police officer, though the show is set a few years later, during the Civil War. An Actress First Faye did not initially intend to become a writer. In fact, she was a successful theatrical performer for about a decade on the West Coast, but said the grind of auditioning — and the sheer level of acting talent out there — was daunting. Like fellow actress-turned-mystery writer Tana French whose books are set in Dublin, where she lives , Faye says acting was great training for novel writing.

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As Evelynne Lowry, the daughter of a copper baron, comes of age in early 20th century Montana, the lives of horses dovetail with the lives of people and her own quest for womanhood becomes inextricably intertwined with the future of two men who face nearly insurmountable losses—a lonely steer wrestler named Zion from the Montana highline, and a Cheyenne team roper named William Black Kettle, the descendant of peace chiefs.

Set against the wide plains and soaring mountainscapes of Montana, this is the American West re-envisioned, imbued with unconditional violence, but also timeless understandings of loyalty, intimacy, and home.

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Evelynne turns recluse, Emily Dickinson—like, silent but for published poetry. Then two very different men come into her life. With the Evelynne-Zion-William triangle of desire and despair, Ray casts an unsparing eye on the brutal racism of the American frontier and the dark hubris that made the settlement of the West both productive and destructive. Thematically, Ray fuses tragedy into rebirth, covering a timeline of nearly four decades in a narrative as natural, pure, and clear as water flowing from a snow-covered peak.

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Heartbreaking and heart pounding and not to be missed. His work is lyrical, prophetic, brutal yet ultimately hopeful.

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  • American Copper is that book. A stunning portrayal of the scope of the human spirit, and the many paths to grace. Centered on Evelynne Lowry, privileged daughter of an insatiable copper king, the novel divines the deepest sources of American tragedy—the implacability of wealth, the heartlessness of colonialism, the rage of racial injustice.

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    With an emotional heart as enormous as the Montana mountains, it traces nearly a century of American life through its rich cast, and it does so without the slightest effort. I was reminded as much of the tribal folklore of James Willard Schultz as the fearless genre-bending of Dorothy M.

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