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View Product. Chasing the Falconers On the Run Series 1. Two kids break out of a juvenile detention center and become fugitives in order to Two kids break out of a juvenile detention center and become fugitives in order to clear their convicted parents' names in this heartstopping series from kid-read master Gordon Korman.

Aidan and Meg Falconer are their parents' only hope. The Falconers The Climb Everest Series 2. The youngest expedition ever to attempt an Everest climb has begun. But the trouble starts But the trouble starts long before they reach the summit. Competition is fierce.

Conditions are harsh. And the trek from Base Camp proves a challenge that not all the Tensions run high in the explosive 8th book of 39 Clues, the 1 New York Tensions run high in the explosive 8th book of 39 Clues, the 1 New York Times bestselling series. One belief has sustained fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, on their hunt for the 39 Clues: They are the good Escape Island Series 3. Island is a thrilling trilogy of stories. Luke, Charla, Will, Lyssa, J. They've survived so far, but now their enemies are closing in. They have only one chance to escape.

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His plan seems somewhat sound, but things begin to happen along the way, and we find that he's not necessarily an expert or a good person. I've known cops like this and I was wary of him at first, but as I read more, I really really did not like him. Then you meet Gabe, a mean drunk with a painful past. His neighbors are good people and are trying to help. Things aren't always what they seem, for either of these characters. This was a good book, I sped through it, always a good sign.

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I only gave it four because of the missing mention of other nations - I just felt like this was a huge hole. Read the book. Hate Ending I was totally engrossed in this novel, but despised the ending so much I screamed foul. I get the author's idea, but for me it was not satisfactory. I doubt I'll read more of his books. Apr 02, Ron Turner rated it did not like it. Giving it 1 star because of one half of the ending, did not sit well with me.

Not really likable, but he seemed to have a bit of a moral compass. By the end, he was just bad and I really wanted something bad to happen to him. Something worse than did happen because for me, his end was a bit to quick. Worse than that, I hated Gabe dying and I understand the point, but in the books I read, I want the good guys to survive, even if they don't all the time in real life. The dual point of view was great, but I found it switching a bit too often, making it hard to settle in to either story.

If you really like end of the world type fiction, this is worth a read, otherwise just pass on it. Apr 13, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: post-apocalypse. This book isn't bad and Crawford tells a pretty entertaining story. The novel starts out a little formulaic, with a survivalist-type protagonist the dude on the cover making preparations to get out of a major city when an apocalypse hits. His escape is pretty thrilling.

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On the other hand, a town drunk is on a bender, and doesn't even realize that the world has ended. His backstory is heart-breaking, and he has every intention of drinking himself to death. The events that follow the apocalypse, This book isn't bad and Crawford tells a pretty entertaining story.

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The events that follow the apocalypse, though, determine a very different destiny for him. Unfortunately, both protagonists are not fleshed out well. They are 2. This is especially true with the supporting characters. In the end, this is a good book to read if, for example, you received it as a Christmas present. Sep 11, Colin Bohl rated it liked it.

Book Review: Collision Course (variant title: Collision with Chronos), Barrington J. Bayley, (1973)

I personally believe that this book had a wonderful plot, but it all fell apart. Having two main characters was a brilliant plan from the start. You had DJ and then you had Gabe. Two characters on completely different ends of the spectrum, yet somehow They collide. He focused too much on Gabe, and left DJ to dry. I despised the main character. DJ was not a good guy, nothing he did was really morally justified, and he was just a dick.

Plain and simple. Feb 12, Frank Sullivan rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book, the characters had me rooting for them sometimes and disliking them other times. I liked the premise of the story which is very believable. I must say most books I read I usually figure out how they are going to end but this one was an unexpected surprise that provided an ending that was perfect for the book.

I recommend this book as a must read! Jan 03, Bill rated it did not like it. If you are an extreme right-wing survivalist suffering from paranoia and fears out of control government due to economic collapse and who doesn't mind piss-poor narrative then this novel is for you. Poorly developed characterization, contrived story line, and a downright depressing ending Do not read this book!!! Feb 03, Super Marge rated it it was ok.

Book was OK. Not what you would normally expect. Well written although publisher had quite a few typo's in my copy. Dec 27, Alyssa Hubbard rated it did not like it Shelves: will-not-finish. DJ was an unlikable character. I preferred Gabe, but both of their dialogues were unbelievable. DJ was absolutely unbearable during his meeting with Nancy and Crystal. I couldn't continue, and I won't be picking this up again. Sep 05, Mary rated it liked it. Nothing near as good as his first book, Lights Out. Oct 24, Ben rated it it was ok. Just goes to show that being the best prepared may not be the best plan.

Aug 10, Kate rated it liked it. Ending was awful. Sep 28, Robyn Brown rated it it was ok. May 15, Kristy Samantha rated it did not like it. Don't bother. If you liked Lights out you will be sorely disappointed with this book. Nov 23, Steve rated it really liked it. Good book. Not quite the ending that I had imagined Wanted to give it 3. Sep 22, Brad T. I hate when I finish a book I really like and I'm finishing thus one at 2am because I couldn't sleep until I finished it.

Big fan of this author. Aug 08, Darlene rated it liked it Shelves: done I started out loving this book and by the end I hated the main character. I guess it was really well written because I got so invested in it but since it ended horribly, I hated it. Jan 03, Mia Michalek rated it really liked it. Great story, but the ending was not what I had expected and the author left to many open questions. I am not even sure if he left room to write another book. Doyle rated it liked it Dec 24, Jeremy Clark rated it it was ok Dec 08,