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Dashing Through the Snow arranged by Richard L. Saucedo

Thick wool socks with decent boots are recommended to keep your toes from going numb, and a ski scarf will keep your face cozy. For the rest of your body, wool clothing is a good base layer, and cotton should probably be avoided.

Dashing Through the Snow

Or if that layer is thin, add another sweater to the mix. Our bodies are all different, so find a combination that works for you. It may take some trial and error for the first few rides until you find that winning combo. While you should take care of your bike year-round, during winter it needs extra attention. Use oil or lube on your brake cables and chain to keep them from rusting, and use grease on the insides of pieces that should be able to come apart namely the post of your bike seat and handle bars, and anything that screws in.

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Lastly, as strange as it sounds, put some oil or grease in the key port of your bike lock. I learned the hard way that the lock can freeze and you can break your key by forcing it, so lube it up on a fairly regular basis. Sure enough, they decide to share the rental car to get to their mutual destination of Seattle.

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Even though he is clearly a douchebag. Later, the FBI is questioning the ticket agent about Ashley, who is apparently a hardened criminal.

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This may end up being a case of mistaken identity her name is laughably common and the FBI has no pictures of her , but I would totally buy Ashley as a drug smuggler of some sort. She has the finicky temperament and bubbly irritation of someone whose income depends on properly-cooked meth.

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Also, she is a backseat driver who frequently hangs her entire upper body out the window like a dog, and sadly she seems to think this behavior is flirtatious. Also, she is singing out-of-tune with the radio in a convenience store.

At the top of her lungs. She still seems to think she is successfully flirting. She will not stop talking.

Dashing Through The Snow

The rental car breaks down and Ashley decides to stop a car by showing off her leg…with opaque black tights on. Face, meet palm. They have to walk 8 miles to the nearest town on a picturesque path through the woods. Ashley tells Pavelka that she only dates men who believe in Santa Claus 1 , because it shows they are kind and generous 2.

Dashing Through The Snow

TL; DR: Ashley is the worst. At the auto garage, she makes a phone call in some foreign Slavic? The FBI guy spying on her from a nearby car agrees.