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Molly Flynn. Show all episodes. Vincent Maggie. Shelley voice. Lynn McDonald. Mindy Boone. Show all 35 episodes. James - Bon Voyage Amber Strang. DNAmy voice. TV Series Molly - Blame Show all 24 episodes. Good Talk Show all 6 episodes. Herself - Guest Host. Grant Show all 17 episodes.

Herself - Guest. Show all 7 episodes. Show all 43 episodes. Vincent - Episode Show all 10 episodes. TV Series Herself - Episode 1. Smith Goes to Hades Show all 56 episodes. The Mem'ries The Magic! TV Special Herself. Show all 11 episodes. Related Videos. Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: There's an epidemic in our country of girls and women feeling bad about themselves based on what 0. Trivia: Attended and graduated from St. Trademark: Often does physical comedy. Star Sign: Virgo. Edit page. Clear your history. The American Heritage Futurity showcased a really strong group of 2-year-olds for and I think the Futurity Finals in Las Vegas will be even better than last year.

We had bulls entered and folks who traveled as far away as California and North Carolina to participate. The Super Classics are just around the corner. The first will be in Tulsa, followed by Springfield. It says a lot about the caliber of our animals that Cody Lambert is giving us two rounds. The Wild Card is still being finalized, so watch for more details to come.

Thanks for your support and I hope to see all of you at an event soon.

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I get to see the arena action live, and up very close. I have been witness to some of the greatest rides in history, usually not more than 50 yards away. If I ever stop working long enough to have kids, I will have great stories to tell my grandchildren someday.

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I feel very lucky to have such an incredible job. But I know what really makes me lucky is the people I meet because of my job. From the fans, to the breeders and their families, and my co-workers- I am constantly inspired by the people around me. People in this sport help each other out and are the kind of people you can really count on. Despite any geographical, cultural or other differences, our sport truly does try to embrace everyone who is passionate about bucking bulls. Our sport focuses on what we have in common, not what makes us different.

I spent time with the fans who were eager to take part not only in the PBR autograph sessions but the Bull Housing Tour. I was lucky enough to work for the PBR when Jim Sharp was still riding and he is one of the greats of all time. Razor earned the ring through his talent and never quit attitude.

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Randy earned it through his work ethic and dedication to a sport he loved. As wonderful as the Ring of Honor presentation was, nothing for me compared to earlier that morning. If people could be half as resourceful as Sharon and half as determined and inspirational as Tiffany These days I am also consistently inspired by our Junior members.

When I see their passion, drive and determination- I know our sport is in good hands in the future. The best part of my job is definitely the people. But the bulls can sometimes be a close second. I have a unique job that has afforded me unforgettable memories and unparalleled experiences.

But what truly matters is that I have met people who I can call my heroes and lifelong friends- people who inspire me to follow their example and be a better person. Both these options clearly mark the animal and move them to your deceased tab or previous inventory, respectively. By managing your own herd it helps staff to identify those animals that are still currently being used and to serve the breeders better.

Thank you in advance for your help with this. Call the office today to get your T-shirts sent to you or order online. Get one for every member of the family! Get yours as soon as possible so that you can send them in throughout the year and beat the year end rush. Avoid missed payments and pay your American Heritage online too! We would like to congratulate Lauryn Dunham as she was accepted into nursing school.

We also like to congratulate Melissa Volosin who will be soon become Melissa Smith and will be moving to northern Colorado. After college Alyssa worked at a local consulting firm and now joins the office staff as our Office Assistant. Heritage a huge success- from the competitive bulls to those behind the chutes and especially the guys in the back pens.

We hope you all had as much fun as we did! C Ranch in Stringtown, Okla. He was riding in his cart and stopped to check on a cow when he felt a sting on his leg. When he looked down, the snake was still caught in his coveralls. He rushed home to find he was only grazed by the snake but his coverall pant leg was soaked with venom. Kenny went to hospital and was checked out and sent home. He had some slight swelling along with stinging and a bruise the size of a baseball.

We have always joked with Kenny about wearing his signature coveralls, but maybe this time they saved his life! Late payments are not available for the first payment in August, the March payment where you have to name the bull or the May final payment and event entry. We are excited about our addition of a Junior Futurity in West Jordan, Utah on July 10, and look forward to adding more junior events each year. From your official sponsors: Members receive 6 colorful, educational issues of The American Bucking Bull magazine each year.

Visit www. Big Tex Trailers has a large selection of new and used trailers available. Horse, stock, utility, cargo, and many other trailers are available at all times, as well as truck beds. Big Tex Trailers takes any type of trailer in on trade and offers financing and a large selection of parts. Pleasant, Texas. David M. Courage is measured in seconds. Many dream about it. With more than 30 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes and Working Facilities for Feedlots and Cattle Producers, Cattleac chutes are built with the same heavy material needed for strength and lasting durability.

Standard layout, or customize a layout to fit your needs. A fraction of a second really counts in bull riding, and when a fraction of a second is on the line, you can count on Cooper Tires to make a difference. Visit coopertire. The following outlines specifically what each judge should be looking for in their perspective category. Technically correct bulls will complete this action by kicking their hind legs, however not all will kick, and that is a separate category from buck.

Another consideration is the number of jumps they complete during the course of the trip. Still another factor can be how much ground they cover. Also referred to as the speed category, spin is the most difficult to assess if a bull is only ridden for a jump or two. In this situation, a judge must assume that the amount a bull was spinning or the number of rounds would have continued at the same rate for eight seconds.

Determining factors in the spin category are: how fast how many rounds if ridden eight seconds , how far around a bull goes with each jump bulls who take two jumps to complete a revolution get more credit than those who take four jumps. These elements are measured in the degree of difficulty category, and need not be assessed along with spin.

A judge must be attentive to whether a bull was in the process of turning back or not as the rider was thrown in order to successfully determine if a bull was beginning to spin. Then he must use that determination to decide how much, or how many rounds would have been accomplished in eight seconds had he been ridden.

Determining factors as to the number of points earned in this category are how high and how hard a bull kicks, how much vertical body angle he achieves as he kicks, and whether or not he kicks each and every jump. Additionally, bulls who kick at the peak of each jump instead of waiting until their front feet reach the ground deserve more credit in this important category.

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In other words, how much try is he putting into the trip. As in the degree of difficulty category, if a bull has high marks in the core elements, it would be hard not to assume that he is using a high degree of intensity as he bucks. This category allows for separation between bulls with similar trips when one was putting more of himself into the effort, and deserves to be marked over the other one.

The most generally defined elements of this category are: drift or fade, accomplished by a bull covering ground as he spins; moving forward in the spin; belly roll; drop, direction change; lack of timing etc. While most of the feedback has been positive about the 5 Category Judging System, the most common concern from breeders seems to be the number of place splits or ties that are occurring.

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However since each judge has not only five points to award in their perspective category but actually twenty points when quarter points are considered, the question of adequate point spread seems mute. The answer to this issue may lay in judges becoming more familiar with the system and marking their perspective category.

Ranch Name: Simpson Cattle Co. You can accomplish a lot more approaching it this way. As far as the ABBI is concerned, if you want to be the best, you have to go play with the best. Frank americanbuckingbull. Over people woke up early on a Sunday to come meet their favorite animal athletes up close and personal.

Several stock contractors came out to lead guided tours.

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PBR Livestock Director Cody Lambert also spoke to the tour groups and not only took the time to take pictures with his fans, but also to really explain how the bulls are transported, cared for and what goes into an event. Lambert stayed until all the fans questions were answered. Most of the fans were awed by the size of the animals and everyone left with a better understanding of what it takes to be an animal athlete in the PBR.

Elizabeth, Colo right : Laughs I like them by color! I like brindles and the white ones with black spots. I do like them when they have horns, because I like it when they go after the cowboys. I like that he is so fast that no one can really cover him. But we just met Chicken on a Chain and Voodoo too, and that was pretty impressive. The size of Chicken is amazing, the fact that he can even get off the ground! We were just flabbergasted. To be up close to them like this and really see them is an experience.

I like Voodoo Child and Chicken on a Chain. He reminds me of Blueberry Wine. I really liked Oscar too back when he was around. I see some bulls bucking on TV nowadays that have Oscar blood in them. That bull was just a phenomenal athlete. I saw Yellow Jacket Jr. I think Yellow Jacket Jr. I do love the bigger bulls who jump and twist. Once he got you off his back, he was done with you. I love a bull with that type of attitude.

Bucking the Sun

And some of the bulls are just so beautiful. Chicken on a Chain is a beautiful bull. Stay tuned to pbrnow. Mitch Terrell was an owner of Houdini for about 4 years; he also has been a member of the. ABBI from the very beginning and has been participating in many events throughout the years. He also likes to round up cows on horseback. He plans on going to the next Youth Futurity in Claremore, Okla. Tyler would also like to add his favorite part about winning this year was beating Rex Samford!

Thank you all Junior participants, and hopefully we will see you in Claremore on July The sky is the limit when you become a Junior Breeder. The opportunity to raise and buck bulls, buy and buck bulls, be sponsored by a mentor with a bull you can buck, or to root for your peers from the sidelines are only a small list of the opportunities available to you as a Junior Breeder. There are three upcoming junior events already scheduled.

Visit abbinow. Winners receive an event championship buckle donated by the Samford family and arrangements are already underway for putting together an extensive year-end award program. Another exciting opportunity is being created for you FFA and 4-H die-hards in the way of judging. Look for the terminology manual, sample classes, their placements and oral reasons coming soon AND stay tuned for more on the exciting ventures available with USBBA Junior Breeder programs!

Draw and name a mascot for us! The winner will be announced next issue. Making a really good one. Page, Monty Samford and Chad Berger. My parents are my mentors. The Junior Breeder program is open to all kids through age Kids can start competing at Futurities at age 9. Riding my horse to work them and bucking them with the dummy or putting riders like my brother on them.

Page, Toby Floyd and my Mom and Dad. T, Kid Rock and Dillinger. I like to see the babies jump and buck in the pasture. It is also fun to see the bulls my dad has sold go on to the futurities and PBR. You have to gather them to give them yearly shots and they can be wild to gather.

Latigo, except at the Ardmore Futurity 2 yrs ago, no one told me how easy it slipped and I pulled it too tight on my bull. Box K is one of the breeders who came onboard this year to provide the financial support needed to make the youth system a success. Box K is a family affair, owned by Ken and his father Buddy.

The next day Ken and Kaleb went and bought a heifer. Within a month they bought a bull. A few months later, they had purchased 10 cows from Herrington Cattle Co. Box K is truly a multi-generational family affair. With the purchase of Apollo, Box K burst onto the national scene. Although now deceased, Apollo left a lasting legacy behind and Box K is producing Apollo calves that they are extremely excited about. Ken saw how important the Junior events were and he knew he wanted to support the program however possible.

That 2-year-old is called Sofa Pizza, a name Kaleb and Robin came up with. But this is something we can do together as a family. You know they say the family that plays together, stays together. Daughter Karis is counting the years until she is old enough to compete at the Junior events like her big brother.

We hope to do well in the youth Futurity as well. Box K Cattle is destined to have some big success in the future with their Apollo calves. Thanks in part to Box K, kids will have their own shot at success through the Junior Futurity events. Q: What does the average bull weigh? A: The average bucking bull that competes with a rider weighs in at 1, 1, pounds.

The bull very rarely weighs less than 1, pounds unless they are competing in the futurities with only a bucking dummy aboard. Q: What is the lifespan of a bucking bull? A: Bucking bulls often live well into their teens, which is. Though a bucking bull may often be in his prime as an athlete around age 5 or 6, many bulls buck past the age of 10, and when they retire from competition they are used as sires in bucking bull breeding programs. The slack is taken out of it before the ride, but not tied too tight, and the strap is removed immediately after the ride.

It has nothing to do with the genitals, as some uneducated detractors would attest. In fact, care is taken to ensure that the genitals are not involved, as that would adversely affect the performance of the bulls. The flank rope is more of an annoyance than anything else, and the bulls will kick their hind legs out at the height of their bucking action in an effort to dislodge it, resulting in a more uniform and less erratic performance. Coming Next issue Look for more Junior Member profiles every issue! The only company that has won more Stock Contractor.

The secret to his success is simple: Work hard. Then work harder. Embrace opportunities. Find partners. And always, always, be the best ambassador possible for your brand. After winning his first Stock Contractor of the Year title, an emotional Berger explained,. I was shaking so bad when they announced it. And no one had really thought much about doing grass roots marketing of bulls like that.

Berger may be from a small town in North Dakota, but he has the marketing savvy of a big-city businessman. But marketing can only get you name recognition. Berger is a success because his bulls can back up the brand. It was just amazing to win both in the same year. Chad grew up in a family that raised bucking bulls. It is the Berger family that gave us what is arguably the greatest bucking bull of all time, Little Yellow Jacket. From working with his parents Joe and Darlene and siblings on Berger Bucking Bulls, Chad eventually started his own operation.

Chad Berger Bucking Bulls is a family affair. Wife Sarah, son John and daughters Lacey and Sadie are all responsible for their wide-spread success. In midJune he held his annual Bismarck, N. Stock contractors like Berger are the ones always looking for the next big star to put on their truck.

For a smaller breeder, the exposure their animal gets from being hauled by a big-name contractor like Berger can bring more attention to that animal and their breeding program than it would ever get being hauled by a smaller breeder. Not to mention that being selected to be a Chad Berger Bucking Bull can mean big bucks.

Top-of-the-line stock contractors like Berger and his partners are willing to pay for qualityand that benefits all breeders in the industry by keeping the value up for the best bulls. Berger has also forged corporate partnerships that help promote the sport of bucking bulls to a wider audience, as well as bringing corporate dollars into the sport. Rarely will you see Berger at an event without wearing one of his signature Chad Berger.

Bucking Bulls shirts. When you speak with him, he is as genuine and humble as he has always been. He always takes the times to talk to fans and encourage people to get into the bull business, whether it is at a PBR event or just someone he runs into on the street. Berger has built his success one bull and one fan at a time. Fan after fan had stopped to have their picture taken in front of the statue and Berger. The sun may have been in my eyes but it seemed like the great bullman seemed to get a little misty-eyed while posing next to the bull that helped seal his family name in the record books.

Before long, a bunch of children were waiting to climb up on the statue and have their pictures taken too. Berger beamed with pride. I told the children who the man was next to the statue.

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  • They clamored over to him and started asking him about his bulls. Berger was still answering questions from the kids and their parents when I had to leave. And that may be the final secret to his success- Chad Berger cares about the fans who love the sport and his bucking bulls. We used to take bulls to high school and amateur rodeos. The lives of Graveley and Conat eventually drifted apart, but eventually fate wove their common threads back together. It was 20 miles one way on back dirt roads for them to drive her to school.

    Graveley, a third generation cowboy has a 5, acre ranch and handles the cows and breeding end of the program. When bulls are weaned they come to Conat where training begins. Conat and his wife Bonnie are hands-on literally and take care of anywhere from to head of bulls daily. We do it all by hand. Conat spends lots of hands-on time with his bulls and. Photo by Richard and Verda Anseeuw. I really like to get my hands-on them. The first order of business is working them through a squeeze chute for vaccinations and branding.

    Then the real work begins. I get a lot of bulls from people having problems handling them. Most have never been taught to sort and will run right through gates. Bulls get unruly and people sometimes get scared. He was really hard to break of this and it took about a year. I want to sell short round bulls. Like everyone else, we can raise 21 point bulls- and there is a market. Watching other knowledgeable bull-men work their bulls is something Conat recommends to others and feels studying will reveal a hands-on approach where slow and easy works best.

    I like to sit back and watch him. You have to take your time. He took an old bareback riggin and built a tower that has a latch in the center with a string that goes up to a rafter in my arena. It never hangs up. It weighs just 2 or 3 pounds and I can pull it right off their back whenever I want. If a calf starts to flip or fall I can trip and jerk it right straight up in the air off them. The bulls we raise are bigger, stronger bulls more suited for the Classics. I think the cold plays a big role with their immune system working, too. It has to for them to survive.

    Our feed programs and the way we feed are also worlds apart. I think it takes at least 10 days to. We get it from West Feeds out of Billings, Montana. PBR short round bulls on tour. Jack McLean bred Spitfire and he was in one of the cows when we bought his herd out. Spitfire, he did raise him and the amount of time put into his success by Conat is huge. He ended the season ranked fifth in the ABBI Classics and has become one of the most rider-respected. He was always a rough-houser, but I got where I could mess with him.

    As a matter of fact, we even live collected him out in a big lot by hand. Among them are; Hot Lips, Nite Lites,. While Spitfire came up short last year, the small town of Drummond will be rooting for him to add another title to its list of bull accomplishments. I always thought it would be pretty cool to be. Not so much for me, but for the town of Drummond. In the meantime all Montana eyes will be on Spitfire come World Finals.

    If given the opportunity to visit Spitfire at an event try them out for yourself. The primary disease affecting the hoof is foot rot. Foot rot is caused by the bacteria Fusobacterium necrophorum. Animals diagnosed with foot rot should be separated from the rest of the herd as they will shed the bacteria and any other animal that injures its hoof will be more susceptible to infection. There are a number of antibiotics available for the treatment of foot rot as well as some vaccines that may help prevent foot Effect of zinc source on hoof health.

    Nutritional causes of foot rot are some of the hardest to diagnose but may be the easiest to treat. There are a number of nutritional factors that affect hoof quality. These nutrients include: amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, and a number of minerals. Of the minBefore After erals involved, zinc Zn , copper Cu , and manganese Mn are particularly vital to hoof methods to prevent these issues. Hoof health problems can generally be health.

    Both Zn and Cu are necessary for the traced back to one or a combination of the formation of keratin, the hard outer surface following four factors: 1 genetics; 2 environ- of the hoof. Deficiencies of either of these two ment; 3 disease; and 4 nutrition. Genetic trace minerals results in a softening of the hoof contributions to hoof health problems can wall which can lead to cracks, foot rot, and sole be sorted out relatively easily. Pay attention abscesses. Manganese has a less direct role and to which animals have hoof problems and if mainly helps minimize hoof problems by mainanimals from a certain sire or dam continually taining proper leg formation.

    In addition to have problems, cull that sire or dam as well as these roles, each of these three trace minerals their offspring. The environment is not as easy is involved in proper immune function. Zinc, to control. The hooves of animals that have Cu, and Mn all play a role in the antioxidant to stand in wet, muddy conditions eventually enzyme superoxide dismutase which helps to soften making injury more probable. In addi- rid the body of cell damaging free radicals. Zinc tion, animals that are maintained on very hard is also directly involved in wound healing and surfaces are also prone to hoof injury.

    Allowing antibody formation. In order to be competitive it is necessary that bulls stay healthy and sound. Anything causing lameness can result in having to remove animals from competition and loss of income. This is especially true of the hooves and legs due to the immense pressure placed on these structures while bucking. The following outlines some of the problems associated with hoof health and bone structure as well as some. Nutritional causes of hoof problems are usually the result of a mineral deficiency.

    The Mn concentration of most grasses is sufficient; however, it may not always be in a form that the animal can use. Furthermore, the feed, water, and soil that the animal consumes can contain mineral antagonists. These antagonists can bind to the mineral in the digestive tract thereby making the mineral unavailable for absorption and use by the animal.

    For these reasons, it is advisable to supply some form of trace mineral supplementation to cattle. Inorganic trace mineral sources mineral sulfates, oxides, or chlorides may be sufficient to prevent deficiencies but these will often be of little use when antagonists are present.

    When antagonists are present or when the level of antagonism is unknown it is usually best to use an organic trace mineral source mineral complexes or chelates. Organic trace minerals are protected and thus not prone to binding with antagonists in the diet. Research in growing bulls has shown that the organic Zn sources either maintained Zn proteinate or improved SQM Zn hoof score of the bulls while those either supplemented with Zn oxide or not supplemented at all had worsening hoof scores over the day trial.

    The main two factors affecting mature bone mass and risk of fracture are the level of bone mass achieved during growth and the rate of bone loss later in life. Proper bone formation requires many nutrients, the most notable being calcium and phosphorus. However, the trace minerals Zn, Cu, and Mn also play major roles in developing and maintaining bone structure.

    These three elements are all involved in many hormone and enzyme systems that control the formation, growth, and maintenance of bone tissue. It is important to remember that bone is not a dead or static tis-.

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    • Even when an animal reaches adulthood, bone is removed and replaced, and micro damage that occurs during normal activity must be repaired. It is therefore necessary to make sure that animals consume adequate quantities of these minerals throughout their life cycle. Proper nutrition for bone development begins with the cow during gestation. Calves born to cows that are deficient in Zn, Cu, or Mn often exhibit skeletal abnormalities that include: 1 enlarged joints; 2 twisted legs; 3 stiffness; and 4 physical weakness.

      In addition, research has shown. Proper nutrition is essential for the proper growth and maintenance of any animal. It is even more important for those that must compete in some athletic endeavor. The trace minerals Zn, Cu, and Mn are all important for the processes that lead to healthy hooves and skeletal strength. Many of the problems associated with these structures are the result of a deficiency in one or more of these minerals. To help prevent lameness and the associated loss of income, make these trace minerals part of the diet offered to your animals.

      Quali Tech, Inc. Houdini lived to see 19 years come and go before departing. The number of sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters he leaves behind will propel the super-sire through history. Houdini was the ultimate paternal powerhouse when it came to achieving success in both line-breeding and out-crossing methods of reproduction. While no official number has been compiled yet, his offspring are estimated to have won well over a million dollars, multiple World titles and generated an enormous amount of money through sales and subsequent generations of money earners.

      Houdini sired countless sons and daughters that have produced a remarkable number of offspring themselves going on to compete and win. His living legacy runs throughout the American Bucking Bull registry and will continue to play a substantial role in the bucking bull industry for generations to come.

      In fact in a recent American Bucking Bull online poll, nearly half of participants believe. But I knew, if I could get his semen out there to good females, it would really promote him as a sire at all levels. It was about him and his promotion as a sire from the beginning. Last Call, Dr. When it comes to sires that influence the bucking bull industry Houdini fits the bill.

      This fact alone demonstrates his impact on our sport and the tremendous role he has played. With no signs of distress or discomfort besides a lack of appetite, Houdini simply laid down, drifted off to an eternal sleep and left behind the most extensive genetic legacy in American Bucking Bull history. The Rafter 7r was founded in by Roach with 18 bred heifers he purchased from Charlie Plummer.

      These initial females would lay the foundation for one of the most notable and influential bucking bull lineages to date, that of recently passed Houdini. In the beginning many of the earliest Plummer bred bucking bulls and cows were solid colored and of a rangier build. Some examples of this can be found among the initial females purchased by Roach from Plummer. Plummer was known to select for both color and athletic bucking ability and as time went by both color and buck became more prevalent with Plummer genetics. Houdini, many of his offspring and the majority of Plummer-bred cattle today exhibit and pass on white hides with black spots and points, as well as gas, spin and power.

      However, when these genetics are out crossed it is not uncommon to see the solid color patterns reemerge with individuals that also get in the air and break-over with lots of kick. Roach may be gone from our lives, but he leaves behind an enormous and profound American Bucking Bull Legacy through all these legendary bulls and their successive generations. When Roach bred Houdini and so many other great bulls like Spook, Panhandle Slim and Rooster he was only doing what he loved and had no way of knowing the magnitude of its role on our entire industry.