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How Ice Cream Reached America

Here are some noteworthy historical facts about direct mailing: The earliest concept of direct mail marketing took place in Egypt as far back as B. A landowner advertised on a piece of papyrus — he was offering a gold reward for one of his slaves. This was first found in Thebes and can now be seen in the British Museum. The first reference to direct advertising was about the time of the birth of Christ.

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In , Johannes Gutenberg invented a printing press. Today, there are plenty of consultancies and internanational organisations that help measure social impact in India including Dasra , Dalberg and Ashoka Foundation , as well as impact investors such as Acumen Fund , who invest based not only on financial, but also social, returns.

A Brief History of Direct Mail Marketing | Cavalier Mailing

Our own social impact analyses in India and more widely have been extremely varied, focussed on healthcare innovation at the bottom of the pyramid, incubating social entrepreneurship at business schools, education investments, impact bonds and faith-based organisations. Amongst these may be new norms around company spend on Corporate Social Responsibility. This may well bring social impact considerations for corporates to become part of business as usual, rather than exist as disparate, often not well understand, and even less well implemented measurements.

Data, it says, is limited and a set of social impact metrics and models appropriate for the Indian context have not yet evolved. He is an economist whose work focusses on helping organisations and investors understand social impact. You can get in touch with him or the rest of the team via admin economicpolicygroup.

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What is there left to say? Requiescat in pace Symbol.

A brief history of conflict in Kyrgyzstan

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Thursday, April 25 A brief history of the Symbol series. With Symbol 9 being released this week on our Surus store, and everywhere else on this following Monday, I thought I'd take the time to give a brief insight into a series that proved very popular and captured the imaginations of many music lover. The name of the series came from the Auxiliary logo - the symbol of the label.

The ethos behind it was that the music would do the talking. There would be no track list, and when you put it on, you would make your own mind up as to what you took from the music, rather than being influenced by the titles given by the artist. In fact, the tra ck titles i.


The original idea behind the Symbol series was to have a minute 'blank canvas' for anything deep and electronic. The reason for this time limit was due to the fact they were all going to originally be on mini-CD. A small digipack mini-CD series.