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Inventing Equal Opportunity

Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. People are dying every day from causes rooted in mental health issues.

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With all of our modern advances in research, education, and technology, why are people still not getting better? The problem is that we are still operating in an outdated system that only superficially treats mental health disorders. And although the medication will generally help with the superficial symptoms of their disorders, alone this is not enough.

While one set of symptoms is masked, another rises, and patients are left struggling to make their lives work. They diagnose a person with depression, then treat that depression, often with medications. However, this is only a superficial treatment plan.

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What people need to truly heal is a whole treatment plan developed around the root cause. From my personal experience, the overwhelming majority of cases originate in trauma. Doctors need to screen for trauma with every single patient, but are not currently doing so. Why is that?

Reactivity is the uncontrolled physical, emotional, and mental responses to input that lead to nervous system instability. Trauma, an example of reactivity, is the result of any event that has created a nervous system reaction resulting in emotional dysregulation and an unquiet, distressed mind. The root of the problem is hardwired into our physiology. We are naturally reactive due to our survival instincts and our fight or flight response. The problem is even more serious if one has had any challenging childhood circumstances or trauma, which result in commonly seen issues such as depression, anxiety, mood instability, and addiction.

The truth is that mental health issues are an opportunity for personal growth, and with the support of an educated and enlightened provider, can be a vehicle for the evolution of consciousness. We psychiatrists and other providers are in a privileged position of receiving patients when they are at a juncture in their lives, often at a point of deep suffering.

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  • From this position, we need to uplift our patients into health and happiness — not medicate them into subdued zombies, which is the public perception of our work. With so much ground to cover, our field has been achingly slow to catch up. By giving providers the proper training and education, we can reinvent and update the mental health system for the 21st century.


    Providers need to be educated on simple yet profound integrative lifestyle practices that uplift brain chemistry naturally, and teach these to their patients. One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for Chapter 1 [PDF].

    Inventing Equal Opportunity by Frank Dobbin | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    Dobbin makes a powerful argument about the importance of long-overlooked personnel managers in creating the legal environment that governs so much of an American's working life. Overall, Dobbin tells a clear, well-documented, fascinating story about workplace relations. Hogler, Choice. Consequent to [its] many strengths, I have no doubt that Inventing Equal Opportunity will find a welcome home on the 'must read' shelf among sociologists and graduate students of inequality, law, organizations, professions, and work.

    Roscigno, Contemporary Sociology. Through their policies and programs, these experts heightened expectations for fair treatment and promoted a more sociological understanding of racism and sexism inside organizations. Williams, Gender and Society. The book is a pleasure to read and a field guide for what historically careful institutional analyses should look like.

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    For institutionalists and law and society scholars the book is necessary reading. Inventing Equal Opportunity is likely to become one of the definitive books on the history of equal opportunity law and corporate personnel practice. Challenging many of our basic assumptions about social movements and organizational change, this book is a must-read for sociologists concerned with inequality and those attempting to influence corporate responsibility activities in corporations.