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And why does he nevertheless seem to employ myths as a philosophical tool in other passages? Concerning the former question, Philoponus delivers a shocking verdict.

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Therefore, the work of wicked Ac daimons introduced poetic myths into our lives in order to destroy mankind, and since Plato knew precisely this he banished these te y myths from his own city. As a case in point Philoponus points to Timaeus 40DC3: But concerning the other daimons, to talk and know about their generation is too great a task for us.

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Yet, one must believe those who have discoursed about this before us since they are offspring of the gods, as they say, and they no doubt have clear knowledge of their ancestors. Philoponus then goes one step further and explains why Plato would include mythological dogma to which he does not subscribe: Plato frequently used myths, either in order to pay lip-service to the inherited custom […] or because he was wary of the danger stemming from the masses […] lest he also [i.

Departures from this text are marked with angle brackets and have been collected in a list at the front of the translation.

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Regarding almost all of the terms discussed by Share in his introduction to chapters I have independently made the same decisions as he. Likewise, to pan raises some difficulties. In these instances, I translate accordingly. I would like to thank Sylvia Berryman and a number of anonymous vetters who each read and made valuable suggestions on part of the translation, the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle Project editorial ic team, and in particular Richard Sorabji.

Special thanks for support and em encouragement should go to Ian Mueller who read and commented on ad an early draft of the entire translation. Ac te Notes y bu ur 1. Timaeus 31BB8.

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  5. Note that the stronger thesis seems to entail that no pure element can no exist all by itself. This conclusion is not drawn explicitly in the Timaeus.

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    Bl Indeed, at Tim. Other thinkers were opposed to this interpretation of Plato, notably Plotinus 2. Nevertheless, some scholars insist on posing and answering the question of what Plato considered to be the natural motion of the elements. Solmsen, Cornford is wrong to attribute these motions to reason Taylor, Philoponus ,13ff. Introduction 9 9.


    This hierarchy of producers and its corresponding hierarchy of products roughly parallels the hierarchy of craftsman and poet in Republic Statesman CE1. On the other side of the issue were Alexander Problems and Solutions 2, and 30,,19 , Plotinus 2.

    1 Half-forgotten Thinker

    See Wilberding ad 2. This argument is attacked by Xenarchus, cf. Simplicius in Cael.