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Trino WOT project also includes building ventilation, and drainage systems adaptation in order to set the WOT complete system.

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Thousands of tonnes of radioactive steel scrap parts are produced during nuclear plant decommissioning and dismantling. If all of these steel scraps had to be stored the costs would be unbearable.

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Some of these steel scraps, instead of being packed and stored in Interim or long term repository, can be decontaminated, as most of the radioactivity runs just a few microns deep into the material. We are committed to the development and optimization of processes for the off-line decontamination of metal waste from dismantling, in order to declassify this lower level waste and finally reduce the volume of material that needs to be stored, providing a significant costs saving for its clients. The facility represents the second application at industrial scale of this off-line decontamination process the first-of-a-kind plant is still in operation at KRB plant in Gundremmingen.

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The scope of the project is to support the Client during the detailed design and construction phases of the nuclear facility. Engineering support was focused on nuclear-safety issues and on setting of the project in accordance with applicable safety regulations and standards. The above task has been made through the appointment of a Project Engineering Manager interfacing with Client staff to support the preparation of project documentation and coordinating the ANN specialists supporting this effort. This technical support is mainly dedicated on project activities related to the following major systems:.

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Radioactive Waste Management

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Energy Nuclear Energy. Covers state-of-the-art waste treatment technology Discuses performance and risk assessment for geological disposal and related social issues Provides scientific foundations with several exercises based on practical data see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. Buy Softcover.