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Keywords: abrasion resistance; aggregate; bond; contact zone; durability; fire resistance; internal curing; lightweight aggregate; lightweight concrete; mixture proportion; shear; shrinkage; specified density concrete; strength; thermal conductivity. Any applicable errata are included with individual documents at the time of purchase.

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Errata are not included for collections or sets of documents such as the ACI Collection. Properties including workability, density, compressive strength under eight different curing conditions, splitting tensile and flexural strengths, modulus of elasticity and water absorption of green lightweight concrete were measured and discussed. The results show that it is possible to produce environmentally-friendly and high strength structural lightweight aggregate concrete by incorporating high volume waste lightweight aggregates from the palm oil industry.

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Links to Text. Article Preview. Abstract: Structural lightweight aggregate concrete offers several benefits as compared to the normal weight concrete. Add to Cart. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volume Main Theme:. Materials and Manufacturing Engineering. Edited by:. Anil K. Online since:. April Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Abstract: The subject of concrete recycling is regarded as very important in the general attempt for sustainable development in our times.

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Due to a wide range of variability of engineering properties for recycled concrete, a large number of experiments are usually required to decide a suitable mixture. Within the scope of this study, 13 different concrete mixtures were manufactured.

Economic Design and Construction with Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

The physical and mechanical properties along with their workability of concrete produced with RCA and ultra-fine fly ash were investigated. The experiment results showed that ultra-fine fly ash replacement had an important effect on performance of concrete with different amount of RCA. Abstract: This paper focuses on studying the physical and mechanical performance of propylene oxide sludge aggregates having no shell POSA-0 , single storey shell POSA-1 and gradient shell POSA-2 prepared by hydrothermal synthesis and autoclave curing process.

The effect of the aggregate structure on strength of their concrete has been examined and discussed in case of a fixed water cement ratio.

Making Lightweight Aggregates from waste fly ash

The results show that all the autoclaved propylene oxide sludge aggregate POSA were light-weight and high-strength regardless of the aggregate structure and all three structured POSA have no wall effect with the cement mortar. Aggregate structure has little influence on the physical and mechanical performance of POSA and splitting tension strength of POSA concrete, however, it plays important role in dictating the compressive strength of concrete because of their different extent of influence on the improvement of interface and relieving the stress concentration.

The Behavior of Construction Waste Concrete. Authors: Shu Ing Doh, C.

Self-compacting lightweight aggregate concrete in Vietnam

Koid, G. Ng, S. Teo, Suil Adilen. Abstract: Due to urbanisation and rapid development in Malaysia, the waste generated from the construction has increased tremendously. Such waste accumulation has been a major issue not only in Malaysia but also worldwide. In line with this, recycling construction as coarse aggregate can be introduced to solve two environmental aspects namely waste disposal crisis while protecting from depleted natural resources.

In this study, three types of construction waste namely floor tiles, clay bricks and crushed concrete aggregate were used to replace coarse aggregate in concrete production. The effect of coarse aggregate replacement on the workability, compressive strength, and flexural strength Grade 30 concrete were investigated and discussed.

213R-14 Guide for Structural Lightweight-Aggregate Concrete

The concrete specimens that made of crushed floor tiles, crushed bricks, and crushed concrete aggregate were termed as tile concrete TC , brick concrete BC and crushed aggregate concrete CAC. The result for all specimens has shown good workability with slump ranging from mm.

Abstract: The reutilization of waste concrete and fly ash produced by power plant is one way to develop green concrete. The addition of fly ash in recycled aggregate concrete has two methods, named equivalent replace and super-substitute technique. The workability of fresh concrete, compression strength, spilt and flexural strength of recycled aggregate concrete with different content of fly ash at different curing age are tested.

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