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Desperate to recover it before it can be sold to the Yeerks, they change course for the Taxxon home world, a favorite buyer for the Skrit Na. Upon arrival, Elfangor, Arbron, and Alloron morph Taxxon to scout out the planet and locate the Time Matrix, leaving Loren and Chapman aboard the cloaked ship.

Their plans fall apart, however, when they are separated by the chaos of a Taxxon feeding frenzy the Taxxon morphs has very strong instincts of constant, almost debilitating, hunger. It is after escaping this mess that Taxxon! Elfangor is captured by a Sub-Visser Seven Hork Bajir Controller who immediately lays forth his plan to force Elfangor to demorph so he can be the first Yeerk with an Andalite body. When he refuses, he is pushed out of the ship and only escapes by morphing an Andalite home world bird.

He happens to know of a world with a bunch of sentient beings who could be great Controllers. Re-morphing Taxxon, he stumbles upon Arbron, still in Taxxon morph as well. Together they locate the Skrit Na ship that holds the Time Matrix and bluff their way on claiming they are there for repairs and are able to steal it. While flying away, Elfangor discovers that Arbron is stuck in Taxxon morph.

Arbron attempts to force Elfangor to kill him with a Dracon beam, but when Elfangor resists, the Dracon cuts a hole into the ship resulting in a crash landing. Elfangor awakes alone. He steals a Mustang the car was also scavenged from Earth by the Skrit Na , and races back to the space port. On the way, he is captured by a hive of Taxxons where he finds Arbron. Turns out there are some Taxxons still resisting the Yeerks. It is all Elfangor can do to hold off Arbron from attacking the two humans when they find them.

Alloran shows up to save the day be taking Sub Visser Seven captive as leverage to get back on their own ship and leave. Arbron, however, refuses to come, saying that he has no life with Andalites anymore, and returns to the Taxxons. In space, Alloran forces the Sub Visser Seven to jump to his death from the ship and then orders Elfangor to destroy a cargo ship full of Yeerks in their transport pool. Elfangor refuses, saying it is dishonorable to kill helpless Yeerks. During their disagreement, Chapman attacks a distracted Alloran and knocks him out.

Elfangor lands back at the wrecked Skrit Na ship to retrieve the Time Matrix. Elfangor is able to stun Sub Visser Seven, leaving him behind, and flying away from the Taxxon world. Elfangor and Co. He navigates them to the location of the original Dome ship, hoping that the added forces will be enough to combat the Yeerks. Elfangor is able to trick them into getting close enough for him to shoot the belly of the ship with his shredders, but they still get boarded.

However, weakened, it tears free, leaving Elfangor, Loren, Chapman, and now Visser Thirty Two trapped in an airless ship. However, because there were three of them trying to control their destination, they end up on a strange plane of existence that is a patchwork of their three home worlds. Elfangor and Loren are able to find each other and figure out how to find the Time Matrix. They meet up with Visser Thirty Two a few times and closely escape. After finding the Time Matrix to get close to it, they discover that time speeds up and they each age several years very quickly, Loren ends up around 18 , Elfangor tells Loren to take control and bring them to Earth.

The two travel to Earth where Loren has made sure using timey-whimey magic that everyone accepts the fact that she is now They bury the Time Matrix, deciding it is too dangerous a weapon for any one species to control. Three years pass. Elfangor creates a human morph for himself by combining DNA and traps himself in that morph, taking on the name Al Fangor.

He marries Loren and goes into computer science in college. All is as well as it can be until our friend the Ellimist shows up one day. He says that Elfangor is not where he should be and through various forms of manipulation convinces Elfangor that he must return to the way things are supposed to be, leaving Earth and Loren whose memories will be wiped behind. It is only after he agrees that he learns that Loren was pregnant with their son.

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Elfangor returns to the Andalite war and after saving a Dome ship from the now Visser Three instead of Thirty Two, he is hailed a hero and thus starts what will be a long and honored career as an Andalite Prince. The story ends with him landing on Earth, injured and hoping to find the Time Matrix again the beautiful forest where it was buried has now become an abandoned construction site. He briefly meets his son, and gives him and the other kids the morphing power. He then dies at the hands of Visser Three, leaving a recording of his tale this book that is sent out into space.

Elfangor: Elfangor is such a great character. There are clear similarities to Ax with his earnestness and desire to become a great hero of his people. However, he also is more quick to trust the humans he encounters and bond with them. He also more quickly catches on to human humor and adopts it himself. The stakes get incredibly high for Elfangor through this story. He loses his close friend to Taxxon morph and then is indirectly responsible for the fact that Alloran gets taken over by to-be Visser Three.

By the end of the story, it is very understandable why he chooses to retreat to Earth. The entire book gives us so much great background information for a character who was only ever introduced so briefly back in book one. Even then, I felt like he made a huge impact as a character, beyond the obvious reasons he was necessary for the plot. But this just adds so much more to him. We see the history behind his choices. Why he came to Earth when he was injured in the first place.

Why that construction site. And why his fight with Visser Three felt personal. Loren: Loren is so great. There were many scenes where she saves the day, either by tricking those around her, or physically taking on beings much larger and stronger than she was. When the Dome ship is being attacked by the living asteroids, she is the one to figure out that they are attracted to energy patterns.

Quin dice no a las drogas? Quin es de aqu? Quin menea el esqueleto? Quin quiere a los viejos? Quin quiere un rinoceronte barato? Quin Soy Yo? Quin usa las papeleras? Tu mam es una llama? Author Name Joosse, Barbara M. Waddell, Martin Balzola, S. Marx, David F.

The Andalite Chronicles

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This book is the reason I love science fiction.

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The Hork-Bajir Chronicles - Wikipedia

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