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Now, even though these pros are predominantly involved in effects supervision, their observations about reels are universal.

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Check them out below, and you can watch the full panel video at the bottom of the article. And then you take that model and then you destroy it!

But in a beautiful way. But, if you can, if you can narrow it down very specifically what you did, that can work to your benefit.

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Maybe they have a second reel in a previous career where they were a modeler or they were a texture artist. Put that into a second reel. I want to see the breakdown in the reel. But it looks good because they worked with a team that put it into a plate or even just with a model from your friend. Give the reel a little polish that it needs. The reel never gets you a job. The interview gets you a job.

So the reel gets you the interview and so you want to make sure that the reel is the correct length, two minutes or less. The reel is there to get you the interview.

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But really you can do as much damage by piling in too much unnecessary stuff. When Londell, who does his own stunts, leaps from scaffolding 70 feet in the air, something goes horribly wrong and he misses the strategically placed airbag. The cops are quick to rule it suicide, and why not? Skip and his girlfriend, the beautiful, wealthy Emily—and truth be told, the brains of the group—travel to Los Angeles to check out the widow, while James stays in Miami. To get close to Julianna, they come up with the ruse, including forged documents, that Em is looking for an agent to jumpstart her movie career.

Their ploy works almost too well, and Em finds herself in a whirlwind of auditions and table reading as possibly the next breakout Hollywood star.

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Bruns has created likable, if lackadaisical, characters. Though not overly ambitious, they step up their game when it comes to crunch time and get the job done. In this, the seventh in the Stuff series, Bruns gives readers not only a good sense of Miami, but of Los Angeles and the Hollywood scene as well. His references to movies and TV shows make for fun reading. Toggle Navigation. Reel Stuff.

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