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Nagoya Mathematical Journal, , A new way of looking at distributional estimates; applications for the bilinear Hilbert transform pdf. Journal of Geometric Analysis, 16 , no. Are L 2 -bounded homogeneous singular integrals necessarily L p -bounded? Maximal transference and summability of multilinear Fourier series pdf. Advances in Mathematics, , no. The disc as a bilinear multiplier pdf. Extrapolation and sharp norm estimates for classical operators on weighted Lebesgue spaces pdf.

Two counterexamples in the theory of singular integrals pdf. A class of Fourier multipliers for modulation spaces pdf. Interplay between distributional estimates and boundedness in harmonic analysis pdf. Weighted norm inequalities for maximally modulated singular integral operators pdf.

Restricted weak type versus weak type pdf. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, , no. Uniform bounds for the bilinear Hilbert transforms I pdf. Extrapolation of weighted norm inequalities for multivariable operators pdf. L p bounds for a maximal dyadic sum operator pdf. Estimates for maximal singular integrals pdf. The bilinear multiplier problem for the disc pdf. Multilinear interpolation between adjoint operators pdf. Maximal operator and weighted norm inequalities for multilinear singular integrals pdf. Discrete decompositions for bilinear operators and almost diagonal conditions pdf.

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society , no.

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A multilinear Schur test and multiplier operators pdf. The Marcinkiewicz multiplier condition for bilinear operators pdf. Characterization of L p R n using Gabor frames pdf. Some remarks on multilinear maps and interpolation pdf. Bilinear operators on homogeneous groups pdf.

Analysis of divergence [Orono, ME, ], pp. A Selberg integral formula and applications pdf. Pseudodifferential operators with homogeneous symbols pdf. A sharp estimate for the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function pdf. L p bounds for singular integrals and maximal singular integrals with rough kernels pdf.

Sharp inequalities for maximal functions associated with general measures pdf. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Sect. A , no. Bilinear operators on Herz-type Hardy spaces pdf. Best bounds for the Hilbert transform on L p R 1 pdf. Best constants for uncentred maximal functions pdf. H 1 boundedness of determinants of vector fields pdf. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society , no. Linear truncations of the Hilbert transform pdf. Transference of multilinear operators pdf. Compensated compactness and the Heisenberg group pdf. Best constants for two nonconvolution inequalities pdf.

An elementary proof of the square summability of the discrete Hilbert transform pdf. Strong type endpoint bounds for analytic families of fractional integrals pdf. Hardy space estimates for multilinear operators, II pdf. Hardy space estimates for multilinear operators, I pdf. On multilinear fractional integrals pdf. Endpoint bounds for an analytic family of Hilbert transforms pdf. Weak type estimates for a singular convolution operator on the Heisenberg group pdf. Rudolph, Heidi. Ruthven, Kenneth. Sanders, Cathleen. Scher, Daniel. Schumann, Heinz.

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A polynomial upper bound on Reidemeister moves

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