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He brought along his roommate. His roommate loved dancing, I loved dancing and he asked me to go out with his friend who was visiting. And then I met his friend — Jose. Soon we became head over heels in love with each other and after I left Granada, he came to Canada to live with me for four months and I just visited him in Spain for Christmas holidays. Falling in love abroad? Where an elevator hoistway door opens into a fire-resistance-rated corridor, the opening must be protected in a manner to address smoke intrusion into the hoistway.

The occupant load factor for business uses has been revised to one occupant per square feet.

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Live loads on decks and balconies increase the deck live load to one and one-half times the live load of the area served. The minimum lateral load that fire walls are required to resist is five pounds per square foot. Wind speed maps updated, including maps for the state of Hawaii.

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Terminology describing wind speeds has changed again with ultimate design wind speeds now called basic design wind speeds. Site soil coefficients now correspond to the newest generation of ground motion attenuation equations seismic values. Five-foot tall wood trusses requiring permanent bracing must have a periodic special inspection to verify that the required bracing has been installed. New alternative fastener schedule for construction of mechanically laminated decking is added giving equivalent power-driven fasteners for the penny nail.

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Solid sawn lumber header and girder spans for the exterior bearing walls reduce span lengths to allow 2 Southern Pine design values. Encourages the use and reuse of existing buildings. This code covers repair, alteration, addition and change of occupancy for existing buildings and historic buildings, while achieving appropriate levels of safety without requiring full compliance with the new construction requirements contained in the other I-Codes. Key changes include: Section Accessibility has been relocated to a new Section Chapters 4, 5, 6, 13 and 14 have been relocated resulting in a reorganization and new chapter numbering.

Requirements for live loads from Chapters 4 and 8 have been combined and placed in Chapter 3 to apply for all compliance methods. Structural components damaged by snow events must be repaired assuming snow loads for new buildings from the IBC. A new exception is added for loading of existing structural elements next to an addition in buildings designed using the IRC.

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When a work area includes more than half the building in an alteration, wall anchors must be installed at the roof line along reinforced concrete and masonry walls. Addresses the design and installation of fuel gas systems and gas fired appliances through prescriptive and performance requirements. The code now allows Schedule 10 steel pipe to be used, whereas previously, Schedule 40 was the lightest steel pipe material allowed. Schedule 10 steel pipe joints are allowed to be welded, brazed, flanged or assembled with press-connect fittings.

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Schedule 10 pipe cannot be threaded. The code clarifies that appliance shutoff valves located behind movable appliances, such as ranges and clothes dryers, are considered to be provided with the required access. The code now calls for the plastic vent pipe material to be labeled as complying with the standards for the specific pipe material as called out by the manufacturer.

As an alternative, the plastic pipe can always be listed to UL The clearances between direct-vent appliance vent terminals and openings in the building exterior that could allow combustion products to enter the building have been revised. Establishes minimum regulations for mechanical systems using prescriptive and performance-related provisions. The IMC was developed with broad-based principles that make possible the use of new materials, methods and design. Important changes include: Added coverage of pollution control units.

A new exception was added to recognize Type I kitchen hoods listed for clearances to combustibles of less than 18 inches. Added coverage for a newer type of non-metallic duct, phenolic duct. Relaxed requirements for sealing of duct joints and seams for Snap- and Button-lock duct joints located within the thermal envelope. The IFC contains regulations to safeguard life and property from fires and explosion hazards.

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Topics include general precautions, emergency planning and preparedness, fire department access and water supplies, automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, special hazards, and the storage and use of hazardous materials. Key changes to the IFC include: New provisions address hazards related to outdoor pallet storage, higher education laboratories, mobile food trucks and plant processing and extraction activities.

Required sprinkler protection of Group E occupancies has been expanded through the introduction of a new thresholds related to fire areas. Manual fire alarm systems in Group A occupancies are now required not only when the occupant load is or more but also where the occupant load exceeds above or below the lowest level of exit discharge.

A manual fire alarm system and an automatic smoke detection system are no longer required in Group R-4 occupancies. Mass Notification Requirements for college and university buildings have been added to the code. This comprehensive code comprises all building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas and electrical requirements for one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories.

Standard Occupational Classification System

The townhouse separation provisions now include options for using two separate fire-resistant-rated walls or a common wall. An emergency escape and rescue opening is no longer required in basement sleeping rooms where the dwelling has an automatic fire sprinkler system and the basement has a second means of egress or an emergency escape opening.

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