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When the Alden children go to Andrew's apartment, they find books and posters that reveal Andrew's interest in the Florida panther. Could the endangered panther hold the key to Andrew's whereabouts? While exploring Dragon's Mouth Cavern, the Boxcar children encounter a group of suspicious, unfriendly people, including a man who refuses to identify himself, Mr. Pitt and Mr.

Lyme who try to scare the young sleuths away, and Crystal Hollowell, who lies about where she works. The Boxcar children have dinner at a Chinese restaurant and get a handwritten riddle in a fortune cookie The Aldens are spending a week at the Dare to Dream Ranch, a rescue ranch that takes in horses whose owners can no longer care for them.

The children help with chores, and Jessie is thrilled to be looking after a beautiful horse named Dragon. But when two of the oldest horses are missing from the pasture, a mystery begins to unfold-why would someone want to steal two old, sick horses? Then Dragon disappears, too, and the children discover that one of the horses has paint on its coat. Just what's going on at the ranch, anyway? One warm night four children stood in front of a bakery. No one knew them. No one knew where they had come from. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny were orphans--Boxcar Children--looking for a place to live, determined to make it on their own The reading is well paced so that listeners can read along with the book.

A welcome addition to elementary grade collections.

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Ages In winter, children love to curl up with a mystery about the Alden children. In The Mystery at Snowflake Inn, the Aldens enjoy ice skating and working puzzles before they become part of their own special puzzle. And in The Mystery on Blizzard Mountain, the Aldens learn that the mountain holds a hidden secret-and maybe a snowy ghost. Readers will stay warm and cozy with this special Boxcar Children r book, just right for those hot-cocoa-sipping months The Aldens are excited to be playing in their summer soccer league, until someone begins sabotaging the teams This series tells the tale of the Alden children who begin their adventures by making a home in a boxcar.

Their goal is to stay together, and in the process they find a grandfather The Aldens come across a robbery at an antiques store and decide to investigate. But before they can even begin, someone breaks into the Aldens' home and steals a box of Benny's favorite cereal! Camp Coral in Key West, Florida, is a happy vacation site for the Aldens and their new cousin, Soo Lee, but the Boxcar Children must investigate when a precious coral bed is destroyed on a nearby island.

The Alden kids are thrilled with seeing an original score written by Mozart, brought to town by a visiting orchestra, and equally horrified when it is stolen, leaving them to find the thief before the orchestra leaves town. The Aldens start a business producing birthday parties and find themselves investigating a series of robberies taking place during their parties Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny used to live alone in a boxcar.

Now they have a home with their grandfather and are spending the summer traveling on a train--in their own caboose, Number On the trip, they encounter a strange mystery surrounding the history of their caboose! The Alden children find themselves in the middle of a mystery when they discover that a famous corn maze is being vandalized and they try to catch the culprit The mystery of the hidden beach Gertrude Chandler Warner.

Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny used to live alone in a boxcar. Now they have a home with their grandfather and are taking a vacation in the South Seas on an uninhabited island. But there is someone who does not want them around! Schoolhouse mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner. While in New Orleans helping mystery writer Olivia Chase open a new bookstore, the Boxcar Children investigate the mystery of some disappearing books and uncover some valuable items. The Aldens investigate a Louisiana bayou to see if it is haunted by a ghostly alligator The Aldens' boxcar is the perfect place for games, picnics, sleepovers, and fun.

But when strange things start happening there, Benny is convinced that the boxcar is haunted When someone tries to close down Piccolo's Pizzeria, the Boxcar Children come to the aid of their old friends, Mr. Piccolo, and come up for ideas for mini pizzas, a delivery service, and special coupons. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are on a fall vacation in the woods - but suddenly a snowstorm hits! While they're trapped in their cabin they discover a strange message written in code hidden in a secret spot!

Who is the message for?

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The Boxcar Children wait to be rescued from the deep snow, but in the meantime they have a mystery to solve! While on bicycle trip to their aunt's farm, the four Aldens help solve a mystery Houseboat mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner.

Meet the Boxcar Children

The animal shelter mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner. Blue bay mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner. While visiting a recent purchase of Grandfather's, a ghost town in the Rocky Mountains, the Aldens encounter a mystery involving a run-down motel and a woman who may be a ghost The excitement begins when the Boxcar Children meet their old friend, Mike.

When Mike is blamed for starting a fire, they know he's innocent. But can they discover who's really behind Mike's Mystery before it's too late? While visiting a friend in New York City, the Aldens investigate the theft of a valuable diamond When their favorite pizza restaurant almost goes out of business, the Alden children try to help their friends stay open while they find out who is behind all their problems While staying at an 18th-century inn in Vermont, the Boxcar children become curious about the mysterious ""accidents"" that keep plaguing the owners As the youngest of the Boxcar Children, Benny is always ready with a funny comment, a question about the next meal, or a solution to a mystery.

Let Benny and the Alden family's faithful dog, Watch, introduce younger readers to this magical series. In this first book of the series, readers learn Gertrude Chandler Warner's original story of the four orphaned children and their search for a new home The lighthouse mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner. And losing keys can be very bad! All he has are just a few clues! Soon Benny and Watch are looking all over Greenfield. Will the clues lead them to the right person? Aunt Jane, their grandfather's sister, is a very unhappy woman who hasn't spoken to her brother in years.

The Boxcar Children try to help her, but isn't until the end of the summer that they learn about Aunt Jane's secret The local radio station is putting on the Great Detective Race, where contestants must solve riddles and search all over Greenfield for clues leading to the grand prize!

One of the prizes would make a perfect gift for Mrs. MacGregor, so the Aldens sign up for the contest. Soon they're following the riddles' clues all over town. But when some of the clues turn out to be fake, it's clear that someone is playing unfairly. Could another contestant in the Great Detective Race be trying to stop the Boxcar Children from winning? Two brothers take summer jobs at a department store where a series of peculiar events brings them under suspicion When the art gallery in town hosts a contest, the Alden children receive mysterious letters claiming that a particular artist is an imposter, causing them to investigate the artist and to fin The Aldens are preparing for a yard sale when they find an old wooden mask in the trash behind a neighbor's house.

Violet notices that the mask looks like a Native American mask that she had read about. When the children go to the library to learn more about the mask, they discover that they have found an old Native American mask from the Hopi tribe. When the children learn there will be an Intertribal Pow-Wow at the park over the weekend, they plan to deliver the mask to its rightful owners. But Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny soon find out that they're not the only people interested in the history of the old wooden mask. A strange man is following them around, and an antique dealer is looking for more than her fair share at the Boxcar yard sale.

When the mask is stolen from their garage, the Aldens vow to find it before the weekend Pow-Wow. But with such little evidence, will they be able to find the mask in time? Ages: The local radio station is putting on the Great Detective Race, where contestants must solve riddles and search all over Greenfield for clues leading to the grand prize!

The Adventures of Benny & Watch Archives - Albert Whitman & Company

The children love to eat popcorn in the car and watch movies under the stars. Then, late at night, a ghost is seen walking around the empty grounds of the drive-in! Could the old theater be haunted? Now they livewith their grandfather and are spending the summer in a remote fishing village on the New England coast. There's a mysterious man snooping around the village library.

The Adventures of Benny and Watch Series

The Boxcar Children don't know the man's secret yet. But they are about to find out! Caboose mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner. While visiting the Alamo, the Aldens notice that a documentary is being filmed, but when an important ring goes missing from the Alamo collection and the main actress is accused of being the thief, the Aldens decide to take a look into the case. The Alden children look forward to friends, fun, and the annual camp Olympics at Camp Seagull, but they wonder if some campers take the competition too far when a team cheats and everything s Ages Just in time for vacation, Boxcar fans can dive into summer reading with three warm-weather adventures about the Aldens, together in one volume.

In The Mystery at the Ball Park, the baseball season is in jeopardy when someone steals a special bat and Jessie's glove.

Boxcar Children #6: Blue Bay Mystery - Book Review

Then the team almost doesn't make it to their first game! Boxcar Children r Mysteries, always just right for summer reading, are now three times better with the The Boxcar Children Summer Special The Boxcar children are visiting their cousins, Joe and Alice, who live near an amusement park. The park holds everything they could ask for--a beautiful merry-go-round, lots of rides and games, all the cotton candy they can eat Amy rents cabins to tourists who hope to see the mysterious underwater creature, the Ogopogo, swimming in the lake.

Henry, Jesse, Violet, and Benny can't wait to try to spot the Ogopogo from their cabin. Amy tells the children about a riddle that an old friend left for her in one of the cabins that could lead to a small treasure. The children need to find the treasure, and fast—otherwise, Amy will have to sell the retreat.

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  • As the riddle starts to unfold, strange things start to happen around the lake. Something is moving around in the water late at night, and someone doesn't want the Aldens helping Amy. Will the Boxcar Children crack the riddle before it's too late? When the Alden children discover that the town council, led by Ms. Lerner, is ready to tear down Greenfield's historic firehouse in favor of a modern building, they try to save it. But mysterious things start happening--objects disappear, false alarms sound at the firehouse, and a strange man appears in town.

    Luckily, the children find a blue notebook that is just the clue they need to solve the mystery When a terrible snowstorm hits the area, the Boxcar Children are trapped.

    To make matters worse, there's something very suspicious about their cabin. What are all those strange markings on the closet door? And what are all those strange noises the Boxcar Chldren hear in the night? The amusement park mystery Gertrude Chandler Warner. The mystery of the missing cat Gertrude Chandler Warner.

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    A friendly writer with a metal detector, the mysterious inhabitants of a tower house, and the discovery of a locket in the sand are ingredients for the Aldens' latest mystery They're thrilled to find their friend Mike Wood lives in the bustling new town near the ranch. But one night, Mike's house burns down and he is blamed for starting the fire!

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