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Which questions are you asked most often? Maybe they could become the basis for a book.

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We found books answering questions about religion, diet, health and certain specific diseases. This is a format that many authors have successfully imitated. You can use any number—7, 10 and are other numbers that are frequently used. The media love topics that are funny and entertaining. This joke book opened many doors for the authors and led to dozens of media interviews.

One of the bestsellers is Chicken Soup for the Soul. Sales trainer Dan Seidman wrote another book I really enjoyed.

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In Sales Autopsy, he told and analyzed 50 funny stories about salespeople who have really screwed up a sale. Have you been doing a blog or writing articles?

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Do you publish a newsletter or an e-zine? These could provide lots of great material for a book. Just compile them in a logical order, write a back cover and an introduction and you are good to go. After co authoring 24 books and helping over entrepreneurs to write publish theirs, I know exactly what to do and not do to get your book out into the world. Most of all to do it efficiently, effectively and fast. Allow me to help you bring your book to life:. Check out the dates of the retreats and other possibilities on the work with me page.

Are you serious about writing your book? I am co author of 25 books and I have helped more than entrepreneurs write and publish theirs. Here are some options to get you on track with your writing and publishing:. Free resources — Find inspiration and tips in my blogs. It builds on the concepts in the book and is presented in with lots of examples and exercises on writing, promotion and self-publishing of your book on Amazon. Writing retreats — Spend one week in an exotic environment with other writers. Attend a different workshop every day to help you progress with your book.

Get personal guidance and feedback. Results — My method really works: check out the books my clients have already published. More info — See all the details of workshops, retreats and eCourses.

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No Excuses! For that you need a mentor or someone to offer insider secrets to publishing success. In this post, discover from six experienced publishing experts the skills you need and the actions required to achieve your goal of successful authorship.

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What are your best tips for how to become a successful traditionally published nonfiction author? Sheree Bykofsky Shereebee. Michelle Howry specializes in commercial nonfiction. Michelle acquires platform-driven practical nonfiction in the areas of self-help, personal finance, psychology, relationships, cookbooks, and health including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. They are members of AAR and have sold books to more than publishers.

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Mike also offers a consulting service for nonfiction writers who are not clients. What are your best tips for how to become a successfully self-published indie nonfiction author? Joel Friedlander JFBookman is an award-winning book designer, blogger, and writer. Joel writes TheBookDesigner , a popular blog on book design, book marketing and the future of the book.

In , with Tracy R. Atkins, Joel launched BookDesignTemplates. Holly Brady , former director of Stanford Publishing Courses, now works with serious writers who are interested in using new media tools to publish their own books. She also teaches self-publishing workshops through Stanford Continuing Studies. Carla King is an adventure travel author and self-publishing expert.

In she founded SelfPubBootCamp. Are you ready to take the challenge?

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If so, click here. I really like books that talk about diets and how to stay thin.

My friend works in a bookstore so I have read a lot, but I wonder how publishers pick the right books.