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The Dragonlance novels do not cover Goldmoon's childhood, although her birth date, February 5, A.

Goldmoon and Riverwind. Illustration by Keith Parkinson. The short story "Heart of Goldmoon", written by Laura Hickman and Kate Novak and published in the Love and War recompilation, gives insight about her life after her mother died, explaining that the Que Shu community is built around the figure of a high priestess, and whoever marries the priestess becomes Chieftain of the tribe, with the first daughter of the couple becoming the next priestess. The focus of the story is Goldmoon journeying to the Hall of the Sleeping Spirits , the place where the tombs of her ancestors are kept, to commune with their spirits in order to become the high priestess of the tribe.

The journey ends with an exchange of confirmation of love between Goldmoon and Riverwind, a shepherd who was acting as her bodyguard during the travel, as well as the meeting between Goldmoon and Tearsong's spirit, in which Goldmoon is taught about the ancient gods and given a task in the name of Mishakal , goddess of healing, which she later fulfills.

At the end of the short story it is stated that Riverwind will be taking the Courting quest , a task he must finish before being able to marry Goldmoon. Paul B. Thompson and Tonya C.

Dragonlance, 5th Age

Cook explain this quest in the novel Riverwind the Plainsman , from the Tales series, in which he succeeded in bringing back a Blue Crystal Staff , proof that the ancient gods existed. However, the staff was not accepted as a valid proof by the tribe, and as related by Weis and Hickman in Dragons of Autumn Twilight , moments before he was stoned by the tribe, Goldmoon embraced him, and they both vanish from the village.

Reappearing just outside the city of Solace , they decide to travel, to look for someone who could tell them more about the staff, which marks the proper beginning of the Chronicles trilogy. The old man's party. The authors explain that shortly after their arrival to the Inn of the Last Home a fight breaks out and the true nature of her healing staff is revealed, forcing the barbarians and a group of friends to run away. It is after escaping with the barbarians that the friends realize Goldmoon's desire of traveling to Haven , where she hoped the Seekers , priests who were in search of the old gods but degenerated into a political movement, would be able to teach her about the healing staff.

In the following chapters, Weis and Hickman continue to make the female barbarian the main focus of the story, stating that she discovered two constellations were missing from the firmament, and then revisiting when the staff protected Riverwind when the tribe was going to stone him.

However, her protagonism fades in the battle sequences that follow, where she is protected by Riverwind, Sturm Brightblade , a Squire of the Knights of Solamnia and Tanis Half-Elven , the leader of the group. This behavior becomes constant throughout the rest of the series. The authors give the story a harder push when they explain the group, later known as the Heroes of the Lance , travels to Xak Tsaroth , the broken city where Riverwind previously found the magical staff.

The sixteenth chapter, "A bitter choice. The greatest gift. Goldmoon reaches the peak of attention when the authors write about her apparent sacrifice to defeat Khisanth, during the retrieval of the Disks of Mishakal. However, it is soon explained that her sacrifice was the last test the goddess Mishakal needed from her, and as the group nears the exit of the dungeon, they find Goldmoon waiting for them, blessed by the deity as a true cleric of Mishakal with the power of calling upon Mishakal's help when in need.

Fulfilling her final mission, Goldmoon delivers the Disks of Mishakal to a former Seeker , Elistan , whom the group meets in Pax Tharkas after they have been captured by the Dragonarmies of Ansalon , the forces of evil invading the continent of Ansalon. In this way, at the end of the book, Goldmoon marries Riverwind in a valley not far from Pax Tharkas after their group defeated Lord Verminaard in Pax Tharkas and freed the slaves. Her involvement in the last two books of the trilogy—and therefore during the War of the Lance —abruptly diminishes at the beginning of the second book, Dragons of Winter Night Her appearances are mostly to give counsel, spread the teachings of Mishakal and order new clerics.

During the second half of the last book, Dragons of Spring Dawning , Goldmoon learns she is pregnant. Her goodbye to Laurana Kanan in Kalaman is the last apparition in the Chronicles trilogy. According to Tracy Hickman, "The restoration of truth and faith are Goldmoon's central theme and, to a great extent, the theme of this first book in the series. Although the series focus heavily on Caramon and Raistlin Majere , Riverwind makes an appearance at the beginning of the first book of the Legends trilogy, Time of the Twins , written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman and published by TSR, in which he is recognized as leader of the Que Shu and other barbarian tribes by wearing the Mantle of the Chieftain.

This apparition is also used by the authors to explain the current situation of the couple. With a two year old son— Wanderer —and twin daughters— Moonsong and Brightdawn —the couple have worked hard to join the different tribes of Abanasinia, their homeland. It is finally explained that Goldmoon is spreading the teachings of her patron deity there, but nothing more is said about her. Goldmoon was not specifically included in the Chaos War , an event in which Ionthas , god of Chaos, tries to destroy the world of Krynn. However, in Spirit of the Wind , Chris Pierson explains that Wanderer, Riverwind and Goldmoon's son, has a three year old son, Cloudhawk, but nobody remembers his mother.

Dragonlance - Dragons of a New Age 02 - The Day of the Tempest - Jean Rabe

The author hints that Goldmoon's tribe was attacked by shadow wights , chaotic creatures that vanish anyone they possess to utter oblivion, banishing even memories from others about the person in question. This hint is given through Wanderer's sisters, Moonsong and Brightdawn, when they speculate that one such creature killed her.

The Age of Mortal starts at the end of Dragons of Summer Flame novel, with the departure of the krynnish gods and the banishment of magic and clerical powers known to Krynn until that moment. Needing a new source of power, a special kind of magic named mysticism is created based on previous abilities found in the Dragonlance novels.

Jean Rabe 's novel The Silver Stair explains how Goldmoon, following a recurrent dream, travels to the Isle of Schallsea with Jasper Fireforge , where she finds the fabled Silver Stairs , an endless stair that was thought to be a portal to reach Solinari , the white moon of Krynn. The novel reveals that while climbing it, she experiences a new vision about the Power of the Heart , a special magic that would come to replace the one provided by the gods of old [10] and which she first discovered while healing a dying Jasper, three years before in Solace.

The novel continues explaining the different difficulties the group had to establish a camp, while at the same time introducing a branch of mysticism, dark mysticism , which was discovered by Goldmoon's wish to talk with Riverwind. From that point Goldmoon continued using it to communicate with Riverwind's spirit, although conversations between the couple is usually kept secret from the reader. Other authors like Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman made use of that bond between the couple in subsequent books.

By the end of the novel she has managed to found the Citadel of Light , which was established as the healing center of Ansalon. Wings of Fury also features Wings Over Ansalon, an adventure that pits the heroes and powerful good dragons against the might of the great red dragon Malys herself! The adventure is playable by itself but also serves as the epic climax to the Dragons of a New Age adventure cycle.

Dragonlance Books (In Alphabetical Order by Series)

A full-color poster map details the Dragon Isles, the idyllic realm that has been clanhome to the good dragons for the last fourteen centuries. Now is the time for heroes of Krynn to arise and take their stand against evil and destruction - for if the forces of Malys advance unchecked, the end of the world cannot lag far behind.

I'm impressed. The idea is that TSR could do nothing right, had no talent left, only looking for the buck, etc. Admittedly, quality control took a slide, but it wasn't universal. Wings of Fury does a wonderful job of expanding the centerpiece of Dragonlance: The Dragons. Doug Niles -- while not the first name you'd think of in RPG writing -- can be relied on to deliver competent work.

Artwork throughout is above average. Numerous sidebars in the books add color or highlight rules. Poster map is of the Dragon Isles, a semi-mythical archipelago dominated by dragons, but also the home of numerous other thriving cultures. A whole campaign could be set here by an inventive referee. Built by dwarves, protected by Solamnic Knights, and sacred to pilgrims of virtually every race on Krynn, the crystal domes of the Citadel of Light are the Fifth Age's first and greatest center of new magic.

Guided by Goldmoon, venerable Hero of the Lance, Citadel mystics beat back the darkness by cultivating the last gift of the gods: the power of the heart! Citadel of Light explores the wonders of these powers in two page books and a poster map. With ties to the earlier Dragons of a New Age adventures, this booklet gives you the flexibility to forge your own new legends! This beautifully illustrated reference, penned from the viewpoint of Caramon Majere, a Hero of the Lance, details the habits, diets, lairs, and legends of these fantastic creatures.

Steven "Stan! It is a folded cardstock sheet of 8 cards, similar to the Dragon Wars Game rules.

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A Saga Companion, written by the creator of the SAGA game system, introduces a collection of alternate rules, game expansions, and roleplaying techniques designed to add whole new dimensions to campaigns in any fantasy setting. ISBN Buy at Amazon Palanthas "For centuries people from all across Krynn have flocked to the only city to come unscathed through wars, dragon attacks, and world-shattering cataclysms.

Make Palanthas the center of your campaign! Located deep within the realm of the blue dragon Skie, the city bearing Paladine's name suffers under the rule of the evil Knights of Takhisis. Her citizens need champions now more than ever. Across this baked landscape, Lord Ariakan's armies of Dark Knights sweep unchecked. Finally, the great city of Palanthas, the jewel in Ansalon's crown, awaits the onslaught of unstoppable legions. In either case, the characters ultimately learn of their true enemy - a horde of chaos creatures lurking unseen beyond the northern horizon, poised to render every wordly conflict obsolete.

It is the start of a new adventure series that details the epic battles of the Chaos War, described in the novel Dragons of Summer Flame by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Douglas Niles Many times they retreated to their sacred forest, taking no part in world events until some outside force invaded their sanctum. Soon after Chaos ascended to power on Ansalon, the Silvanesti took extreme measures - magically shielding themselves from humans, dwarves, dragons, and even other elves. As the years passed, those outside the Silvanesti Shield wondered what was going on behind it.

Some even attempted to penetrate the barrier or bring it down. But the shield never yielded. Let your heroes be the first to set foot into lands newly exposed by the mysteriously retracting shield and find out secrets of the Silvanesti Forest heretofore known only to the elves.

Life has not been idyllic for those inside the sylvan veil.

The Dawning of a New Age - Wikipedia

In fact, your heroes find themselves on a desperate quest to save an elven city from extinction. More than just an adventure, this book also details Silvanesti culture and politics, geography and places of interest, important individuals, and elven magical items and artifacts. Players can use The Sylvan Veil to flesh out their Silvanesti heroes, while Narrators will find an abundance of ideas for further adventures in the forest and its environs.

Dragonlance with Margaret Weis

Discover the Mysteries Behind the Veil! Featuring a story concept by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman The Sylvan Veil is the first in the Battle Lines series of adventures and novels that tie in with the much anticipated War of Souls novel series. Mere days later a messenger arrives in Palanthas bearing a dire missive: Something wiped out the Knights posted at the Tower of the High Clerist and now cuts a swath of destruction across the countryside!

Chaos Spawn pits your heroes against one of Chaos's strongest minions: the Daemonlord.

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They must race against time to save the city of Maelgoth and its citizens from a terrible fate at the hands of this spawn of Chaos. If it razes Maelgoth, the Lord of Daemons may grow too powerful for anyone to stop - your heroes are Ansalon's last best hope! Five years ago, a group of adventuring companions went in search of the gods who had left the world centuries before. Now these friends gather at the Inn of the Last Home for what they believe will be their final meeting But what they face is instead a beginning. For the world of Krynn stands at a historic crossroads: Armies of darkness are sweeping across the land, and legendary evils have returned for a new and terrible purpose.

Return to the War of the Lance Players can assume the roles of Raistlin, Tasselhoff, Tanis, and other Heroes of the Lance, or create original heroes. They eventually fell prey to their own decadence - their culture collapsed into barbarism while the ogres themselves degenerated into their current repulsive forms.