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It is another object of the invention to provide on the surface of a. It is a further object of the invention to provide means of this character which will cause no interruption in the continuity of the sound reproducing groove.

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Another object of my invention is to provide on the surface of'a phonograph record having several selections recorded thereon, variegated indicia identifying the various selections and indicating the starting points thereof. These and other objects will be made evident in t-he following part of the specification and in the appended claims. In Figs. As is well known, the groove 13 is formed having sound reproducing indentations therein which impart vibrations through a stylus or needle to a diaphragm included in a sound reproducing mechanism.

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This form of my inventionincludes an indicating marker in the form of an inlay 14l of a visibly contrasting material set in a depression 15 provided in the sound reproducing surface 12 of the record. The material of the inlay 14 is preferably of the 'same substance as that composing the record 11 but is of a contrasting color.

In the manufacture the recess 15 is preferably formed and filled ywith the inlay 14 before a sound recording groove 13 is formed. The material composing the inlay 14, being substantially the same as that of the record, offers no obstacle to the forming of the groove 13 so that it traverses the inlay 14, as shown at 16, thus the continuity of the groove 13 is not interrupted throughout the length thereof.

When a plurality of selections are recorded on the same recording surface one of the inlays is provided at the starting point of each selection and the inlays are of various colors, thus furnishing to the operator both an identification of the selection he wishes to play and a visible indication as to the.

phonograph record

Although differently colored inlays are preferable, it should be clear that inlays of various shapes, or symbols, could be used without departing from the scope of my invention. For the sake of simplicity l will not describe details of manufacture other than to state that to those skilled in the art the positioning of the inlays 14 on the surface of the disc 11 before the sound is recorded thereon could be very easily accomplished, the exact location being estimated by a comparison of the disc and a matrix used in forming the sound record grooves Although l have shown and described two distinct forms of the invention it should be understood that I' do not wish to limit the scope thereof to the constructional details herein disclosed, it being clear that various changes might be made and that numerous embodiments of the invention might be devised, all of which would come within the breadth of the following claims.

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A phonograph record of the character described including: a surface scored by an uninterrupted groove; a plurality of groups of sound reproducing sequential indentationsl provided in said groove; and an indicia disposed in said surface intermediate each of said groups to indicate the beginnings thereof. A phonograph record of the character described including: a sound reproducing surface; and a depression provided in said surface and being filled with a material contrasting visibly with said surface to indicate the beginning of a selection recorded thereon.

A phonograph record of the character described including: a surface having adepression provided therein, said depression being inlaid with a material contrasting visibly with said surface; and a sound reproducing groove formed in said surface and traversing said inlay so that the continuity of said groove is not interrupted by said inlay.

The sound to be recorded was focused by a horn onto a diaphragm, causing it to vibrate; the vibrations were transmitted to a stylus and modulated its motion as it followed a helical path along the surface of a yielding material such as wax that coated a cylinder rotating under the stylus.

See also phonograph. Cylinder recording.

Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. I continued my studies with vinyl grooves in my next audiovisual installation, Locked Groove , which I created together with Klaus Nyqvist Klaustrofobia.

This is a sister-work for Black Groove , as the working method is very similar in both works. From an old vinyl record I erased music, and used only silent track and the noises of the groove, like clicks and pops, scratches, and noise of dirt. I made a locked-groove track and feeded this through active equalizer.

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With the active equalizer I made gradual, a piece-long sound transformation. The piece starts from the highest noises of the groove low noises are filtered out and through the transformation ends to the lowest noises of the track where the highest noises are filtered out. The video was projected on a large screen that was installed on the wall of the gallery.

The area in front of the screen was surrounded by four Genelec speakers that distributed the noises of vinyl record.

How Users Define New Media: A History of the Amusement Phonograph

With four speakers it was possible to make full sound field around the visitor. The basic visual element on the video is black and white vertical stripes. Marimekko and Artek presented their products in the same exhibition and the idea was to create a new work that commented the products of these companies. At the beginning of the video the stripes are quite still, but gradually the noises of the vinyl affects to the edges of stripes and they start to shake.