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Rumors suggest it has the power to grant immortality to its owner. She also offers him the opportunity to save his dying sister, who has cancer.

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If the mirror does have the power to make a person live forever, then many people will want this piece of art -- at any cost. Readers will not be disappointed. Beltway Confidential.

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Washington Secrets. Wednesday September 25, Trump put presidential powers to work for Wednesday September 25, 'Chaos is a ladder': Democrat argues impeachment Masello expertly blends contemporary thrills with a historical spin on the life of Cellini.

The Medusa Amulet by Robert Masello (2011, Hardcover)

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The trail takes Franco to Florence and Paris, where he's pursued by the usual assortment of shadowy assassins and aided by Olivia Levi, an attractive Italian tour guide and scholar with her own offbeat theories. The burgeoning romance and frequent brushes with death all follow formula, while the conceit that the mirror holds the secret of eternal life fails to convince.

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The Romanov Cross. Blood and Ice. Raising Hell.

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