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Conferences and Meetings on Group Theory

The research carried out in the DESY theory group addresses the main theoretical challenges that particle physics faces at the present time, like. Offers for pupils.

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The research carried out in the DESY theory group addresses the main theoretical challenges that particle physics faces at the present time, like What is the spectrum of fundamental particles? This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to extending results on random walks known for Lie groups or hyperbolic groups, to the more general class of groups which have actions on non-proper Gromov hyperbolic spaces. Workshop — Geometric Structures in Group Theory. It belongs to the G2-series that are about strong and beautiful mathematics, especially those involving group actions on combinatorial objects.

The main goal of G2G2-Summer School is to bring together experts and students to exchange ideas and to enrich their mathematical horizon.

Group Theory

We organize two short courses and four colloquium talks to let participants see order and simplicity from possibly new perspectives and share insights with experts. Arithmetic Aspects of Algebraic Groups. The investigation of arithmetic groups has been an active and important area of mathematical research ever since it arose in the work of Gauss, Klein, Poincare, and other famous mathematicians of the 18th and 19th centuries.

New points of view have recently led to progress on classical problems, opened new directions of inquiry, and revealed unexpected connections with other areas of mathematics. The workshop will bring together experts in the area, researchers in related fields, and young mathematicians who wish to learn about the most recent advances and the most promising directions for the future of the field.

The Michigan Mathematical Journal

Number Theory, Arithmetic. This workshop is devoted to the theory of representations of reductive groups over local fields. In this two-week program, we explore the interactions between geometric group theory, geometric structures and Anosov representations.

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  8. Geometric group theory, in the broadest sense, seeks to understand the structure of groups through their actions on objects with geometric meaning. Conversely, one can take a known group and attempt to understand all its geometrically meaningful actions. One natural notion that arises in this setting is an Anosov representation, which came about as an attempt to describe what it means for the action of a discrete group on a homogeneous space to be geometrically well behaved.

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    Also, in his Erlangen program, Felix Klein viewed geometry as a space which is invariant under a group of transformations. This includes the production and decays of Higgs bosons and top quarks at hadron colliders as e.

    Moreover, precision calculations are performed for processes in supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model involving Higgs bosons as well as genuine supersymmetric particles. As an additional sidebranch at the collider front several exotic models are considered which predict e.

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    Another activity of the Theory Group is devoted to precision calculations of low-energy observables as e. In order to allow for a systematic bottom-up approach to effects beyond the Standard Model the theoery group studies the contribution of a full set of dimension-6 operators to the corresponding observables in Higgs, top and muon physics. The Theory Group develops numerical tools including the results of these calculations that can be used by experimentalists and theorists worldwide.