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Why are you interested in investment banking? You are guaranteed to receive this question if you have no previous I-banking experience. The purpose of this question is to weed out those who are interested in banking solely for the money. Maybe discuss how you have followed the markets for years and find them fascinating, or how you.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? You do not have to answer that you want to be working for Deutsche Bank but you should be prepared to talk about the skills that you expect to learn from working for the firm. What have you read in the paper that interests you? A chance to show you read more than the red and purple sections of the USA Today. Questions to Ask 1. How has your experience at Deutsche been? What exposure to senior management and to clients have you had? The question conveys that you are looking to learn as much as you can.

And the answer should tell a lot about how a certain group works. How has the recent hire of John Doe, new head of X unit, worked out? Rather than ask a general question about the firm, employees like to get questions that are very specific such a question inquiring about a recent senior manager hire. That shows that you have a high level of interest — or, at least, gives that impression. Analyst, Investment Banking Undergraduates join Deutsche as analysts and typically stay on for two years. Exceptional analysts could be offered a third-year and, after that, a position as an associate.

Associates oversee analysts and financial and industry analyses, create marketing materials, interact with clients, give presentations and help execute capital raising deals or mergers and acquisitions. Analyst, Associate, Sales, Trading, and Research In sales, trading, and research, Deutsche typically hires undergrads and MBAs as analysts and associates, respectively. In its Equities unit, the firm hires sales and trading analysts into one of three major groups: Cash Sales, Cash Trading or Derivatives.

Junior sales professionals help senior salespeople in advising and servicing the investment objectives of clients. Associates and analysts gather and assess findings and recommendations from researchers and help market research and products to clients. They also give their opinions on the pricing, timing and structuring of new issues to professionals in other units, including investment banking. Junior research professionals help senior analysts identify trends and transaction opportunities, write research reports and make investment recommendations.

Researchers interact and help build relationships with corporate and institutional clients, and often work alongside investment bankers, salespeople and traders. Deutsche offers summer internships in corporate finance, sales, trading, operations, IT, and controlling and finance. Associate, Research a. I just walk across the park. Check e-mail, and Reuters and Bloomberg for news on the companies you cover. Deutsche Bank On the Job. First thing you do is drop in the new numbers to update the financial model. Then, based on that, you look at broader macroeconomic stuff, like commodity prices.

I think people appreciate that. These meetings usually last a couple of hours. With the finance job market tightening, you need to be your best.

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We know the finance industry. I would have never come up standing by to review your resume and give you with these changes on my own! Banking, NY. Three years later, Deutsche still has considerable ground to gain if it wants to be considered equals to the likes of Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Merrill and CSFB, but the German giant has steadily moved up the U. And with the recent promotion of Josef Ackermann to CEO, the firm seems on its way to move up even further.

Ackermann, the previous head of investment banking at Deutsche, is leading a charge to focus on investment banking at the expense of other lower margin businesses. If Deutsche does continue to gain ground, its prestige, and thus the prestige of a Deutsche job, will also certainly rise. We recommend the following articles for more recent information on Deutsche Bank:. Introduction: An overview of the Exclusive Surveys: Vault annually company and basic stats surveys 10,s of employees at The Scoop: The company's history, leading employers. COM pros and cons of working for the company.

Researched, written and published by Vault, Inc. Samer Hamadeh and Mark Oldman. Read Free For 30 Days. VEP- Deutsche Bank Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. All rights reserved. Deutsche Bank The Scoop predecessor, Ackermann comes from an investment-banking background. Deutsche Bank The Scoop U. Deutsche Bank Organization Global Equities Offers sales and trading services with a focus on providing liquidity to clients. Private Clients and Asset Management PCAM consists of the following three major groups: Private and Business Clients Provides brokerage services primarily to approximately 12 million retail and small business clients in Europe.

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  • Locations Frankfurt: Worldwide headquarters London: Investment-banking headquarters New York: North American headquarters Singapore: Asian headquarters Deutsche operates in more than 75 countries worldwide. Deutsche Bank Vault Newswire December Deutsche sacks a load As part of its restructuring, Deutsche Bank announced plans to cut 2, jobs in its corporate and investment banking and private clients and asset management groups. Unsure how to handle a finance Interview? Deutsche Bank Getting Hired The Hiring Process Pick your team Both analysts and associates are recruited by, and hired directly into, specific departments.

    What deals have you worked on? A Day in the Life Associate, Research a. Deutsche Bank On the Job p. Continue working on first call note. Grachel Gabrielle Enriquez.


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