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This allows the university to maintain a high degree of confidence in the identity of all individual corresponding and the security of the transmitted information. UTD furnishes each student with a free email account that is to be used in all communication with university personnel.

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The Department of Information Resources at U. Dallas provides a method for students to have their U. Dallas mail forwarded to other accounts. The administration of this institution has set deadlines for withdrawal of any college-level courses. These dates and times are published in that semester's course catalog. Administration procedures must be followed. It is the student's responsibility to handle withdrawal requirements from any class.

In other words, I cannot drop or withdraw any student. You must do the proper paperwork to ensure that you will not receive a final grade of "F" in a course if you choose not to attend the class once you are enrolled. Individual faculty members retain primary responsibility for assigning grades and evaluations. If the matter is not resolved by the written response provided by the respondent, the student may submit a written appeal to the School Dean. The decision of the Academic Appeals Panel is final.

Counter Hack Reloaded (2nd ed.)

The results of the academic appeals process will be distributed to all involved parties. Copies of these rules and regulations are available to students in the Office of the Dean of Students, where staff members are available to assist students in interpreting the rules and regulations. An incomplete grade must be resolved within eight 8 weeks from the first day of the subsequent long semester. If the required work to complete the course and to remove the incomplete grade is not submitted by the specified deadline, the incomplete grade is changed automatically to a grade of F.

The goal of Disability Services is to provide students with disabilities educational opportunities equal to those of their non-disabled peers. Disability Services is located in room 1. Office hours are Monday and Thursday, a. Essentially, the law requires that colleges and universities make those reasonable adjustments necessary to eliminate discrimination on the basis of disability.

For example, it may be necessary to remove classroom prohibitions against tape recorders or animals in the case of dog guides for students who are blind. Occasionally an assignment requirement may be substituted for example, a research paper versus an oral presentation for a student who is hearing impaired.

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Classes enrolled students with mobility impairments may have to be rescheduled in accessible facilities. The college or university may need to provide special services such as registration, note-taking, or mobility assistance. Disability Services provides students with letters to present to faculty members to verify that the student has a disability and needs accommodations.

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Individuals requiring special accommodation should contact the professor after class or during office hours. The University of Texas at Dallas will excuse a student from class or other required activities for the travel to and observance of a religious holy day for a religion whose places of worship are exempt from property tax under Section The student is encouraged to notify the instructor or activity sponsor as soon as possible regarding the absence, preferably in advance of the assignment.

The student, so excused, will be allowed to take the exam or complete the assignment within a reasonable time after the absence: a period equal to the length of the absence, up to a maximum of one week. A student who notifies the instructor and completes any missed exam or assignment may not be penalized for the absence.

A student who fails to complete the exam or assignment within the prescribed period may receive a failing grade for that exam or assignment. Once an attack succeeds, we also need to investigate the evidences related to the attack, which is often called the forensics.

Counter Hack Reloaded A Step by Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses 2nd Edition

Therefore, in this class, we will provide a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental methodologies, skills, legal issues, and tools used in reverse engineering, penetration testing, exploit generation, and forensics. In support of this, the course will have heavy hands on projects towards training the basic skill sets related to achieving these goals.

Counter Hack Reloaded : A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses

All late submissions will automatically lose 1 point per delayed day until the points in that project are gone. Students are encouraged to collaborate, particularly on the discussion on the course project. We will strictly follow the university policy on cheating and plagiarism which is available here. Please avoid. There are also several examples of Scholastic Dishonesty If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact the instructor. Also, there are many undergraduate students who are highly interested in such a class.

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This eventually leads to the creation of this course. It is difficult to choose a proper name for this course. Thanks to our department head Dr.