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The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Originally Answered: How can I be financially free? How do I become financially free in years? How did you become financially wealthy? How can I become financially free and travel the world? What daily habits should I develop to become financially free?

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Originally Answered: What should I do to become financially free? Create videos for your Facebook ads. With AdLaunch, you can create good looking videos to your social media channels without any effort. Originally Answered: how can I become more financially free? Visualize first, then plan.

Start by considering wh Answered Sep 6, What new problems come when one becomes financially free? How did you become financially independent? When and how did you become financially free? What are you doing now? Let us discuss some Steps to Financial Peace [1] : Below are some steps which can help you in achieving financial independence and also peace: 1. Avail Government Schemes There are many good savings Are you struggling emotionally?

Take this test. This short survey and see if affordable online therapy can help you because you deserve it. Start Now. Quora User , Blogger www. Originally Answered: How can I become financially secure and if possible free? Have a process similar to this: Step 1: Read the evidence over a period of time, 2—6 months.

Here are some books I recommend: Paul Far First of all accept your fault. Let me tell you the mistakes you are doing: Your whole life is moving around a single job. You never tried something new in your life which will make you a bit richer. You never tried freelancing. You never tried investing. You never tried to learn something which will give you more than one source of income.

If you are in business, you never tried to expand it. You are in your comfort zone. Related Questions How can I become financially free fast? Wealth is a direct byproduct of what we do with that money. I understand that shit happens. Sometimes, we get sick. God forbid, we get into a car accident and break bones.

Our life completely changes. But for most of us, we CAN control a lot more of our health than we care to admit. Since healthcare is often the most expensive part of our lives other than huge mortgages and expensive cars, if we have them , the healthier that we live, the cheaper our care will be. Live well below your means. Be frugal with your spending. Buy yourself something once a month as a treat but it should be just that, a treat. For instance I don't buy everything I want only the things I really want. Always be looking for a great deal. People think black Friday is a good time to get a deal but dont realize they can learn how to negotiate a good deal on anything and everything year round.

Granted, for black Friday u got dollars off my 1k fance note 9 that i am messaging you on. However I still called to ask Verizon to waive my activation fee as I am have been a loyal customer forever and they do this for their business clients already. Now i am shoping for tires and brakes. Asking for a discount. Always ask. Hey, can you throw that alignment in doe half off and what if I bring the rubber to you? Negotiation is a skill. Why pay more? Make sacrifices. Sometimes you have to work for peanuts and occasionally the cake will pop up.

When it does make sure you get your slice. For now enjoy the peanuts. If that means you have to live at home, so be it. If you have four roommates and make dinner that can feed everyone, great. There are ways to save and do just about anything If you are willing to look. And this one is important. I am still struggling with becoming a top producer but Maximize Your Income. Whether you set up a passive income stream, have a side business or side hustle going on with your full time job, or are doing gigs. Always be looking and searching for opportunities that increase your income.

We have a regular person who goes to their and makes x amount every year. And than we have the hustler who makes x amount per year working his , and is also selling at night for his business, picking up promotional jobs for marketing companies, landscaping on the weekends, investing in rental properties. Live in the land of opportunity. Not the land of one opportunity. This is tied as the most important. We all work our whole lives but you will only have what you work for if you dont invest.

Be wary of financial professionals as again it is another skill you can pick up. Compound interest can increase your net worth exponentially with the right picks and make you super wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. You just have to take action. Dont sit on the sidelines. Be curious and learn about the companies and products that interest you.

Than have faith. My current financial plan continues to change as a gather new information. I am currently 25, and my age will play into my personal strategy. I spent multiple years saving and recently purchased a duplex using an FHA loan - 3. I moved into the bottom unit and rent out the top. This purchase accomplished a few things:.

I believe there are only a few ways to increase the money you have in your bank: decrease living expenses OR increase income. Rule 1 - Take stock of the resources you have TODAY and make a plan to a increase your income or b decrease your expenses. Basically, start somewhere and keep in mind the goal is not to live like a hermit for your whole life.

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I was finishing college when I began saving for my duplex. The only option was to decrease living expenses. After purchasing the property and moving, I have begun building my savings account. When I graduate with my degree this May I will be able to increase my income as well. I currently plan to increase my income and keep my living expenses the same in order to continue to build momentum.

Rule 2 - Invest in future you and build a strong base. Currently, I am working on this as well. I am putting aside a set amount of my income per month in order to build a savings chunk. Maybe I will buy another property, maybe I will do something else. Either way, it is important to have money when the opportunity arises. When you are young, save as much as possible - never too much money in your savings account. I have also begun paying for things I could not afford a year ago. I purchased a new er vehicle, hired a personal trainer and have booked an out of country vacation. Though on the surface these seem like big expenditures, I see them as investing in the life style I am shooting for.

Because of the new vehicle, I am proud of my transportation. Because of the trainer, I am healthier. Because of the vacation, I am able to experience more diversity and learn about other cultures. To me, these are a valuable things and play into the type of life I want to lead. Invest in things which will not effect your life style and will provide a positive ROI. Yes, being proud of your shoes, vehicle, living space, new computer are considered ROIs - it is okay to allow yourself to have shiny things.

As long as these shiny things are for you and only you. The general idea is that after each decision, you should be better off because of it. Get the idea? I had an opportunity to purchase a second duplex a few months ago - I turned it down. At first, I wanted it real bad. Then after analyzing the deal and considering what it would mean - I turned it down. Though the net result would have been me owning another property, I would not have improved the quality of home I was in and the ROI on the deal would have taken years to pay itself back and the monthly returns would have been small and the deal would have carried a considerable amount of operational risk what if the roof leaks.

Look for opportunity everywhere, but consider all of the consequences. Do you want a new job? What are the benefits like? How much do they cost? Does it take up more of your time? This seems counter to what I just said, but, depending on your age, it carries with it a certain amount of intelligence. If you are young and have 20—40 years left of working capacity, you owe it to yourself to take some risks.

Once you have put yourself in a position where your savings is growing and you have free income, start taking risks. Try some sort of investment, buy real estate and see what happens, try a new job that may be a bit scary but has a huge upside. Try some sort of extracurricular activity.

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For me, purchasing the duplex was a fantastic move. It is several grades down from my previous apartment. If I were to go broke now, I would still be able to live in my house without any debt collectors calling me. If you are young and move back home with your parents - it may be terrible on your ego - but a free place to live carries with it A LOT of opportunity to chase something.

Get Rich, Stay Rich: And Become Financially Free by Martin Hawes

Pay yourself first regardless of debt. This one took me WAY too long to learn. Obviously it is important you meet your obligations and pay off debts. By building up some cash, you are allowing yourself some freedom. Maybe that cash will allow you to buy a new suite to interview at a new job. Maybe that cash will allow you to purchase a vehicle so you can drive to job interviews. Whatever it is, having money in your bank account carries with it potential.

But, I hope this brings some sort of value to you! Let me know what you think! Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Read more. What are your top 5 rules to be financially free? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. See how your visitors are really using your website. Hotjar is a quick and easy way to really understand your website visitors. Try it for free! Learn More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

How did you become financially independent? What does it feel like to retire extremely early?

10-Step Formula to Achieve Financial Freedom in 12222

How much money does one need, to retire that early? When and how did you become financially free? What are you doing now? How can I become more financially free? Create effective video ads with less than ten bucks. AdLaunch is one of the most affordable video makers online. Subscribe, or buy single video download.

Set goals I set goals for myself. These are the goals I have set for myself: Be financially free by 40 Create at least 3 sources of passive income Save enough to go on an international trip once a year Have a minimum of 5 different assets in my portfolio by age 40 Get a health check up done once every year You will notice two things about these goals. Create Sources of passive income These are my sources of income: Dividend from stocks Interest income from FDs Income from Blog Personal finance consulting fee Investment in a private wealth management scheme with monthly return Affiliate marketing income Now the amount from each sources varies each month, however out of these 6, five are passive, which means I make money even when I am sleeping.

Here are some others as well:. My top 5 rules to allow financial flexibility are:- Save on every penny! No joke, watch what you buy and make sure you get every penny worth. Do not spend on things which are of no value. Save first and spend on what you can afford. Automatically my income sends monies to all my savings pots for each household in the house and also investment pots. With the leftover, I spend it on a monthly basis. So I can repay the credit card and earn Airmiles with Amex after and get a free holiday end of the year. Minimise your spendings especially on instalment based purchase.

Screw that nice car, new phones, new tv. Learn how to invest at low cost. I pay under 0. I want to get wealthy and the last thing I need is some banker to capitalise on my hard earn cash. Even if the person kisses my boot, he ain't getting a single penny from me. Hustle between hours to hours. Normally i would be gaming and netflixing after work. I can't make a living being top in Fifa or big Game of Throne fans. I rather read, teach, work part-time, night jobs on the internet to make that dollar.

Now I am an engineer by day and financial coach by night hustling and helping people with queries. People actually pay me to sort their books and finance, so they can watch netflix without interruption. Network Network Network. I get inspirations and also views from people i meet.