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More than anything else, Politkovskaya cared about justice for the varied citizens of the conglomeration of nation states that used to constitute the Soviet Union. Is Journalism Worth Dying For? The next day, Anna promised, she would make it to the hospital.

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Over the years, Mazepa had begged Politskovskaya to think about safety in her job, given her status as daughter, wife, mother and future grandmother. During the same conversation, Mazepa told her daughter about the book she was reading in the hospital, a book Anna had brought to her. You have to live through them, but you can never truly live in them.

Perhaps Politkovskaya ended up dead because she tried to live both through the drunken years and in them. It is unclear who committed the murder, as is the case almost every time a Russian journalist dies violently four Novaya Gazeta journalists were murdered between and Maybe those in power who are supposed to solve homicides do not care when a pesky journalist dies.

Anna Politkovskaja (1958–2006)

Or maybe those in power are complicit in the homicides. Politkovskaya knew how to write about something other than corruption and war and poverty. These articles show her humanity, a sensitive conscience, a willingness to engage with the unfamiliar, and regret that her homeland was not a more enjoyable place to live.

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Just before her death, Politkovskaya was investigating the torture of innocent citizens accused of crimes by government officials. She noted:. Now, in , this habit of designating people as terrorists has not only displaced any genuine attempt to combat terrorism, but is of itself producing potential terrorists thirsting for revenge.

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Faced with no decision at all, Aubrion has a brilliant idea. The job of a journalist is to bring to light facts and truths about world events. There is an inherent element of danger to working in journalism, as often it goes against the established narrative or the interests of powerful players. In the past three years, in the United States alone, there has been a continuous war on the media by an administration underscored by alternative facts, distorted truth, and endless attacks on journalists and publications.

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Such public attacks on the media by governments or individual officials are not new; they are aspects of a well-known, tried and tested tactic. Yet this is not the only kind of trials that journalism professionals have to face in their careers. Below, I have chosen a small selection of works which showcase some of the challenges a career in journalism may involve or fictional representations of them. It is hard to assemble a list of journalism-related books and miss this modern classic. Larsson, a Swedish journalist, dedicated his life to investigating and writing about far-right and nationalistic groups.

His book is equally dark and dwells in difficult subject matters. At the center of the novel are Mikael Blomkvist, is a journalist, and Lisbeth Salander, an independent investigator.

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Their task is to investigate the decades-old murder of a member of one of the wealthiest Swedish families. This is a novel about trailblazing 19th century reporter Nellie Bly. It reveals a superb original technician. We will continue to read her, and learn from her, for years. What am I guilty of? I have merely reported what I witnessed, nothing but the truth. Sister of Anna Politkovskaya speculates on how she would have answered