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Strategic Planning and Foresight: Learning from and Managing for the Future

Interview with Courtney Mattison. Out of Africa, with Thomas L. Beyond stimulating further discussion among its nearly members on what it takes to be a professional futurist, APF intends to use the model to shape its internal approach to career and professional development. The purpose of this multi-cluster model is to shape how futurists view their own knowledge, skills, and abilities as they serve others as professionals. The Foresight Competency Model addresses the basic question of what one ought to capable of doing as a professional futurist.

Most practicing futurists could probably tick off a list of skills, tools, methods, concepts, and processes that they would consider useful. There have also been more formal, but piecemeal efforts to describe the characteristics of futurists and what constitutes good futures work Coates , Grim , Hines Various academic programs also have their perspectives on what should be taught to futurists, and have identified concepts in common Bishop The Foresight Competency Model builds on this prior work, and recognizes its model cannot be static or fixed, but must likewise evolve along with the field it describes.

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Outline: 1. If you are a learning leader in your organization, or academic that helps working professionals lead their organization into the future, then the Foresight Competency Model should be on your horizon.

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It represents what competencies that foresight professionals draw upon and use to create the future for their clients. The Foresight Competency Model is visualized below, built around the orange circle of six foresight core competencies, framing, scanning, futuring, visioning, designing, and adapting. This center node is undergirded by a base of three foundational clusters: personal, academic, and workplace competencies.

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In turn, two professional competency clusters are above the central foresight competencies: sector and occupational roles. You are welcome to download copy from my author website. Indianapolis, IN: Lumina Foundation. Alsan, Alper.

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Amsteus, Martin. Barney, Jay. Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Bishop, Peter. The Future of Foresight Working Document.

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    Future Studies and The Global Consumer Shift with Andy Hines

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