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Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress

You can buy it here. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle navigation. This book was already working with a big strike against it and that strike was the book starts about 23 years after we left them in Confessions. They are two completely different people now and when I first started the story and found all of this out, I could not for the life of me figure out how Ms.

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Boyle was going to make it work in a way that I would totally buy. In Confessions, Pippin was this bright eyed young girl who was in love with this dashing bad boy. She was filled with lots of hopes and dreams of being with this man forever and when those hopes and dreams come crashing down all around her, she finds herself pregnant and left all alone so she marries a good man who was totally good to her and gave her a good life. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts.

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Guest Review: A Healer for the Highlande. Throwback Thursday Review: The Stranger. Review: Good Girl by Lauren Layne. It is possible to win "Apple Queen" without the Maiden Fair outfit if you have the media approval from prior chapters. This does not affect romance points with any of your love interests.

Liam and Hana are happy to be chosen. Drake is dismayed. Each of them reacts completely differently to being chosen. Olivia is annoyed or angry. Maxwell is delighted. If you buy Marabelle's Dream, you get to give her a new name and unlock a scene with Hana. Although "Steer her" is correct, Marabelle's Dream will perform the move on her own if you choose incorrectly.

Though there is no long term effect here, in the short term you can only please one of the Brothers Beaumont with your choice here. The first choice pleases Maxwell and the second pleases Bertrand.


No matter what, Prince Liam gets three points. You only get the next choice if you don't get two points on your first turn. The dagger bears a much looser resemblance to Adder's Fang from Book 2. If you take the flail, Maxwell chooses the double sword. Otherwise he picks the flail.

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With the flail he smashes the champagne bottle. With the double sword, he lops off the top and sends a second one down the steps.

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If you let the timer run out, you freeze. If you hit the bottle, you open it. If you smash the bottle, it shatters and champagne goes everywhere. Both are acceptable.

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If you swing wildly, you miss the bottle entirely and freak out Drake a little. If the timer ends, you don't say anything and get " Out of Favor. If you ask Kiara "How many languages do you actually speak? Starting this chapter, you are warned that it contains spoilers of another book Rules of Engagement.

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You will meet one of the main characters of those books and learn some information that you might not know yet or not at all if you did not go through the first book and part of the second. You only get one of the first two options in Choice 7. Which one you get depends on what you ask in Choice 6. You get the first if you ask "Why no title? You've reached the end of The Royal Romance, Book 1. For choices in Book 2 , click here.

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