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Comment required. Enlarge Image. AP At the makeshift shrine, Christie Zamora said Victoria attended her gymnastics class every Saturday and always seemed happy. Oh what evil. Read Next 11 cops killed, 78 people injured in Turkey car-bombing. Share Selection. Now On Now on Page Six. By all accounts, Gustavo was a doting, caring father to Elisa: attending parenting classes; [14] seeking advice from relatives as to how to care for his daughter; organizing celebrations for her first birthdays and renting a banquet hall to celebrate her baptism at age four.

He would always say she was his princess. In , Gustavo enrolled his daughter in the Montessori preschool, although shortly thereafter, his incipient ailing health complicated his ability to pay for Elisa's schooling.

Most Infamous Alleged Mommy Murderers in History

As Elisa was such an outstanding and promising student and Gustavo such a dedicated father, both teachers and the school principal introduced her to one of the school's patrons, Prince Michael of Greece , in The same year Elisa was enrolled in preschool, a social worker signed an affidavit stating that Awilda had successfully beaten her addiction, had secured permanent accommodation within the Rutgers Houses project in the Lower East Side of Manhattan , [20] and had married a maintenance worker named Carlos Lopez, with whom she was now expecting her fourth child.

In November , Awilda Lopez secured the right to obtain unsupervised visitation rights to Elisa: this ruling awarded her custody of the child every second weekend. Reportedly, Awilda's two oldest children informed relatives that throughout these unsupervised visits, Elisa would be beaten and neglected by her mother and stepfather.

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Both Elisa's father and her teachers noted the child bore bruising and other signs of physical mistreatment when she returned from these unsupervised visits. One of the locations of these injuries was Elisa's genitalia and the child did divulge that her mother had repeatedly hit her and locked her in cupboards, [14] adding that she had no desire to see her mother again.

Her father also noted that Elisa had begun bedwetting in addition to losing control of her bowels, and would regularly experience nightmares upon learning she was to be in the custody of her mother for even short periods of time. Another family acquaintance noted that Elisa would always vomit upon her return from these visits to her mother, and refused to enter bathrooms.

Both Gustavo Izquierdo and Elisa's teachers did inform authorities of the abuse Elisa was enduring at the hands of her mother. These revelations were also disclosed by Elisa herself to a social worker and her father did apply in to have Awilda Lopez's visitation rights ceased; however, the courts ruled that the visitation rights could continue, albeit with the conditions Awilda must not strike or otherwise harm her daughter.

In , Gustavo Izquierdo formed plans to relocate with Elisa to his native Cuba.

7 Of The Most Brutal Murders Ever Committed In The History Of The Human Race (NSFL)

Gustavo Izquierdo died on May 26; the same date he had planned to travel to Cuba with Elisa. Upon hearing news of Gustavo's death, Awilda applied for full, permanent custody of Elisa. She was initially granted temporary custody of the child. Upon hearing the initial awarding of Elisa's temporary custody to Awilda Lopez, Elsa Canizares—the cousin of Gustavo Izquierdo—challenged the ruling and herself applied for custody of Elisa; [27] citing the documented abuse Elisa had previously endured during the unsupervised weekend visits with her mother.

Lacking sufficient funding to pay legal fees , Elsa Canizares attended court hearings without any legal representation, whereas backing Awilda Lopez's application for custody were a lawyer from the Legal Aid Society and a federally funded parenting program. According to Elsa Canizares, at this hearing, the legal representatives for Awilda testified as to her "valiant efforts" to refrain from relapsing into drug use, falsely claiming that caseworkers had visited the Lopez residence and that Elisa had expressed a strong desire to live with her biological mother.

Prince Michael of Greece , reflecting on a personal letter he wrote to Judge Phoebe Greenbaum endorsing Elsa Canizares's application to be awarded custody of Elisa Izquierdo in [33]. Awilda Lopez's application to obtain permanent custody of Elisa was approved by Judge Greenbaum in September Upon being awarded full custody of her daughter, Awilda withdrew Elisa from the private school she had been attending, and enrolled her in Manhattan's Public School , where Elisa was quickly observed to be withdrawn , emotionally disturbed , uncommunicative, and to urinate frequently.

The principal of this school also noted that Elisa bore numerous bruises, walked with apparent difficulty, and had evidently begun tearing out sections of her hair. The author of this letter stated that Awilda Lopez had cut off much of Elisa's hair and had begun locking her in a dark room for extensive periods of time. Six days later, Elisa was admitted to hospital with a fractured shoulder —the wound having been untreated for three days.

The increasing concerns of staff at Public School regarding evident abuse were also reported to the Manhattan Child Welfare Authorities. Reportedly, the Manhattan Child Welfare Authorities soon replied to the school that their concerns were "not reportable" due to a lack of direct evidence of child abuse or neglect. As such, this report was rejected. She made no effort to enroll Elisa in any other school.

Reportedly, despite the fact that in addition to having by this time borne six children three of whom had been born after Elisa , Awilda targeted Elisa for almost all of the physical, mental, and emotional abuse she inflicted upon her children. After withdrawing her from her school, Elisa was locked in her bedroom, was denied any opportunity to socialize with her siblings or to leave the apartment and was denied access to the toilet—being forced to use a chamber pot. Neighbors also reported hearing sounds of Elisa being beaten and otherwise abused; later reporting hearing Elisa's repeatedly pleading with her mother to stop hitting her and stating such pleas as: "Mommy, Mommy, please stop!

No more! I'm sorry. Other neighbors reportedly knew of the abuse Elisa and—to a much lesser degree—her siblings endured, but failed to notify authorities. A representative from the federally funded parenting program which had endorsed Awilda's initial motion to achieve sole custody of her daughter also reported that Awilda had herself phoned him, complaining that her daughter was unable to control her bladder or bowels, had cut off her hair and was apparently drinking from the toilet.

Lieutenant Luis Gonzalez, recollecting the extensive physical , mental , emotional and sexual abuse suffered by Elisa Izquierdo [42]. Other indignities and abuse inflicted by Awilda upon her daughter some of which were witnessed by Elisa's siblings included repeated punching and kicking; [43] forcing the child to eat her own feces or drink ammoniated water; [44] mopping the floor with Elisa's hair; [45] inflicting burns upon the child's head, face and body, and sexually violating her both vaginally and anally with a hairbrush or toothbrush.

On November 15, Carlos Lopez was jailed in relation to a violation of parole. Seven days later, on the evening of November 22, Awilda phoned one of her sisters, Mercy Torres, to report that Elisa was "like retarded on the bed", [7] with fluid later determined to be brain fluid leaking from her nose and mouth. Torres insisted Awilda take Elisa to the hospital, Awilda replied she would "think about it" after she had finished cleaning the dishes. Upon being unable to locate signs of life, this neighbor told Awilda to call the police, which she refused to do.

In response, this neighbor immediately called police and an ambulance as Awilda threatened to commit suicide. In custody, Awilda initially confessed to having thrown Elisa head-first into a concrete wall two days prior to her contacting her neighbor, adding that Elisa neither talked nor walked after this incident. A subsequent autopsy revealed numerous injuries including broken fingers one bone of which was protruding through the skin , damage to internal organs, deep welts and burns across her head, face and body.

In addition, her genitalia and rectum also bore evidence of trauma, including tearing. Forensically, it was proven that the injuries had been sustained over a prolonged period of time. Elisa Izquierdo's funeral was held on November 29, Prior to Elisa's burial, a wake was held. Those present at Elisa's wake and funeral included relatives, neighbors, politicians, Prince Michael of Greece, [54] and members of the public touched by the case. Elisa's casket remained open throughout the ceremony. A single red rose was placed in her hand; [56] her coffin adorned with white flowers, and a Barbie doll given to Elisa by her father which she is known to have cherished was placed alongside her body.

Many mourners placed additional flowers, toys, stuffed animals and notes of sympathy in and upon her coffin prior to her casket being closed and her burial at Cypress Hills Cemetery. Elisa's gravestone bears a plaque, with the inscription reading: "World please watch over the children.