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Managing Secrets in Kubernetes

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Published in: Technology. Once decrypted by the controller, the enclosed Secret can be used exactly like a regular K8s Secret it is a regular K8s Secret at this point! If the SealedSecret object is deleted, the controller will garbage collect the generated Secret. See the website for controller and kubeseal installation instructions. A Secret can be created in many ways, but one of the easiest is using kubectl create secret --dry-run , as shown in the following example.

Note again that the kubectl --dry-run just creates a local file and doesn't upload anything to the cluster. This is deliberate, to prevent another user of your cluster being able to upload your SealedSecret under their namespace and getting the controller to decrypt it for them.

Sealed Secrets | Stakater Playbook

Any labels, annotations, etc in the original Secret will be restored in the generated Secret but are not automatically reflected in the SealedSecret. SealedSecrets and the kubeseal tool are designed to easily fit into automated workflows. Once converted into a SealedSecret, not even the original user will be able to retrieve the original Secret. These features allow low-privileged automated tasks to generate new random secrets and feed them into a change management workflow without requiring any elevated access to existing secrets.

Using this it is possible to set up workflows that encourage frequent rotation and replacement of secrets rather than managing additional backup copies of plain-text secrets.

The initial trust problem

It is important to be aware that SealedSecrets do not authenticate the user, by design. This means that any user with a copy of the right public key is able to create an offline SealedSecret for your cluster, but it is up to your regular change management processes, cluster RBAC rules, etc to make sure that only the intended SealedSecret makes it to your cluster. SealedSecrets are intentionally no different to all your other cluster configuration in this regard.

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    Managing Secrets in Kubernetes

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