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Quantum Phase Transitions

Hard Science. In the future, quantum simulations could be better than we ever dreamed. Science Alert February 6th First Time Phase Shift For the first time, physicists have experimentally observed a first-order phase transition occur in a quantum system — verifying years of theoretical predictions.

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Understanding Quantum Phase Transitions

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The recently proposed theory of dynamical quantum phase transitions DQPTs [1] provides a promising concept towards achieving this major goal. In this paper, we present the first experimental in-depth study of DQPTs. This is enabled by our ability to manipulate and measure individual particles in our experimental setup, a chain of trapped ions realizing a quantum many-body system with magnetic Ising interactions.

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  • We prepare strings of up to 10 ions such that they are initially aligned with the spin-spin interaction part of the Hamiltonian before suddenly switching on the transverse field. We observe the resulting dynamics by measuring the particles time-dependent magnetization as well as multi-spin correlation functions.

    Physicists Advance Theory For New Class Of Quantum Phase Transition -- ScienceDaily

    In this way, we directly observe the defining characteristic of DQPTs,i. Moreover, we also investigate the DQPTs for a variety of system parameters and show how the dynamics of observables such as the magnetization is controlled by DQPTs.

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    Finally, we also establish a link between DQPTs and entanglement growth by measuring half-chain entropies and spin squeezing in a chain of six particles. A collection of bosonic particles, such as liquid helium or ultracold gases, can condense into a ground state in which the atoms flow as a 'superfluid' without scattering. Magnetic materials further illustrate the generality of the effect, as described in this review.

    Quantum phase transitions through quantum information window by Aditi De

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