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You can use the links in the External Javascript Libraries table above. And create the application. If you run the application you should see the informational message being displayed in the console.

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And in Firefox Firebug, or on a WebKit browser you should see the parallel loading of the scripts. You can read more about how to implement namespaces in Javascript in the following two articles:. So at this point, create the folder structure described above as well as stub content for sgs. Now that we have a minimal shell in index. The view will let us enter a savings goal amout and a maximum number of months.

Now we can add the two input elements savings-goal-amount and savings-max-duration. This is what the view will look like:. Note: as we go along in the tutorial, I will not cover the CSS styling explicitly but you can always get the CSS when downloading the source based on the tag for a given step. Example: tag: part2-todo If you have not yet created the ViewModels folder under the scripts folder, do that now.

And then create a file named: sgs. There are various approaches for namespacing code in Javascript, some uses object literals , and some use functions as containers for our functions. Elijah Manor has a great summary highlighting the pros and cons of the various approaches. Now we can create functions prefixed by our namespace such as for e. So our viewModel is basically an object literal hash where each property value is a value model , implemented as KnockoutJS observable , essentially a function acting as an interceptor for a value.

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Everytime the function is acting as a setter, the interceptor notifies all observers subscribers of the value change. Note that ko.

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Typically we always pass the variable containing our viewModel. If you have not yet created the ViewMediators folder under the scripts folder, do that now. The createViewMediator function will have 3 responsibilities:. Now we can use the setViewModel function inside createViewMediator to save off our freshly-created view model. So now you should be able to load your index. To my knowledge having researched these types of libraries for a while , only library from PengoWorks has currency masking capabilities and will format the amount as you type it. Since that library stopped being maintained in , I started updating it after checking with the original author, David Switzer to make it work with current browsers.

The resulting library is called CurrencyMask JS. To apply masking to a field, you instantiate a Mask object with the format you want e. And if we refresh the page and start typing in the amount it should format as we type along and prevent any other character input, ensuring the amount is valid. Well, once formatted the savingsGoalAmount value model will now be a string containing currency and thousands delimiter characters.

Now what we need to re-create a new savingsGoalAmount value model, and make it act as a two-way adapter to convert back and forth between formatted and unformatted values. KnockoutJS also allows a hash to be passed to ko. That hash can include the following key-value pairs:. So here is a skeleton of what the savingsGoalAmount value model would look like as a dependentObservable:. Now refreshing the index. Here is a diagram summarizing how we restructured the various parts using the dependent observables and the mask:. In that case the mask will be a little simpler since we need at most 2 digits.

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For dates I suggest using Masked Input together with jQuery Datepicker since the calendar makes it easy to select a date but does not provide masking features. So we have two options:. The cleanest approach is 2 since it also allows you in the future to build other dependentObservables on top of savingsTargetPerMonth. Approach 1 would require us to format the calculated value using the formatMoney function of Accounting.

Approach 2 would require us to add a new dependentObservable named savingsTargetPerMonthFormatted in our savings goal view model:. And we then need to update the data-binding code in the createViewMediator function of our mediator module:. When web pages require a round-trip to the server, the user waits and then sees the whole page refreshing, but in rich interactive apps since processing happens often very fast without a page refresh, we need to provide visual cues when changes occur. For quick feedback logic e. So at this point we have built a reasonably solid foundation for our app even though it contains only one view.

The architectural steps we took to decouple view, viewmodel, view mediator and the page will yield some benefits once we add continue adding features to our app in part 3. So here is a quick recap of the steps we followed:. Many KnockoutJS tutorials focus on giving you the basics to run simple scenarios.

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The modularization of our code base will also lend itself better to unit testing and even BDD testing using Javascript test frameworks like Jasmine and Jasmine-Species. They will allow us to write tests against our view models and to a certain degree some of the various Javascript modules. We have focused on a one-view increment for the app but in Part 3 we will cover the following topics:.

Comment by thelinuxlich October 19, This is definitely a bit tricky I agree but this is how KnockoutJS works. Thank you! Thanks for this awesome tutorial. I am facing an issue with hierarchy. Should I create a single model or there should be multiple? In your sample I saw you are creating different models and binding them as per the sections of cshtml. Here I have an outer foreach loop for projects, and rest all things are falling in the same loop.

I cannot create multiple separate sections, then how do I bind it? Thanks Bhoomi! I personally would recommend a different view model for each to maintain the logic separation. And you could have an overall view model for the app which could have the following value models:. Then for example when you have retrieve a given view model e. Hope that helps. Building realtime web apps using no Embed Size px.

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No notes for slide. What is node. Why node. Traditional server - New thread per request - The thread is blocked during long IO operations red When a new http request hits the web server: 1. A new thread is created. Web server connects to database server tcp handshake, authentication, etc.. Web server sends SQL query to be executed. Web server finally gets the data. Web response is returned to the client. Why are we so excited about node. Web development with node.

So node. Can I use MVC, views, layouts, etc?