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Reuben Fine is a natural born teacher and he explaines what is going on in a position. The explanation is in English not just variation lines.

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When I started to seriously play it was considered the bible of the endgame. He also wrote: The Middle game in chess. Can someone please explain to me how to run Problemist? When I open the anthology file 2 from sudoktor. Is this the way it's supposed to be? I presumed that it would show me the position and let me play to see if I can guess the mates, yes? NM SamCopeland. Feb 27, 1.

The books I currently have are Feb 27, 2. Feb 27, 3. Mar 3, 4. Mar 3, 5. Also Helpmates, selfmates, reflexmates etc There are some limitations if you dont register cant remember how much money they want but the free version is functional to such an extent that I dont think its necessary. Mar 4, 6. Mar 4, 7. Glad you like it, I'm a big fan. Of course it's also great to check your own compositions for multiple solutions etc. Mar 4, 8. The world's largest database of endgame studies.

Mar 4, 9. Mar 4, Jan 6, EG Magazine is well worth the subscription price. Jan 11, Sam, I am just starting to take an interest in these and have picked up "Pick of the best chess problems" by B P Barnes, which contains Meredith problems, and "How to solve chess problems" by Kenneth S Howard, which contains increasingly difficult problems. The British Chess Problem Society website has a list of relevant books, plus publishes a journal. Another book you might want to look for is "Chess wizardry: The new ABC of chess problems" by John Rice, which contains several hundred puzzles plus a taxonomy of terms and ideas.

Nov 18, Nov 19, Two books that should be in everyone's library. Neither of those books, arthull, have anything to do with studies. Log In or Join. Hot Topics. Bought a Book that I Hate. Wish I could Love It. Antichess-IQ 11 min ago. GariPotter 12 min ago. No Queen?

What can be done? In , an incomplete manuscript, found in the Khedivial Library in Cairo Mustafa Pasha, was written. It belonged to Qaitbai a sultan of Egypt. It seems to be a copy of earlier manuscripts on chess problems. There have been 18 chess problems associated with Khwaja. Around , an anonymous writer, Civis Bononiae Citizen of Bologna , wrote a manuscript collection of problems. He included problems from the Bonus Socius. The introduction lists several ways to trick your opponent with a chess problem. Chess problems became popular in the 15 th century because there was a demand for a quick, decisive ending adaptable to gambling purposes.

Around , the fers was displaced by the queen, the aufin by the bishop, and the pace of the game was quickened. All of the older problems became obsolete after the introduction of the modern game of chess and the new moves of the bishop and queen, and the promotion of a pawn to a queen. In Libre dels jochs partits dels schacs en nombre de from Francesch Vicent was published in Valencia.

It is a lost book. The last known copy was seen in It mentioned the first modern move of the Queen and Bishop and was a book of chess openings. It was the first treatise on modern chess. In , Firdewsi at-Tahihal b. He decided to use in a story a famous 10 th century problem attributed to as-Suli. Unfortunately, he copied the position incorrectly.

A prince wagered and lost his fortune to another prince during a chess match. In desperation, he offered as stake his favorite wife, Dilaram. When he seemed lost, she gave him a hint on how to win. In , Stamma published his positions modern mansubat, not problems , called Essai sur le Jeu des Echecs. In some cases he added extra pieces to original mansubat to make the solution seem more difficult to discover. Das Erste Jartausend der Schachlitteratur by Antonius van der Linde and published in , listed 3, articles comprising all known ancient and modern manuscripts that mention chess or its derivatives.

Murray examined over 1, mansubat from Persian and Arabic sources and identified distinctly different positions. He believed that about were composed before A. In , the British Chess Problem Society was founded. Its first meeting was in Budapest. It is a collection of the best and most representative chess problems and studies. The first album was published in , covering the years with diagrams.

The total amount of compositions in the 22 albums is over 22, by more than 2, authors. In , the first world chess solving championship was held in Malinska, Croatia. There were 9 teams. Finland took 1 st place, followed by Israel and Yugoslavia.

MESON Chess Problem Database

In , the first International solving grandmaster title went to Pauli Perkonoja. It is independent of FIDE, but both organizations are cooperating. Currently, there are 40 countries that are members of the WFCC. The Commission has met every year except in and The first world problem championship was in The team winners for each year are as follows:. The individual winners have been:. The tournament consists of 6 rounds over 2 days. Round 1 is a sheet with three twomovers with 20 minutes solving time. Round 2 is a sheet with three threemovers with 60 minutes solving time.

Round 3 is a sheet of 3 endgame studies with minutes solving time. Round 4 is sheet of 3 helpmates with 50 minutes solving time. Round 5 is a sheet with 3 moremovers with 80 minutes solving time. Round 6 is a sheet with 3 selfmates with 50 minutes solving time. Grandmasters for chess compositions are as follows:. Genrikh Kasparian Lev Loshinsky Comins Mansfield Eeltje Visserman Vladimir Bron Jindrich Fritz Vladimir Korolkov Vladimir Pachman Gyorgy Paros Nenad Petrovic Gyorgy Bakcsi Hrvoje Bartolovic Bo Lindgren Gia Nadareishvili Valentin Rudenko Claude Goumondy Iosif Krikheli Petko Petkov Hans Rehm Touw Bwee Cor Goldschmeding Alexander Gulyaev Grin Ernest Pogosjancz.

Jakov Vladimirov Milan Vukcevich Herbert Ahues Viktor Chepizhnij. Emilian Dobrescu David Gurgenidze Jacobus Haring Fadil Abdurahmanovic Jan Rusinek MarcAndre Perrier. Venelin Alaikov Michel Caillaud Andrei Lobusov Norman Macleod Byron Zappas Michael Keller Alexandr Kuzovkov Toma Garai Zivko Janevski Unto Heinonen Jean-Marc Loustau Mikhail Marandyuk Waldemar Tura Udo Degener Nikolai Krain. Franz Pachl Oleg Pervakov. Alexandr Feoktistov. Yves Cheylan Marjan Kovacevic Miodrag Mlandenovic Valery Shanshin. Valery Shavyrin. Anatoly Slesarenko.

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Uri Avner Andrey Selivanov Camillo Gamnitzer. Reto Aschwanden Wieland Bruch Vasyl Dyrachuk. Matti Myllyniemi Marcel Tribowski Milan Velimirovic Klaus Wenda Evgeny Bogdanov. Michal Dragoun Valery Gurov Peter Gvozdjak Miroslav Havel. Artur Mandler Christopher Jones. Mario Parrinello Ivan Soroka. Alexandr Azhusin. Anatoly Styopochkin. International Solving Grandmasters include:. Pauli Perkonoja.

Kari Valtonen. Milan Velimirovic. Ofer Comay. Roland Baier. Marjan Kovacevic. Arno Zude. Georgi Evsejev.

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Michael Pfannkuche. Jonathan Mestel. Sergej Rumyantsev. Ram Soffer. Jorma Paavilainen. Boris Tummes. Noam Elkies. Michel Caillaud. Graham Lee. Piotr Murdzia. John Nunn. Dolf Wissmann. Miodrag Mladenovic.

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Andrey Selivanov. Bojan Vuckovic. Eddy van Beers. Vladimir Podinic. Michal Dragoun. Kacper Piorun. Ladislav Salai. The World Championship of Chess Composition is held every three years. Its official title is World Championship in Composing for Individuals. The championship has 8 sections: twomovers, threemovers, moremovers, studies, helpmates, selfmates, fairies using elements of fairy chess , and retros retrograde analysis. Here are some famous chess composers. Fadil Abdurahmanovic is a Bosnian Grandmaster of chess composition and an International Judge of Composition.

His best work is in the form of helpmates and fairy problems. Yochanan Afek is a chess composer of endgame studies and problems. Her has published about studies and he has won 11 first place awards for his compositions. Iuri Akobia of Soviet Georgia has composed over studies. He has written several chess books on endgame composition. Baird , is the most famous female chess composer.

She published her problems using the name "Mrs W. In she wrote Chess Problems , which took her 14 years to complete. In , she wrote The Twentieth Century Retractor take a move back to make a stronger move to mate or win the game , which was full of Shakespeare quotes. He has won 24 first place awards for his chess compositions. Vladimir Bron was a top Soviet chess composer and master.

He composed over studies during his lifetime. In he wrote Selected Studies and Problems. He won 31 first prizes for his chess compositions in composing tournaments. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster for chess composition. Ignazio Calvi was an Italian chess player and composer. He was perhaps the first person to use under-promotion not promoting to a queen in endgame studies. Luigi Centurini was an Italian chess player and composer who specialized in bishop vs. Vitaly Chekover was a Russian master and composer of around studies.

He was a specialist on knight endings. Together with GM Yuri Averbakh, he published a four-volume encyclopedia on endgames in Andre Cheron was the chess champion of France in , , and He wrote the four-volume Lehr- und Handbuch der Schachendspiele from to He is one of the most famous endgame composers. In he wrote American Chess Nuts , a collection of over 2, positions. He personally composed over chess problems. When he died, he had the third largest chess book collection in the world. His library of over 2, chess books was presented to Princeton University.

Nowadays, a library of 2, chess books is common. I personally have a library of over 5, chess books — Wall. He was considered the father of Fairy Chess and invented many fairy pieces and new chess conditions for chess problems and compositions. He composed 5, fairy chess problems, directmates, 97 selfmates, and endings. He was awarded prizes for of his problems. He invented the Nightrider and the Grasshopper. The Nightrider moves like a knight, but then can continue to moves as a knight as long as the spaces visited by all but the last jump remain empty.

The Nightrider is denoted as an inverted knight. The Grasshopper is denoted as an inverted queen. It moves as a chess queen, but must jump exactly one piece when it moves, and it stops, directly at the square after the piece it jumped. Pieces jumped by a grasshopper are not captured. Vincent Lanius Eaton was one of America's greatest chess composers. He graduated from Harvard at the age of He worked as a scholar at the Library of Congress.

From to he was the Problem Editor of Chess Review. He published over a thousand chess problems. He was an International Judge for Chess Composition. Nikolai Grigoriev was a Russian chess master and problem composer. David Gurgenidze from Soviet Georgia, has published over studies and has won 32 first prizes. He conducted the problem department in the American Chess Bulletin. He composed chess problems for over 70 years, composing over 2, problems. Bernhard Horwitz was a German composer of around studies.

Along with Josef Kling, he authored the first anthology of endgames in Genrikh Kasparian was one of the first Grandmasters of Chess Compositions. He is considered to have been one of the greatest composers of chess endgame studies ever. In he wrote Domination in Endgame Studies.

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He compsosed about studies and won 57 first places. Cyril S. Kipping of England was one of the most prolific composer of chess problems in the world. He composed over 7, chess problems in his lifetime. Karl Leonid Kubbel was a Russian endgame composer and problemist. He composed over 1, endgame studies and problems. He is considered one of the greatest of all endgame composers. He produced over 10, puzzles in his lifetime. He was the most famous American chess composer. He composed over chess problems. Comins Mansfield was one of the most famous of all problem composers.

He composed chess problems for 72 years. In he was one of the first four to be awarded the title of Grandmaster for Chess Compositions. He was the first British chess player to become a chess Grandmaster but for Composition, not over-the-board play. William Meredith was a problem composer. He composed about chess problems in his career. A problem in which there are from 8 to 12 men on the board is called a Meredith a problem of less than 8 men is called a miniature. His father was once the U. Secretary of the Treasury Geoffrey Mott-Smith was a prolific chess problem composer.

John Nunn , is a British grandmaster and composer of over studies. In and , he won the world championship for solving of chess compositions. He is an expert in compiling endgame tablebases for chess-playing engines. Joseph Peckover was the best known American chess composer in the early 20th century.

He was born in England but immigrated to New York in He was the endgame editor for the American Chess Quarterly from to He composed over endings.

How to Solve Chess Puzzles #45

Vasily Platov and Mikhail Platov were Latvian brothers that teamed together to compose over endgames. In they wrote Selection of Chess Studies. Richard Reti was a Czech master and composer of about studies. Henri Rinck was a French endgame composer. He settled in Spain in In he wrote Fins de Parties. He published 1, chess studies and won 58 first place prizes. He is considered one of the founders of modern endgame composing. John Roycoft is an English GM of chess composition. In , he founded EG, the quarterly chess magazine entirely dedicated to endgame studies.

Aleksei Selesniev was a strong Soviet endgame composer and chess master. William Shinkman was one of America's greatest chess composers. He published over 3, problems. Alexei Troitsky is regarded as the greatest chess composer of endgame studies. He has over 1, studies to his credit. He is considered the father of the contemporary school of study composition. He was editor of StrateGems , the publication of the Society of U. Chess Problemists. In , he became the first American to be awarded the title of Grandmaster for chess composition,. Alain Campbell White was an American problem composer and chess patron.

For 32 years, from to , he published the Christmas series of chess problems. He did more than any other player to promote worldwide interest in chess problems. Some chess problem books include:. Abbott, Chess Problems Adolphi, Der Kleine Problemfreund Arnell, Nordiske Skakproblemer Baird, Chess Problems