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The price point of technology is scalable, and the ease of use by running all the systems together makes it more affordable. One Source Building smart from the beginning brings order to high-tech buildings, if done properly. At the macro level, Murchison says there can be chaos with too many systems and too many user interfaces unless they are coordinated with unified user interfaces.

Rather than building separate infrastructure and then having to translate all the different system languages, they all have to be compatible with the backbone. We need a total solution; we need to go after it all. Get one player to deliver the software to manage and deliver it all. Because of this, Shircliff says, they already operate and require computers, networking, operating systems, and protocols. There are more than 14 million controls systems world-wide connected to the internet; the vast majority have no cyber security considerations, according to Shircliff.

This includes high-rise elevator systems, HVAC and airflow controls, lighting, electrical metering, and power management —and even window shades, parking, and irrigation. Depending on how the system is designed, it may be capable of stand-alone communication in bad weather or other adverse circumstances. With many utilities making smart meter data available in minute interval resolution and providing automated billing data and sub-metering technology that makes it easier to connect with the software, there can be numerous security and connectivity issues.

There are many vulnerabilities, Shunturov believes. To address security issues, Lucid is launching a secure, encrypted cloud integration system. But, Shunturov warns, there are limitations and he says that to eliminate security risks, you should never go into a system from the cloud; instead, you push data to the cloud.

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To minimize issues and take responsibility for liability, the landlord must create infrastructure policies. For existing buildings, rules and requirements must be created for new contractors to access the building. Password custody plans must be implemented. For example, what happens when an employee is fired? Do you share a network? While Kasper believes that field performance data will enable detailed analysis of system design and performance in real-world environments and lay the groundwork for more intelligent control systems as adoption of analytics becomes more widespread, there are parameters, obstacles, and limitations.

One obstacle is the building itself. With a retrofit, you know where the electric panels and the boiler are, but you have to figure out how to get wires connected due to spatial restrictions. New buildings have so much variability in cost-cutting and value engineering. This book focuses on some of the most energy-consuming HVAC systems; illuminating huge opportunities for energy savings in buildings that operate with these systems.

The main discussion is on, cutting-edge decision making approaches, and algorithms in: decision making under uncertainty, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, agent based modeling, and game theory. These methods are applied to HVAC systems, in order to help designers select the best options among the many available pathways for designing and the building of HVAC systems and applications.

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This book provides readers with essential knowledge enabling the successful design of today's new energy efficient HVAC systems. Pivotal topics that all HVAC and architectural engineers must master in order to navigate the green building renaissance are given focused attention, including the role of renewables, air quality, automatic controls, and thermal comfort.

He is expert in the evaluation of energy efficiency and comfort analysis of a building and in the design of building envelope and mechanical plants. He has experience in dynamic energy simulation of buildings aimed to the definition of the energy needs for conditioning, lighting, ventilation and indoor moisture control.

He is involved in a H project being responsible for the design development and maintenance of ventilated facades. The building was modelled following the legal requirements Ashrae Applying our deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services we work in partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets.

We support UN-Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities around the world. Improving quality of life. Iuliu Datcu is active in the Building Services field since , tackling local and international projects, maintaining and developing new relations with clients and business partners.

Currently involved in a PhD program in which he studies the technical and economical implication of integrating CCHP systems in Romania.

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The projects involved different types of buildings: education buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings. Also, he was involved in modelling MEP systems, using Autodesk Revit, in several types of projects Groningen University, Utrecht University, Twente University, Hooglviet logistic headquarter as modeler and design leader.

Here he studied different types of installations for buildings, of which we can mention: Heating Installations, Ventilation Installations, Sanitary Installations and Electrical Installations. Ciprian has 2 years of experience in modelling HVAC and sanitary installations for residential and commercial buildings. The most of the design activities of ASP after were detached in the newly formed architectural studio Architectural Space and ASP focused its efforts to the scientific field.

An Advanced IoT-based System for Intelligent Energy Management in Buildings

Nadya Stamatova: Ph. Orlin Perfanov: M. Karina Kondova: M. Astrid guides the knowledge management processes within UNStudio and is an active participant in its research projects. Sc Architecture degree and an M. As the Head of Knowledge and Innovation, Filippo leads the internal knowledge management at UNStudio as well as the collaborative research projects including those receiving H funding. Since joining UNStudio he has been involved in numerous projects of varying scale and complexity where he was integral in developing strategies and tools for rationalising buildings through computational and parametric modelling.

With his advanced skillset in computation design, he leads researching projects, teaches workshops and contributes to complex design. Fasada is a SME construction company established in year The company is active in retrofitting and construction of new buildings. Fasada provides services for real-estate investors, public authorities, building administrators and individual clients. The company scope of work contains both: acting as the general contractor and competent consultancy regarding the best solutions for building components and systems that help to minimize energy consumption and increase the sustainability of the buildings.

Fasada also executes the works on the buildings that are under cultural heritage protection. The company has been involved in construction works in many prestigious buildings e. Summer resort of the President of the Republic of Poland. From the year the company is performing research and development activities.

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Fasada has experience in application of the innovative building components to different type of buildings: dwellings, office buildings, commercial and historic buildings. The company has participated in introduction on polish market new insulation brick cladding systems - Gebrik. Lukaszewska has experience in innovative research international projects from FP 6, FP 7 and Horizon He has experience in retrofitting of many prestigious buildings e.

Bogucka —Dzik has an experience in 3D modelling of the buildings in Sketch up and Revit and in designing of renovation plans for residential buildings. Mostostal Warszawa S. The company is active in all basic sectors of the construction market specializing in bridges and steel construction, public utility buildings, industrial components, environmental protection projects as well as roads and underground constructions.

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Company acts as a general contractor of investment projects and provides turnkey execution of construction assignments. A provides variety of across-the board services, ranging from execution of reinforced concrete and construction works, through delivery and erection of steel and structural elements to assembly of high pressure piping and boilers. Supports offer divisions by preparing measurements based on bim models. She creates BIM models based on 2D drawings or cloud of point.

She is involved in the implementation of BIM technology in the company. In Mostostal works as a BIM engineer specialised in general construction. He creates BIM models based on 2D drawings or cloud of point. He is involved in the implementation of BIM technology in the company. It has around people on its staff and generates an annual turnover of more than 50 million. It provides services in the fields of management and energy technology consulting among others legal advisory, architecture and engineering in urban planning, construction and infrastructure, promotion, real estate consulting and design.

LKS has broad experience on sustainable development, retrofitting and energy efficiency in building. As architect with more than 20 years of professional experience, Joxe has also a broad experience in project management in the field of urban regeneration and building renovation: Development of Investment Road Map up to : Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings Sectors in the Basque Country, Urban Regeneration of the Lourdes District in the city of Tudela. He worked as building engineer from until , and he continued his career in LKS Ingieneria S.

He is the Innovation Responsible since , focused on European project management and coordination that are related to Energy Efficiency, Smart Cities and Rehabilitation:. She has additional training in areas of energy efficiency, bioclimatic construction, ecodesign, green building rating systems etc…. Ana Belen has taken part in many projects related to sustainable construction, Ecodesign implementation in constructions and infrastructure works according to the ISO She has also led the consultancy feasibility studies for governments and environment agencies in the development of green building policies and sector transformation PPP initiatives.

She has led the team responsible for the following publications:. She has more than 4 years of experience in bioclimatic architecture, sustainability certification and housing renovation. Its scientists and students endeavour to solve global social challenges, drawing inspiration from the ever dynamic and cosmopolitan Rotterdam. Its academic education is intensive, active and application-based, and its research is increasingly carried out in multidisciplinary teams, which are closely interlinked with international networks. With its research impact and study quality, EUR can compete with the top European universities.

Important values for Erasmus University Rotterdam are daring, curiosity, social engagement, working at the frontier and striving for success. More than 3. His work focuses on practices of digital identification, mobile devices, security issues, privacy, social media use, and consumer data.

Jason worked as senior researcher on the Digideas Project on the social and ethical issues that arise in relation to digital identification. Her research focuses on organizational and corporate communication, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, corporate reputation management, investor relation and crisis communication. She has published in a variety of leading management, business and communication journals, including Business Horizons, Journal of Business Ethics and Corporate Reputation Review.

This programme was the first of its type accredited by the China Ministry of Education. Her recently co-authored book Corporate Communication through Social Media brings together academic and practitioner perspectives to examine social-mediated developments in organizational communication and attendant implications for stakeholder relationships, trust, engagement, leadership, and reputation.

She received her Master and Ph. Vivienda y Suelo de Euskadi, S. Its primary mission is to develop high-quality subsidised housing in the Basque autonomous community, as part of the regional government's determination to ensure the right to decent housing for all sectors of society. VISESA is also actively involved in urban regeneration, as well as in the rehabilitation of housing and public infrastructures, promoting accessibility, improvement of the people quality of life and the sustainable development of the region, from the perspective of territorial balance.

He has a master degree on thermal installations in buildings Basque Country University. With more than 10 years of experience on Innovation projects at both regional, national and European level. Its headquarters and Secretariat are located in Brussels. Its membership currently consists of 44 Member Organisations, which are the regulatory and professional representative bodies in all European Union EU Member States, and accession Countries, Switzerland and Norway. Through them, the ACE represents the interests of over The principal function of the ACE is to monitor developments at EU level, seeking to influence those areas of EU Policy and legislation that have an impact on architectural practice and on the overall quality and sustainability of the built environment.

The ACE is dedicated to the better understanding of technical, environmental and cultural values and to the promotion of the highest standards of education and practice in architecture. Its mandate is to ensure that the views and expertise of the profession are delivered to the institutions of the European Union and to seek, as far as possible, consensus among its Members in all of its policy positions.

Its policy is defined and approved by the General Assembly of all the Member Organisations, meeting twice yearly. Over ten years work experience in different sectors of the built environment, from small independent companies to global blue chip groups in Europe and the US. Expertise on a broad range of sustainability issues in the built environment and knowledge management.

Responsible for researching and analyzing documentation to inform decision-making and policy development with a view to representing architects interests and influencing EU legislative proposals; managing the ACE team. Master in Sociology. Assisting the Secretary General in general Management Activities, accounting tasks, administrative management of personnel, preparation of the administrative papers for project proposals and administrative follow-up of approved projects, financial reporting of projects, organisation of events, preparation and implementation of questionnaires, statistical analysis of the results.

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She has a keen interest in sustainable architecture, collaborative design and self-built projects. REHVA is the leading independent professional HVAC organization in Europe dedicated to the improvement of health, comfort and energy efficiency in all buildings and communities.

Her research efforts were often framed in the context of international projects. Occasional collaborations with design firms and building construction companies were the chance to also have insights on the on-field building design practice. Before joining REHVA, she has worked for 3 years as regional representative in Brussels focusing on EU RDI and energy policies and at a market intelligence and EU public affairs consultancy company specialised on sustainable energy and natural refrigeration sector. Established in , the European Builders Confederation EBC is a European professional organisation representing national associations of craftsmen and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises working in the construction sector.

With its secretariat based in Brussels, EBC is a non-profit organisation covering all trades ranging from masonry and building structure to technical contractors electricians, plumbers, HVAC… and finishing works in the building sector. In addition to managing EBC secretariat, Eugenio represents EBC in the European Social dialogue committee, supervises several legislative fields, including the digitalization of the construction sector, and acts as EBC main spokesperson. He covers all areas related to social affairs and training issues such as posting of workers, health and safety and vocational education and training.

He is also in charge of submitting and monitoring EU co-funded projects, ensuring the administrative follow-up, managing communication channels and organizing events. She covers all areas related to energy and environmental issues such as the energy performance of buildings, the energy efficiency and circular economy, also representing EBC at the Energy Efficient Mortgages Action Plan Initiative.

Metabuild has developed a game-changing AI technology that enables real estate professionals to create better buildings. Based on BIM and advanced building simulations, Metabuild explores billions of possible scenarios for each project. Based in Berlin, Germany, we are a team of innovation-driven experts bridging the gap between architecture, engineering and software development. Juan M.