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The behavioral intervention programme In the study, they labelled cool socially appropriate behaviors versus not-cool socially inappropriate ones to guide children through the process of mingling with peers.

The process included teacher demonstration of two contrary behaviors for student observation and identification of good versus bad behaviors. The scientific study addressed three impaired social behaviors of the students. Andy and Edward were the two children with ASD who joined the experiment. They acquired most of the social skills with the cool vs not-cool approach used alone. Before the intervention, both showed little initiative to perform the three behaviors.

As he was given the chance to mimic the target behavior and receive feedback from teachers, he demonstrated mastery of attention-seeking skills to its full extent. Even when the intervention has terminated, these two children continued to use their new skills with novel peers.

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This paper introduced new insights into the nature of discrimination training. Behavioral interventions on an individual basis has been the usual practice in clinical investigations, and the findings have shown a new possibility of implementing the programme by targeting a small group rather than individuals, which helped explore an alternative way for parents and teachers to teach children with ASD. We shape an education system that delivers equitable and excellent outcomes. Did you want to Search all of TKI?


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Inclusive Education. Guide: ASD and learning. ASD and learning - Popular. Understand Strategies for action Key resources.

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Learn about key concepts and terms, key concerns and experiences of students with ASD. Consider how you value uniqueness and diversity in your classroom. Summary of important concepts:. Strategies for action Four key strategies to support students with ASD in their learning. Show material for:.

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  • Identify needs and how to provide support. Matt Frost talks about his experience of autism and what worked well for him at school.

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    Four suggestions for implementing this strategy:. Ask the student what will help Includes: Video Resources. Includes: Video Resources. Includes: Resources. Key areas to support. Support communication Includes: Video Resources. Helpful classroom strategies years Support participation and build confidence Includes: Video Resources. Key resources. Download PDF 2. Visit website. New Zealand Autism Spectrum Disorder Guideline Read time: min This booklet has information for people with ASD, their families, health professionals, support service providers, and those involved in education.

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    ADHD and learning - Popular. Curriculum accessibility. Digital technologies. How to use this site Tips for making the most of our guides. All guides Close. Strategies for action: Identify needs and how to provide support Show suggestions for Identify needs and how to provide support. Key areas to support Show suggestions for Key areas to support. Helpful classroom strategies years Show suggestions for Helpful classroom strategies years Key resources: Resources for ASD and learning.

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