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An Earth Dweller's Return

Nine months later Fen gave birth to her son, Namor the Sub-Mariner who was destined to be the next ruler of Atlantis and much later Krang's greatest foe. By , when Namor had grown to adulthood, Krang had rose to the rank of captain in the Atlantean military. Due to Namor's activities fighting against the Axis powers during World War II , the Nazis attacked Atlantis, and despite Krang's objections Namor led a counter attack to avenge his people.

In the aftermath of the battle, it was learned that Emperor Thakorr was wounded and was now in a coma and named Namor as his successor. This was much to the chagrin of the Emperor's step-son Byrrah. When it was later learned that the Atlantean scientist known as Meranno secretly supplied information to the Nazis he was exiled from the kingdom.

Witnessing Merrano's vows for revenge, Krang decided to seek an alliance with Byrrah to take control of the Atlantean throne. Soon Namor's effort in the war took him away from Atlantis until its end in During this period of time Krang rose to the rank of commander. With the war's end, Thakorr awoke from his coma and was manipulated by Byrrah and Krang into believing that Namor had abandoned his people for those of the surface world. When Namor finally returned home, Commander Krang and his soldiers were there to bar his path and informed him that the Emperor had awoken and sentenced to exile.

With no other choice, Namor left and returned to heroics on the surface. Eventually in , Namor was allowed to return to Atlantis. Upon his return Krang had risen in rank once more and was now a general in the Atlantean army. When Namor suggested that the kingdom join the United Nations, he led a party to the surface only to be chased off by the prejudiced population of New York City. When Namor suggested that the people of Atlantis remain below the waves and cut off all contact with the surface world, Krang agreed -- although his ambitions were to build up a formidable army to conquer the surface when the time was right.

Soon after, Atlantis was attacked by the telepath known as Destiny and his Helmet of Power. Atlantis was decimated, costing the life of both Princess Fen and Emperor Thakorr as well as much of the royal family. Namor himself was stricken with amnesia by Destiny and was forced to wander the streets of New York for the coming decades struggling to remember who he truly was. Byrrah then ordered the people of Atlantis to leave their home in the Antarctic and return to the place of their origins in the oceans to the north. Eventually they settled and built a new kingdom.

Vyrra's efforts yielded the fierce warrior known as Mako. About 14 years later, Namor's memories were revived by the Human Torch of the fledgling hero group known as the Fantastic Four.

Thinking that his people were wiped out by nuclear tests by the surface, Namor waged war against the surface world for a time, while also trying to find the remnants of his kingdom. Eventually, Namor located the new kingdom of Atlantis.

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Spotting the only rival for his throne, Byrrah gave the order to Warlord Krang to attack, but the attack soon halted when his identity was discovered. Namor soon earned the ire of both Krang and Byrrah in the same day when he not only reclaimed the crown of Atlantis, but Lady Dorma rescinded Krang's proposals for marriage to renew her romance with Namor. Later Krang was part of an invasion of the surface world that was ultimately turned back by the Fantastic Four. In retaliation, the Sub-Mariner kidnapped the Invisible Girl and kept her hostage. Seeing that Namor cared for the surface woman, Krang played on Dorma's jealousy by tricking her into leaving Sue Storm to drown in the oceans.

They were shocked when they witnessed Namor break off his battle with the other members of the Fantastic Four to rush her to a hospital on the surface and save her life. Returning with this information to the people of Atlantis, Krang convinced the citizens to abandon their leader for saving the life of a surface woman. However the people of Atlantis eventually accepted Namor back as their leader [10] and Krang resumed his role as warlord under Namor.

Ambitious as ever, Krang sought to go to war against the surface world once again. Namor was reluctant to do so as it would sacrifice many of the lives of his people and instead went to the surface alone to seek a legal means to claim sovereignty over the world's oceans. With Namor absent from the kingdom, Krang took this opportunity to take over Atlantis himself.

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When Dorma warned Namor of this situation, he abandoned his legal bid and returned to his kingdom. However when Dorma started to feel guilty and freed Namor, the Sub-Mariner went on the quest to find Neptune's Trident as a means of proclaiming himself the rightful ruler of Atlantis. However, this was all playing into Krang's hands. Expecting that Namor would undergo this quest, he placed the Kraken in the Cave of Shadows, which happened to be the first location of Namor's quest. In the meantime, Krang implemented many harsh reforms on the people of Atlantis, including a burdensome taxation system.

He also continued to pressure Dorma to marry him, which was something she refused to do and so Krang had her sequestered to her quarters.

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When she continued to refuse him, he had her gassed, placed in a plasti-thene cylander and then left her in the domain of the deadly Faceless Ones. It was by this time that the people of Atlantis grew tired of Krang's totalitarian rule and began to revolt. In order to stop the ensuing riots, Krang unleashed his various high-tech weapons to keep the people at bay. Namor returned to Atlantis and fought through Krang's defenses and destroyed the Robo-Tank. After placing Dorma in a Revitalizer Ray, he then went to face Krang.

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After Namor reclaimed the throne and celebrations were over, Krang was sentenced to exile and ejected from Atlantis. Although he faced defeat and humiliation, Krang vowed to one day get revenge. Soon Atlantis was plagued by earthquakes that threatened to unleash the Behemoth , a massive and deadly creature created by Atlantean science. However the puppet became useless when Namor used electric eels against the Behemoth, since this caused electrical feedback to the puppet itself and rendering it ineffective in the process.

Still seeing an opportunity, Krang returned to the deep and found Lady Dorma, then by using the damaged puppet as a bluff, he convinced Dorma to leave Atlantis to be his bride in order to save Namor's life. Dorma, unaware that Namor had already defeated the Behemoth, agreed and left a vague message with Namor's advisor Lord Vashti that she was leaving with Krang. Knowing that Namor would hunt them down, Krang exposed both himself and Dorma to a gas that allowed them to breath on the surface and changed their skin tone to resemble that of a Caucasian male and female and fled to the surface.

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Battling Namor in his cruiseship, Krang seemingly felled his foe with a powerful blast. When Krang spotted Namor again, he blasted his foe once again, but only served to restore Namor's memory. We do not know as we lie there, our bodies resting, our souls filled with peace, nor do we know until many years are passed out through the back door of time that this tall basalt cliff conceals a doorway. We do not suspect this, nor that a long tunnel stretches away, far into the interior of majestic Shasta. Are you incredulous as to these things?

Go there, or suffer yourself to be taken as I was, once! And departing, the spot was forgotten, and to-day, unable as anyone who reads this, I cannot tell its place. Green boards with title, decoration, and author in gilt on front cover. Gilting is much faded, still readable.

Earth Dweller

Frayed at corner tips. Solid squared binding. Solid hinges. Printed in green ink on pale green pages. Stated Limited First Edition to copies, inside the front cover with copyright information thereon. Former owner's bookplate on ffep. There is underlining of the text in pencil throughout. A dialog filled with truths and examples retraced many times in other texts. That life is an overcoming of SELF, and service to others is the example of all spiritual adepts and the Christ.

This is another in a line of books and iconic personalities of the late nineteenth century so full of spiritualism and exploration. Read, digest, and decide for yourself where it fits in this grand scheme we call life. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Condition: Near Very Good.

First edition, hardcover, glue residue from what appears to be an old bookplate on front pastedown along with a small bookseller sticker, bookplate and name scribbled out with marker on front endpage that also has a couple old tape markings and a small pencilled number in the corner, a couple faint moisture markings to page edges that do not affect the interior, page edges browned and lightly soiled with some scratching, light bumps to board edges and spine ends with boards peeking through, light fraying and shallow chipping to spine ends, light sunning to spine that has a slight inward bend, otherwise clean and tight, a Near Very Good copy.

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