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Each of these departments is among the nation's best in its field, both in terms of student and faculty quality. Acknowledging the strength of the Biophysics community in Boulder, the National Institutes of Health in formally established the University of Colorado Molecular Biophysics Training Program as one of its sponsored programs.

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Note that all interested students, postdocs and faculty are encouraged to participate in the program — even if their funding is from other sources. For doctoral students, the Molecular Biophysics Graduate Training Program provides strong theoretical and experimental foundations in the cross-disciplinary approaches of modern biophysics.

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The principal offerings of the training program include:. This website contains information about the laboratories and departments involved in the program, the sponsored courses and seminars offered, the Graduate Certificate in Molecular Biophysics, and graduate admissions.

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The team used data from a technique known as X-ray crystallography, which reveals the physical patterns of molecules. Plus, they can investigate the relationship between biological function and molecular structure using highly precise and sensitive physical instruments and techniques able to monitor the properties or movement of specific groups of molecules.

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In fact, these instruments and techniques even can view and manipulate single molecules and measure their behavior. As an interdisciplinary science, biophysics has a presence in numerous studies of the structure and function of biomolecules and cellular function. Some examples include:. These deal with biomolecular structure, nucleic acid structure and structure-activity relationships.

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These deal with neural networks examined experimentally brain slicing, for example as well as with theory computer models , membrane permeability, gene therapy and cancer research. This deals with biomolecular free energy, biomolecular structures and dynamics, protein folding and surface dynamics. Most people who become biophysicists discover in high school they are curious about natural phenomena, enjoy puzzles and problem solving and like designing and making things. More and more colleges and universities are offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in biophysics such as John Hopkins, Duke, and the University of Chicago.

Others offer a specialization in biophysics as part of an advanced degree in chemistry, biology, physics or other field. Because of the breadth of their training, a wide range of careers are open to biophysicists.

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Depending upon your interests and abilities, you might work primarily in the laboratory, work with computers, teach or become a science writer. Many biophysicists become faculty or staff members at colleges, universities or medical or dental schools, and there will be many openings for young faculty members in the next two decades.

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  • Biophysicists whose primary interest is in research often work in government, private research institutes or industry. Many new positions have been created in industry as a result of recent developments in molecular biophysics and molecular biology. Regardless of the setting, biophysicists generally work in groups with people with different backgrounds, interests and abilities who collaborate to solve common problems.

    Biophysics Biophysics, also known as biological physics, is an interdisciplinary science that applies the principles of physics and chemistry and the methods of mathematical analysis and computer modeling to understand how the mechanisms of biological systems work.