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Lots and lots of emails. And we all want to write better. Benjamin Dreyer is here to help. He is beloved by authors and editors alike—not to mention his followers on social media—for deconstructing the English language with playful erudition. Now he distills everything he has learned from the myriad books he has copyedited and overseen into a useful guide not just for writers but for everyone who wants to put their best prose foot forward.

Benjamin Dreyer is vice president, executive managing editor and copy chief, of Random House. He began his publishing career as a freelance proofreader and copy editor. In , he became a production editor at Random House, overseeing books by writers… More about Benjamin Dreyer. Anyone who writes anything should have a copy by their computer, and perhaps another on the nightstand, just for pleasure.

Cactuses, Octopuses, and Ignoramuses on your Syllabuses. Censure vs.

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Classic vs. Compliment vs. Compose vs. Danglers Misplaced or Dangling Modifiers. Deism vs. Deja vu.

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Delusion vs. Dialogue, Conference, Reference, Table. Discreet vs.

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Discriminating against People Like Me. Disinterested vs. Dynamic Arch-Nemeses. Each other vs. One another. Economic vs. Elicit vs. Enjoying Reading. Enormity vs. Envelop vs. Everyday vs. Every Day. Few vs. Fleshy vs. Fruit, Salt, and Mustard. French Latin vs. Anglo-Saxon German. Grammar: Volume One. The Holy Dictionary. Iconic Role Models. Imply vs. In behalf of vs. On behalf of.

Inflammable Flammables. Into vs. In to. Leading Question. Malnutrition, malnourishment. Masterful vs. May, Might, Could. Mutual Friends Love Platonic Friends. On Commas and Their Proper Use. Oversimplified Oversimplifications.

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Parameter vs. Phenomenal Phenomena! Restauranteur vs. Who is responsible? The rules: I.

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How not to do it: He liked many different cheeses, i. He objects to the changes — e. How to do it properly: He liked many different cheeses, e. He objects to the changes — i. Comments Tamara April 30, at am. Found it very practical and useful overall. Englishturtle April 21, at pm. Alicia March 21, at pm. Add a comment…wonderful. In order to improved my grammar and to acquire knowledge and skills. Paul B. Olivier January 8, at am. Ashley November 6, at am.

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