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Excessive Subjectivity

Radical thinkers: Alain Badiou's Ethics - video. Alain Badiou is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary French philosophy. In his short book Ethics he attempts to show that the principles of modern liberal democracy reinforces an ideology of the status quo because they provide no understanding of the concept of evil. Peter Hallward of Kingston University discusses how Badiou's ideas resonate today.

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Lacan on the face of it appears the very antithesis of Kant - the wild theorist of psychoanalysis compared to the sober Enlightenment thinker. His concept of the Real, however, provides perhaps the most useful backdrop to this new interpretation of Kantian ethics.


Constantly juxtaposing her readings of the two philosophers. Alenka Zupancic summons up an 'ethics of the Real', and clears the ground for a radical restoration of the disruptive element in ethics. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series.

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Jacques Lacan and the Imaginary-Symbolic-Real

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On the Shores of Politics Jacques Ranciere. The ego and his own Max Stirner. Frames of War Judith Butler. Comments on the Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord. We will return to this thought in 4d and 4e below. It is only by acting as if there were such a Thing that community is maintained. Hence, their belief, coupled with these practices, is politically efficient. This is the meta-law that says simply that subjects must obey all the other laws. No regime can survive if it waives this meta-law.

What unites these two positions is the idea that the sublime objects of a political regime and the ideological fantasies that give narratives about their content conceal from subjects the absence of any final ground for Law beyond the fact of its own assertion, and the fact that subjects take it to be authoritative. To elevate such a wholly Other order would, he argues, reproduce the elementary operation of the fundamental fantasy. His work reintroduces and reinvigorates for a wider audience ideas from the works of German Idealism. Matthew Sharpe Email: matthew.

Bush the man are irrelevant to understanding or evaluating his political power. Or, if this explanation fails: Saying that the political divisions are in any case contingent to the ordinary run of events, so that if their cause is removed or destroyed, things will return to normal. References and Further Reading a. Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism?

On Belief , London: Routledge, London; New York: Verso, Enjoy Your Symptom! Durham: Duke University Press, Mapping Ideology , SZ editor. Author Information Matthew Sharpe Email: matthew.