Manual Faithful Victorian: William Thomas Thornton, 1813-1880

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Historic Judge William Thomas House c.1893

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Grandson of T. Emmet, see also: Personal Miscellaneous Box Emmet, Daniel Decatur, Emmitt, William, 17? Emmons, Ebenezer. Emory, William Hemsley, Endicott, William C. Engelhardt, Edward. Englemann, George, Engels, Friedrich, English, Rosalind. English, Thomas Dunn, English, William E.

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Fanshawe, Richard. Fargo, William G. Farington, Joseph. Farley, Frederick A. Farley, James Aloysius, ? Farmer, John, Farmer, Lewis, Farnham, Eliza Woodson, Farnsley, Alexander see: Kentucky Box, a folder under Louisville.

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Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone, Ferris, Charles G. Ferris, Isaac, Ferris, Morris P. Ferriss, Orange, Fessenden, William Pitt. Fetherstonhaugh, Sir Mathew. Fetterman, John T. Feuchtwanger, Lion.

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Feuardent, Gaston L. Few, Ignatius Alphonso, Few, William, Field, Cyrus West, Field, David Dudley, Field, Eugene, see: Personal Miscellaneous Box Field, Hamilton Easter. Field, Mary Katherine Keemie called kate Field Field, Maunsell Bradhurst, Field, Rachel Lyman. Fielding, Temple H. Fields, Annie Adams, see: Personal Miscellaneous.

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