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Luftwaffe Sturmgruppen. Jagdgeschwader 2 - Richthofen. Jagdgeschwader - Germany's Elite Rocket Fighters. Jagdgeschwader 51 - Molders. Jagdgeschwader 53 - Pik-As. Jagdgeschwader 54 - Grunherz. Jagdgeschwader 7 "Nowotny". Jagdstaffel 2 "Boelcke" - Von Richthofen's Mentor. Product Details. Sold Out. Have one for Sale or Trade? Jagdgeschwader 52 - The Experten. Jagdverband 44 - Squadron of Experten.

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A "minus" sign indicates the opposite. Boardgame counters are punched, unless noted. Due to the nature of loose counters, if a game is unplayable it may be returned for a refund of the purchase price. In most cases, boxed games and box sets do not come with dice. The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded. A midair relight required two minutes. As the drifting rocket plane slowed, the Americans, having apparently not spotted the little red bat-wing behind them, pulled away. To protect critical synthetic fuel and rubber plants, JG. At that point in the war, few bomber raids pressed so deep into Germany.

Even a tail chase meant closing speeds of nearly mph and just a split-second to pull the trigger. And agile as it was, the Komet was too fast for dogfighting. His wingman, Lieutenant Richard G. He must have been indicating mph, and showed no signs of pulling out. Jeffrey claimed a probable, and was famously awarded the first rocket-fighter kill of the war, though there are no surviving Germans records of a Komet being lost that day.

Even with its engine off and tanks empty, the sleek could out-plummet Allied fighters diving on full power and, with its big bat wings, pull out later, too. The Americans break off their attack relatively early. On August 16, Ryll so badly shot up a th Bomber Group B that, though it would struggle back to England, he was credited with a kill.

John B. Murphy cut him off. Wingman Lieutenant Cyril W.

Jones Jr. Parts began falling off, followed by a big explosion and more parts falling off. I could smell a strange chemical fume in my cockpit as I followed through the smoke from the explosion.

AEU 037 Jagdgeschwader 400: Germany’s Elite Rocket Fighters

Illustration by Steve Karp. Schubert targeted the leader of a 92nd BG formation, shooting up its left wing. It fell out of formation and would not return to base. Bott had been airborne just seven minutes. Then Schubert made another head-on pass, and with time for just one burst, he made it count.

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A B spun down, shedding six parachutes. He and Bott landed at Brandis to take off in fresh Komets. One of his wings touched the ground and his aircraft somersaulted and then exploded just as the aircraft flown by Bott passed him. That month, a spare A received underwing racks with two-dozen unguided R4M rockets—a rocket-firing rocket—but they offered no improvement in range, trajectory or explosive power over 30mm cannons.

Meanwhile Walter was working on a new rocket with comparatively long-range cruise capability. It was to be fitted into the stretched-fuselage MeC, but that was passed over in favor of the even more advanced MeD with retractable wheels, and finally the Me with cruise rocket, landing gear and pressurized cockpit. When Germany invaded Russia, the Soviets stepped up their own rocket-fighter program.

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Their Bereznyak-Isayev BI was of more conventional layout than the Komet , but its rocket, burning kerosene and red fuming nitric acid, was no more reliable and contributed to airframe corrosion. One pilot was slightly injured in a motor explosion and another killed in a crash when he lost control near the sound barrier. The BI never saw combat. Like the Germans, the Russians became more enamored of jets.

Me 163A Testing

Winter saw little action for JG. The Americans had learned that to avoid rocket fighters, they merely had to avoid Brandis. Little fuel meant little flying or training. On February 22, , more than 1, bombers pounded targets around Brandis, but only seven Komets were available to counter the threat.

None of their pilots so much as engaged the enemy. Combat missions were subsequently limited to lone Allied reconnaissance aircraft; the MeB was one of the few German planes that could, and did, catch RAF Mosquitos in level flight.