Guide Leadership Power Plays: How the Worlds Most Powerful CEOs Reach the Top of Their Game

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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Lao Tzu. Maya Angelou. To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt Click to tweet. Mark Zuckerberg Facebook. A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: We did it ourselves. Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. Peter McWilliams. To lead people, walk behind them. Lao Tzu Click to tweet. Ego clouds and disrupts everything.

The cautious seldom err. Confucius Click to tweet. More short quotes You may also like: inspirational quotes motivational quotes happiness quotes love quotes life quotes. Our destiny is not written for us, but by us. Barack Obama Click to tweet. Ray Dalio. The test of organization is not genius. It is its capacity to make common people achieve uncommon performance. Leadership requires belief in the mission and unyielding perseverance to achieve victory. Stop researching every aspect of it and reading all about it and debating the pros and cons of it.

Start doing it.

Leadership With Dov Baron

To be more requires a man who is conceited enough to believe that the world really needs him and depends on his getting into power. Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate, and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand. Colin Powell. Time is neutral and does not change things. With courage and initiative, leaders change things. Jesse Jackson. Leadership is a mindset in action. Travis Bradberry. Mark Cuban. You can be a leader in your workplace, your neighborhood, or your family, all without having a title. It is well to respect the leader.

Learn from him. Observe him. Study him. Believe you can surpass. Believe you can go beyond. Those who harbor the second-best attitude are invariably second-best doers. David J. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea. The important thing is this: to be able to give up in any given moment all that we are for what we can become. To the highest leadership among women it is given to hold steadily in one hand the sacred vessels that hold the ancient sanctities of life, and in the other a flaming torch to light the way for oncoming generations.

Anna Garlin Spencer. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Malcolm X Click to tweet. Leaders are people who believe so passionately that they can seduce other people into sharing their dream. Warren Bennis. The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been. Henry Kissinger. Tony Robbins. For me life is continuously being hungry.

The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find the happiness that you had thought could never be yours. Dale Carnegie. Great masters neither want nor need your worship. Your greatest gift to them and yourself is to emulate their divinity by claiming it as your own. Alan Cohen. When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Henry Ford. Alice Walker. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark. Whoopi Goldberg. Charles S. Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. Colin Powell Click to tweet. People who do take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year. In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way. South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu walked by a construction site on a temporary sidewalk the width of one person.

Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way. George Patton Click to tweet. But the fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. Carl Sagan. Don Marquis. The manager asks how and when; the leader asks what and why. A leader operating in enemy territory should always project positivity and optimism. Naval Ravikant. A tyrant is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.

In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. Eric Hoffer. Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it. David Star Jordan. You are judged in this world by how well you bring things to an end. A messy or incomplete conclusion can reverberate for years to come. Robert Greene. To do great things is difficult; but to command great things is more difficult. Friedrich Nietzsche. Leaders must encourage their organizations to dance to forms of music yet to be heard.

Leadership should be more participative than directive, more enabling than performing. Mary D. I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. Alexander the Great. Ninety percent of leadership is the ability to communicate something people want. Dianne Feinstein. Jimmy Dean. Thich Nhat Hanh. The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it. There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all. It is not so much that man is a herd animal, said Freud, but that he is a horde animal led by a chief.

Ernest Becker. I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. Ralph Nader. Paul Polman. More leaders have been made by accident, circumstance, sheer grit, or will than have been made by all the leadership courses put together.

Great leaders are not defined by the absence of weakness, but rather by the presence of clear strengths. John Zenger. Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar. Orrin Woodward. Leadership is much more an art, a belief, a condition of the heart, than a set of things to do. Max De Pree. Leadership is liberating people to do what is required of them in the most effective and humane way possible. If you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything.

Tom Rath. If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old. If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever. Thomas Aquinas. There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish. A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see.

Leroy Eimes. Wise leaders generally have wise counselors because it takes a wise person themselves to distinguish them. When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. Simon Sinek. A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit. You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. Buckminster Fuller.

If you really want the key to success, start by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Brad Szollose. The highest of distinctions is service to others. King George VI Click to tweet. Help others. The leaders who get the most out of their people are the leaders who care most about their people. Growing people and helping them to perform at high levels is a key strategy for long-term success.

When employees grow, their productive capacity increases. When their productive capacity increases, the capacity of the organization increases—it can do things better, or it can do things it was not able to do before. Kent M. The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. Robert K. It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

Napoleon Hill. The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant. The leader is the servant who removes the obstacles that prevent people from doing their jobs. He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader. Aristotle Click to tweet. Servant leadership pumps up the team with confidence, which leads to high-performance. Marcel Schwantes.

You reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed. Michelle Obama. I think leadership is service and there is power in that giving: to help people, to inspire and motivate them to reach their fullest potential. Denise Morrison. Employees of servant leaders are more helping and creative than those working with leaders who scored lower on servant leadership.

You cannot be a leader, and ask other people to follow you, unless you know how to follow, too. Sam Rayburn. Shine your light and make a positive impact on the world; there is nothing so honorable as helping improve the lives of others. Roy T. The teacher who awakens and encourages in students a sense of possibility and responsibility is, to me, the ultimate leader.

Stanley McChrystal Click to tweet. Knowledge is useless to executives unless it has been translated into deeds. I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times. Everett Dirksen. Are leaders born or made? This is a false dichotomy — leaders are neither born nor made. Leaders choose to be leaders. Stephen R. Taking charge of your own learning is a part of taking charge of your life, which is the sine qua non in becoming an integrated person.

Let the improvement of yourself keep you so busy that you have no time to criticize others. Oprah Winfrey. This haunting myth is a far more powerful deterrent to leadership development than is the nature of the person or the basics of the leadership process. James Kouzes and Barry Posner. Jeff Bezos Amazon. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Leaders know the importance of having someone in their lives who will unfailingly and fearlessly tell them the truth. The teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron. Horace Mann. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.

Sara Blakely. In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.

Peter Mallouk

People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out. Justin Bariso. When you put together deep knowledge about a subject that intensely matters to you, charisma happens. You gain courage to share your passion, and when you do that, folks follow. Jerry Porras. Teamwork makes the dream work.

The effective executive does not make staffing decisions to minimize weaknesses but to maximize strength. Large organization is loose organization. Nay, it would be almost as true to say that organization is always disorganization. In leadership writ large, mutually agreed upon purposes help people achieve consensus, assume responsibility, work for the common good, and build community. Joseph Rost. Adam Grant.

A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together. Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Leaders come in two flavors, expanders and containers. The best leadership teams have a mix of both. Barbara Corcoran. The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it. Theodore Roosevelt. If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton Click to tweet. Larry Page Google.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then, you have to play it better than anyone else. Marcus Aurelius. Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it. Timothy R. All employees have an innate desire to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Jag Randhawa. Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers. Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable. Kenyan Proverb Click to tweet. I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.

Queen Elizabeth II. Culture is about performance, and making people feel good about how they contribute to the whole. Tracy Streckenbach. My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better. Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.

Vince Lombardi. Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first. Angela Ahrendts. The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind. Thomas Carlyle. Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up. Oliver Wendell Holmes. Reid Hoffman. When people talk, listen completely. Ernest Hemingway Click to tweet. So much of leadership ability is about how other people experience themselves in your presence. A great leader has a presence that makes other people bigger.

Shane Parrish. I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people. Mahatma Gandhi. You who are journalists, writers, citizens, you have the right and duty to say to those you have elected that they must practice mindfulness, calm and deep listening, and loving speech. This is universal thing, taught by all religions. Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it. Marian Anderson.

I have no methods. All I do is accept people as they are. Joan Rivers Click to tweet. Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of being. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. One of the toughest things for leaders to master is kindness.

Your number one customers are your people. Look after employees first and then customers last. Ian Hutchinson. Dispirited, unmotivated, unappreciated workers cannot compete in a highly competitive world. Francis Hesselbein. I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among men the greatest asset I possess.

The way to develop the best that is in a man is by appreciation and encouragement. Charles Schwab. Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly. Tony Robbins Click to tweet. And, for that moment, they are. Likable leaders communicate on a very personal, emotional level. People want to know they matter and they want to be treated as people.

Pamela Stroko.

How to keep your team motivated

High-integrity leaders not only welcome questioning and criticism — they insist on it. Jack Welch. Ben Simonton. Connect the dots between individual roles and the goals of the organization. When people see that connection, they get a lot of energy out of work. They feel the importance, dignity, and meaning in their job.

Ken Blanchard. The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. Sybil F. Jaachynma N. You must unite your constituents around a common cause and connect with them as human beings. Beth Revis. I have three precious things which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second is frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before others. Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men.

Mary Kay Ash. Change before you have to. Jack Welch Click to tweet. In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. Leaders should always expect the very best of those around them. They know that people can change and grow. In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital. The higher you want to climb, the more you need leadership.

The greater the impact you want to make, the greater your influence needs to be. The things we fear most in organizations — fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances — are the primary sources of creativity. Margaret Wheatley. We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead.

The domain of leaders is the future. It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Charles Darwin. If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve. The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.

Michael Porter Click to tweet. Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out. To have power is to possess the capacity to control or direct change. All forms of leadership must make use of power. The central issue of power in leadership is not Will it be used? But rather Will it be used wisely and well? Al Gini. Now, here are some of the best quotes from Peter F. Drucker, the founder of modern management. Effective executives do not make a great many decisions.

They concentrate on what is important. Effective executives […] want impact rather than technique. And they want to be sound rather than clever. Effective executives do not start out with their tasks. They start out with their time. And they do not start out with planning. They start by finding out where their time actually goes. It is more productive to convert an opportunity into results than to solve a problem — which only restores the equilibrium of yesterday. Above all, effective executives treat change as an opportunity rather than a threat. What we need is a way to identify the areas of effectiveness of possible significant results , and a method for concentrating on them.

It is to direct the resources and the efforts of the business toward opportunities for economically significant results. Effective executives put their best people on opportunities rather than on problems. Every analysis of actual allocation of resources and efforts in business that I have ever seen or made showed clearly that the bulk of time, work, attention, and money first goes to problems rather than to opportunities, and, secondly, to areas where even extraordinarily successful performance will have minimal impact on results.

Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed. I have never encountered an executive who remains effective while tackling more than two tasks at a time. Problem solving, however necessary, does not produce results. It prevents damage. Exploiting opportunities produces results. The knowledge worker cannot be supervised closely or in detail. He can only be helped. But he must direct himself, and he must direct himself toward performance and contribution, that is, toward effectiveness. The focus on contribution by itself supplies the four basic requirements of effective human relations: communications; teamwork; self-development; and development of others.

Effective executives do not race. They set an easy pace but keep going steadily. The less an organization has to do to produce results, the better it does its job. To be effective every knowledge worker, and especially every executive, therefore needs to be able to dispose of time in fairly large chunks. To have small dribs and drabs of time at his disposal will not be sufficient even if the total is an impressive number of hours.

Without an action plan, the executive becomes a prisoner of events. And without check-ins to reexamine the plan as events unfold, the executive has no way of knowing which events really matter and which are only noise. The people who get nothing done often work a great deal harder. In the first place, they underestimate the time for any one task. They always expect that everything will go right. Yet, as every executive knows, nothing ever goes right. The unexpected always happens—the unexpected is indeed the only thing one can confidently expect.

See also: focus quotes , Tim Ferriss quotes On productivity, effectiveness, etc. A boss loves power; a leader loves people. Amit Kalantri Click to tweet. No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself, or to get all the credit for doing it. Andrew Carnegie.

A leader is not an administrator who loves to run others, but someone who carries water for his people so that they can get on with their jobs. Robert Townsend. A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them. There is a difference between being a leader and being a boss. Both are based on authority. A boss demands blind obedience; a leader earns his authority through understanding and trust. Klaus Balkenhol.

I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics. I think you lead by optimism and enthusiasm and energy. Patricia Ireland.

Amit Kalantri. Managers do things right. Leaders do the right thing. People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives. It is so easy to break down and destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build. A good leader can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, knowing that at the end he and the other side must be closer, and thus emerge stronger. The cynics may be the loudest voices — but I promise you, they will accomplish the least. Few things kill likeability as quickly as arrogance.

Rather than being a source of prestige, they see their leadership position as bringing them additional accountability for serving those who follow them. Kindness is weak when you use it in a self-serving manner. Self-serving kindness is thin — people can see right through it when a kind leader has an agenda. If you want to be a leader whom people follow with absolute conviction, you have to be a likable leader. Tyrants and curmudgeons with brilliant vision can command a reluctant following for a time, but it never lasts. They burn people out before they ever get to see what anyone is truly capable of.

What you do has far greater impact than what you say.

Steven R. Covey Click to tweet. That one can truly manage other people is by no means adequately proven. Indeed, executives who do not manage themselves for effectiveness cannot possibly expect to manage their associates and subordinates. Management is largely by example. Disagreement, especially if forced to be reasoned, thought through, documented, is the most effective stimulus we know.

The best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present. Jack Ma alibaba. It is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word. Demonstrate, do not explicate. Great Groups need to know that the person at the top will fight like a tiger for them. Courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own. Michelle Obama Click to tweet. All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time.

This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership. John Kenneth Galbraith. True leadership lies in guiding others to success—in ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do and doing it well. Bill Owens. If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see.

Keep up-to-date

Let them see. Henry David Thoreau. Gordon Tredgold. The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on. Walter Lippmann. To have long-term success as a coach or in any position of leadership, you have to be obsessed in some way. Pat Riley. I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself. Robert E. Lee Click to tweet. Consistency is the true foundation of trust. Either keep your promises or do not make them.

Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability. Patrick Lencioni. If people believe you have a plan, that you know where you are going, they will follow you instinctively. True leaders actually do very little leading. Instead, they create and maintain a framework that allows others to lead, create, and grow. Neil Strauss. Humans are ambitious and rational and proud. We are willing to follow leaders, but only to the extent that we believe they call on our best, not our worst.

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