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Officer Zatelli comes out to the squad in response to bigoted comments from Darryl's ex-wife. Purportedly about the power of the gay movement in San Francisco , this episode was widely criticized for sensationally focusing on sex and violating journalistic ethics. The Love Boat.

The Love Boat

A groom and his best man are mistaken for a honeymoon couple in the "Strange Honeymoon" segment. After taking Cal to a bar to meet women, Fred Redd Foxx is hit on by a man who mistakes him for being gay. Speak Up, America! The death threats being made against female impersonator Jeremy Welles Jim Bailey are coming from Welles' second personality, "Martin".

Nikki eventually tells Herb that she used to be Nick, his childhood friend.

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Lieutenant Scanlon investigates a complaint that Wojohowicz Max Gail molested a male suspect. Wojohowicz outs Officer Zatelli. Dennis Daryl Anderson tries to make sense of the unexplained suicide of a young woman at Venice Beach. Same-sex attraction might have been a motive. Roper Norman Fell returns and Jack pretends to be gay when he is around. A police detective Frank Martin shoots and paralyzes San Francisco's first openly gay police officer Joseph Cali because he believes the police force is being "contaminated".

Craig Russell plays "Judy", a drag queen who cheers up a lonely older patient. Kenneth Talley Jr. Richard Thomas is a gay paraplegic Vietnam veteran who lives at his family home with boyfriend Jed Jenkins Jeff Daniels. Cagney and Lacey's partner in uncovering an illegal handgun operation is accused of being gay after it is discovered that he has done gay pornography. Willis Todd Bridges is upset that Arnold Gary Coleman has taken up ballet, believing that it something for sissies or "sweet" [read: gay] men. Steven Al Corley comes out as gay to his family. Eddie's Charles Levin lover is involved in a drug-related murder.

Magnum Tom Selleck must prevent a man, discharged from the British armed forces for being a transvestite, from killing a visiting Prime Minister.

That time 'The Love Boat' featured a trans character | San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

Too Close for Comfort. Monroe develops a crush on a cross-dresser, not realizing the woman he's in love is actually a man. One of Sam's Ted Danson best friends Alan Autry comes out as gay in a new autobiography and some of the regulars worry that Cheers might turn into a gay bar.

A police detective arrests the pedophile who was attempting to molest Arnold and one of his friends and clears up the misconception raised by Willis that the suspect was "gay". Nell Nell Carter sets the Chief up with a woman Victoria Carroll , not knowing that she is transgender. Following a deadly shooting at a gay bar, an off-duty cop, who is the only witness, is reluctant to come forward for fear that his homosexuality will become public. Eileen is disturbed to learn that Zan is a lesbian but maintains the friendship. Craig's William Daniels college roommate Andy Romano is planning to have a sex change operation.

A Boston politician Michael Brandon checks into St. Eligius and learns that he has AIDS. He admits privately that he has had sexual encounters with men in the recent past. The first American medical drama to deal with the pandemic. Tony Brown's Journal. The parents of an infant diagnosed with congenital adrenal hyperplasia must decide whether to raise the child as a boy or a girl. A father Steve Kanaly fears his son Lance Kerwin is gay so he attempts to set him up with a female prostitute.

Chip's Frederick Koehler friends think he's a sissy because he lives in a house with two women. Kate Susan St. James and Allie Jane Curtin pretend to be a gay couple so that their landlady, who is gay and has a lover, will not increase their rent. Dan John Larroquette is trapped in an elevator during an electrical outage with a gay man who is attracted to him. Nine to Five. Bud Edward Winter learns that his college girlfriend is dating another woman. Cavanero Cynthia Sikes invites visiting medical researcher Christine Holtz Caroline McWilliams to stay with her, only to become uncomfortable when Holtz comes out to her.

Cavanero violates Holtz's confidence by telling several members of the staff and berates her for being "unnatural". She later apologizes. ABC , then Syndicated. One of the creators of the show is a friend of mine and is trans. I believe in that show so much that I literally got one of the characters tattooed on my arm.

To me, that show is introducing ideas to children at a young age in this very gentle way. stats and valuation

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Back to IndieWire. My partner, Kevin, and I starred in our own real-life gay episode. Other characters included a single accountant from Vancouver; a Phoenix-based marketer and a travel agent from Seattle both single , whose cabins flanked ours; and 2, gay extras—including at least 80 from Vancouver. We had barely hung our tuxedos in the closet before we were off to find our first cocktail. Kevin flitted around wearing pink fairy wings, grinning, and granting people wishes with a feather-tipped sceptre while I mingled with hundreds of men in tiaras, dancing like a diva and waving gaily at the straight people on a nearby Celebrity ship.

All-gay cruises have been around for about 20 years, pioneered by RSVP Vacations, which invited me along for this historic cruise on the massive Diamond Princess. Both seemed more interesting than the homos from Canada. The Newlywed Game aboard the gay Love Boat was a whole different show. Host Danny Williams, a comedian and gay-cruise legend, coaxed honest, hilarious, and shockingly detailed answers out of three gay couples. It was decidedly not a show for the general public.

We play harder at our pool games.

Papa Bears' Boat! - The New Zealand Saga - LESBIAN COUPLE

Gee, where did your swimsuit go? We dance more to our DJs. We spend a bit more at the bar.

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  • Love Boat - Valentine’s Cruise (Lesbian & Queer).

We dress down for a pool party, then dress up for a formal dinner, only to take it all off three hours later for an underwear dance. The other big difference: on gay cruises, same-sex couples can hold hands, smooch, and rub suntan oil all over each other in public in total comfort.

These cruises tend to cost more than regular ones, but when you consider the number of gay-focused entertainers they bring onboard, the dollars actually make sense.