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After inflation, that has cut the real value of their wages.

Public sector workers 'to get above-inflation pay rise'

That certainly sounds as if public sector workers have made real sacrifices. But all workers are affected by inflation, not just public sector employees. So let's look at actual pay. The BBC has a nice chart showing weekly wages over time :.

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The BBC's page on this is worth reading if you want more context. For instance, private sector pay has been catching up to the public sector over time, and is currently growing faster.

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  8. But Chancellor Philip Hammond was right when he said in July that public sector workers are paid more than everyone else, on average. The distribution of wealth going into those pensions is skewed heavily in favour of the public employees, the DWP says :.

    This isn't just a slight divergence around the mean. This is a major contributor to inequality in Britain today. Public sector workers, a minority of all British workers, are better paid on a weekly basis and twice as wealthy upon retirement than the rest of us, even after a decade of austerity.

    Public sector workers are only about one quarter or one fifth of all UK workers. Yet taxes in the UK benefit them much more generously than the private sector workers who pay them. So, while it is great that public sector pay will rise, that is not a solution to a much more important issue for UK workers: The lack of retirement provision in the private sector, and the fact that poorer private sector workers are expected to pay — through their taxes — for the pensions of richer public workers.


    This story is part of Business Insider's series on inequality in Britain. The pledge to end the public sector pay freezes is the latest big-money spending commitment from Mr Johnson's campaign. Mr Johnson this weekend argued that his tax cuts would "actually increase" money entering the Treasury's coffers because they would "stimulate growth". Mr Johnson added: "I think at the moment there is the headroom available and we intend to use it. I also think you can do some great things to stimulate economic growth with tax cuts.

    There are currently no comments on this article - be the first to comment by logging in or registering for a free account. Labour is set to go into the next election promising to widen freedom of movement after Brexit in a major break from its manifesto.

    Now is not the time for a public borrowing spree

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has accused the Supreme Court of carrying out a "constitutional coup" after it ruled that Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament was unlawful. Letters: Alec Baseley says agencies know local authorities need social workers and rates reflect that market, while Michael Cross breaks down the numbers further. Published: 10 Apr Published: 7 Apr More than NHS trusts have a worse gender pay gap than a year ago. Published: 3 Apr Gender pay gap widens in the public sector. Published: 31 Mar Biggest ever study of public sector gender pay shows female GPs earn a third less than men.

    Statistics on UK public sector pay vs private sector pay - Business Insider

    Published: 29 Mar A million public sector workers paid less than living wage, says report. Care workers and cleaners among those trapped in in-work poverty, say campaigners. Published: 28 Feb