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The stars all have a ring suspender that passes through an eyelet formed above the uppermost point of the star. They are six—pointed stars, struck in yellow copper zinc alloy to fit into a 44 millimetres diameter circle, with a maximum width of 38 millimetres and 50 millimetres high from the bottom point of the star to the top of the eyelet. The British Honours Committee decided that Second World War campaign medals awarded to British forces would be issued unnamed, [22] a policy applied by all but three British Commonwealth countries. The recipient's name was impressed on the reverse of the stars awarded to Indians, South Africans and, after a campaign led by veteran organisations, to Australians.

All three clasps were struck in yellow copper zinc alloy and have a frame with an inside edge that resembles the perforated edge of a postage stamp. Regulations only allow one clasp, the first earned, to be worn with the Star. When the ribbon is worn alone, a silver Arabic numeral "8", numeral "1" or rosette is worn on the ribbon bar to denote the award of the respective clasp. The pale buff represents the sand of the Sahara Desert while the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy, the Armies and the Air Forces are represented by the dark blue, red and light blue bands respectively.

The order of wear of the Second World War campaign stars was determined by their respective campaign start dates and by the campaign's duration. This is the order worn, even when a recipient qualified for them in a different order. The Defence Medal and War Medal are worn after the stars. The Africa Star is therefore worn as shown: [27]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. UK military campaign medal for WW2.

For other uses, see Star of Africa disambiguation. London: HM Stationery Office. Retrieved 1 August Taprell Dorling. Ribbons and Medals. Published A. Was this also true for LRDG? Regular ones or SAS style with upturned wings? Date: 16 Jun Time: The web master is having problems with the Guest Page, seems like the spammers have another way to hassle us on the internet.

He now has to review all postings before putting them up on the board. So post your message then check back later. Martin Sugerman - your e-mail is down - I tried to respond to your last message and it came back undelivered. He was station in Ciro in Also served in jerusalm,sudan,cyprus,egypt. He was with Colonel Keys also in the picture with Stirling in one of the jeeps.

Long Range Desert Group Patrolman: The Western Desert 1940-43 (Warrior)

Dad died on the 30th MAY Nice Job guys or maybe women;- greets Dominik. Superb website! I particularly liked the pictures sent by Titch Cave and the new book reviews. Thanks for appearing at the Watsonville show. Simply superb site, does a lot to educate on the exploits of Kiwis in helping to win the war. I was in wadi surra last year and came across a name carved into the rock face.

RAF "Tank Busters" in North Africa

A Ramsey N. What an excellent site! Is there anyone who remembers my father John Edward Haselden during his operations in the desert on either the Rommel raid or the raid on Tobruk in which he was killed on 13 Sep ? If so please get in touch by email. A friend of mine joined M2 patrol in Lebanon, and was with them 'till the end of the war. Most books deal mainly with the desert campaign, but not so much after that. Also can anyone give tips on how to spot a genuine LRDG badge from a re-strike?

Many Thanks. Steele was with 2nd Bn Black Watch. Spent some time on rescue and other clandestine ops in the Aegean. Steele eventually captured and executed by SS-SD. Would be grateful for any info that fills the gaps of Steele's activities. Photo of Hedgehog was there more than one boat of this name?

Go well Alan. Very good site The effort that goes into creating the desert vehicles and keeping the actions of the LRDG alive is very praiseworthy. This area of operations in WW2 has always held a fascination for me and its good to see I'm not the only one.

General MacArthur Snubs the OSS

What a wonderful site. A great shame that a modern unit cannot carry on the history and traditions of such an inspirational unit. Keep up the good work. I am dong a project and being as naturally stubborn as i am am choose a hard one! I am looking for any information regarding new zealand involvment especially anything to do with the NZEF! I am loving my project but it is proving difficult and am needing help! Thank you so much! Date: 13 Apr Time: Greetings to the all interested LRDG affiliates. We are busy preparing the 2nd edition of LRDG Rhodesia; and are seeking to include any clear,nice photos, never previously published.

Interested in Rhodesian patrols, in particular Lt James Henry. Does anyone have photos including him? Am also looking for copy of award certificate for Croix de Guerre awarded to him for the le Clerc operation. Last saw Toitie du Toit in Harare in Is he still alive? Many thanks - Go well. It is with great sadness that I report the death of Archie Gibson on 4th April. A great and strong character who went on to travel, drive, be a Psychotherapist, Healer, Musician, and as I first remember him, in my 50 year acquaintance, a magnificent Conjurer.

Others are better qualified than I to add his other gifts. He died in his home town of Crieff, Perthshire. I hope this is the site I am looking for: I would like to know if anyone knows anything about my father Stanley Edgar Johnston also known as Jonnie Johnston he was in the RAF during the war in the 44Rhodesia Squadron I think The only memento I have of him is a photograph of him at his marriage to my mother - Lousie Gentleman - he is wearing his uniform with RAF Wings - Could anyone tell me anything about him?

Lesley Miles nee Johnston. Aged 83 he is still with us and mentally active. My e-mail address has changed to davidvwilson msn. David Wilson. Good to see a website about the LRDG. Nice Homepage! Please give me a mail! Cheers Ingo. Just to let the meber of the Society know -- It is now official. My LRDG page has returned. I'm still tweaking, as always but it is ready for public perusal. It should add a little color to the LRDG world. I'd like to thank Jack, Brendan, and Guy for some of the photos, their input, and continued support. Can anyone supply me with a copy of Kiwi Scorpions? I had one on order from Amazon in October who told me that one was on its and they have just informed me that they are unable to supply - nearly five months of being strung along.

The publishers have no more and have no plans to reprint. Date: 04 Mar Time: My fathers full name is Edward Gilespie McPheat. Born 3rd December This is all part of a website at www. If you have any pictures or information that you think would help I would be grateful. Date: 01 Mar Time: Thank you for having the very nice pictures of my LRDG diorama in the model section.

Enjoyed your site very much. I understand was killed by a sniper on 20th Sept Any further information would be welcome. Any reference material or sources that you could send me would be greatly appreciated. A Great Site! I'm a historian and an affectionate on everything relational with commandos units.

It has plenty of information relative to this fantastic group and helped me a lot. Good Luck and keep up the good work. My mums uncle was in private Popski's army his name was Nathan Smith was also known as "Smudger". I believe he also received medals. Iif any one remembers him or know anything about him I would be very grateful. He died in and never talked about his war - anyone remember him?

Living in Houston, Tx. Date: 05 Feb Time: Compass is one of five built by Jack Valenti and his fitter based on original specs. Don't take your replica truck to the desert or a show without one! Jack, thanks for letting me post this here.

Bernard Montgomery - Wikipedia

I can be reached at or via e-mail. A first class website. I would be most appreciative if anyone can help with a source of line drawing plans of a Chevy 30cwt truck for a project I have to build a large scale model of the LRDG work horse. I am actually English, latterly from London but born in Portsmouth, Hants. My uncle, William T.

Harris, was in LRDG. We have talked a little about it but I would really like to know more of what he and his comrades experienced. He also was with the partisans in Italy. I am currently in the UK and am travelling to Austria in the near future. I have his medals and the scorpion badge.

I am very proud of him and his fellow comrades. If someone can help me with name of camp I would very much appreciate it. Julia Johnstone. Date: 07 Jan Time: I just stumbled on the site while looking for a book I read as a kid. I am a contract UAV pilot deployed overseas A copy of a scanned image from "The Raiders" goes with me on every trip.

Love the site. G'Day Jack I have really enjoyed looking at your website and the pictures of your beautiful rig you've done an amazing job. I would love to see your vehicle up close and personal along with all your associated equipment. This is a very nice site my compliments for that I am a collector of ww2 clothing and I'm looking for lrdg and sas items to add to my collection.

Maybe someone could help me with that because it is very difficult to find things of those units in Holland.

It is the same with books on the lrdg and sas. I can't get them in Holland. Thank you a lot and keep up the good work. Greetings Michael from Haaksbergen Hollad. I read the book "The Phantom Major" during construction. Feel free to use the photos as you see fit. Ed Kennedy. Date: 13 Dec Time: We were good friends when living in North Borneo from If any of his mates want to know about him in post-war years, maybe I can help.

Nice to see you are looking after something that changed all of our lives. My favorite uncle - Len Griffiths - served with the L. Anyone from Camp 81 still around? Message for Mrs Speer, daughter of Wally Byatt - ref your earlier entry to this forum. My father was a Y patrolman, and I am researching the patrol in some depth. Please contact me as we might be able to help each other. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Dictionary of industrial engineering: words, terms and phrases.

Regards, Ian Chard. I recently saw a history program on television about the LRDG and it contained an interview with a former member, a man i met in the sixties, his name was Archie Gibson and he used to run the Crieff Folk Club. I decided to research and found your wonderful web site. Is Archie still alive? Excellent site. Very helpful. I found the photos and stories very impressive also. Are their many LRDG vets left, as of ? Gentlemen, I "discovered" you in the current issue of Modelismo Europa. Your website is a treasure! I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father in Africa.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at angusgsutherland hotmail. I learned more about this specialized unit here than I ever learned about all of WWII in high school!

Admiral Nimitz Welcomes OSS Frogmen

Keep up the good work! I'll definitly pay a return visit. God bless all our WWII veterens,otherwise I may never had an opportunity to comment freely on this site My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting your friend Stewart in Bayeux France in June of this year and he said to look up your site and say Hi! Please pass on our best wishes to him and good luck to you with your replica project. I had a friend now alas passed on who was in the 7th armoured division from in Egypt to in Berlin and he had some dealings with the LRDG. Allthe best to you and your group Peter Ayers.

Date: 19 Aug Time: Russ - I saw your comments about Ronald Stevens on the guest page. I tried to send you a message but it came back undelivered. Please contact me at lrdg Prodigy. I'm wondering if anybody was out here prior to , and what it was like then? The town's sometimes spelled 'Mesallata', usually 'Imsallata'. I'm temporarily here as an English teacher. My step dad was a member of the LRDG.

His name is Ronald Stevens. He was married to my mother for over 23 years. I want you to know that he was the most facinating person I ever met and taught me things about WWII that was never printed. I am proud that I was part of his life and he taught me what it meant to be a brave soldier, no matter what allied country you were from. During WWII. We had a member of our family who served in that Battalion , but we have no information after his death.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any stories, info or photographs would be much appreciated. He is still going strong and would love to know if any of his former brothers in arms are still out there. As a Kiwi I find any info on the LRDG very interesting and was very surprised to find your web site which is excellent by the way. I am facinated by the New Zealand Place names on the hoods of the chevys particularly Te Aroha and Rotowaro as these are towns near where I grew up.

Hi, Really enjoyed your site, just reading Lost Oasis. He never spoke much about it but he had lots of photos. Regards Roy. Regards to all, and kudos to the premier site for honoring the veterans of the L. Latest research project regards the L. Anyone with information on L. Cheers, P. Keep up the good work Jack! As good as ever - thank you. Could you resend, please? I am now about metres from where he lived! I am trying to find out any information about a great uncle.

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Charles Charlie Pitchford. Any information will be greatly appreciated. I have reading this sight for the last year or so, it is simply the best.. Great WWII early history! Keep up the great work Jack! I commend those responsible for the creation and maintenance of this wonderful link to history.

Your efforts, I'm sure will result in many young people in our populations becoming aware of the past which so profoundly influenced their future. Veterans and family of the LRDG are invited to visit. See the page for details as prior permission must be obtained. I'm really excited to see so much info and more on the much forgotten heroic history of the LRDG well done to all concerned. I will keep in contact, thanks. Date: 12 Jun Time: The Desert Campaigns have always fascinated me and you are obviously a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Keep up the good work and we hope to cross paths again.

Steve C. Date: 08 Jun Time: Kennedy Shaw. My father who died in was captain francis james Murphy of the lrdg. He was in the n. I would love any info you have Andy Warren w. I am humbled and awed at the incredible missions of the LRDG. Date: 24 May Time: I have read with much interest the story of this gallant group of warriors. My parents, born in Manchester, England, have always instilled in me a great pride of my heritage. My father served in the British army during the "Great War. Very enjoyable reading--extremely informative about a military group that is not as well known as others, but who should be very well known for the good work they did in the war.

Does anyone have any information on Donald Macritchie, my father. I believe he was in Egypt around ? C Driver. Residence Depot Battalion Bordon. He was 19 then but is now If any of this rings a bell then please contact me dawnuk hotmail. Interesting site. It's good that memories stay alive.

Myself I was 6 when WW2 ended in Holland and I do have some memories of it butI think that some have grown with hearing and reading about it. Keep it up and congratulations on the work done. Martin O. Grandfather was Alfred 'Buster' Gibb of the desert scorpions. Great memories and great stories. You're doing a great thing here. Greetings to all LRDG badge collectors.

Date: 26 Apr Time: This is an interesting site; cool pictures. I got a computer game about the LRDG and now I would like to know more about who they were, what they did, and how they did it. Trying to locate Elizabeth Foote, wife of Robert J. Foote, last known address- Tawa Place, Hastings H. Is this true? Would like to Welcome all Rhodesians to check out our website www. Bit of a character, cruiserweight boxing champ.

Finished as a Staff Sgt. I'm trying to find out any info about him. Can't find his name mentioned in any of the books. I'd love to know the full story of his German Warrant Officer batman - in the desert!! Wonderful website and an honor to see photos of this most emininent and heroic group from WWII, and the famous vehicles. Hello nice to see the pics ,i missed you at Beltring ,hope to find you at Normandie keep up the good work!!!!!

Date: 03 Apr Time: God Bless. She cannot recall who the e-mail was from but said someone was planning a visit to NZ. I am assuming it might be you but if not, any ideas? Thanks for an informative and interesting site. He would only tell me the funny things that had happened!! Your website is invaluable,keep up the good work Jack, hopefully I will be able to catch up with you when you next visit England.

Date: 13 Mar Time: I also try to build the tamiya models and with youre pics i have got a clue what they should look like. My greatest wish would be to see the vehicles for real. LaBoucaneof the royal winnapeg rifle 3rd div,d company 13th platoon 7section reinforcement artillary 44 he wuold like to hear from anyone who met him ,our is or email his daughter at dspeare dccnet. Great site, was just made awear of it from a bud.

Any Rhodesians in the House? Thank you for continuing to honor the LRDG. He loved the desert, although he rarely spoke of the War - the only thing I know is that he found a stray dog which he called Jeep! I still carry a letter "Stormy" Moir Stormouth-Darling wrote to me after my father's death in Date: 18 Feb Time: It has comprehensive chapters on the following periods. Any info please contact. His name is Harry H Mileham, can anyone remember him or point me to archived information about his times in the unit?

If anyone knows any information on this man, maybe you served with him or u know someone that served with him, all or any info would be appreciated. Thank's Allen. Date: 04 Feb Time: UK Date: 04 Feb Time: If anyone could assist in this direction I would be most grateful. Clayton on January 31, , was using truck-mounted Bredas or fought dismounted. I would also thank everybody here for providing any information on the subject, links, or book references. Keep up the good work on the site and thanks for keeping alive the heritage of the LRDG's brave warriors.

And sorry again for the big message. Guess I am somewhat out of place in this forum, but still I hope that somebody here may help me: I am researching the vehicles and weapons of the Sahariana units who fought against the LRDG in north Africa during here in Italy there is not very much information on the subject, both in the Army's official documents and in veterans' memoirs, and less still in terms of pictures. I am looking for info for a friend of mine. His father was in the LRDG and he wants to obtain his military service records. His last name was Gearing. Any help would be good. Or let me know where he can get a hold of you directly.

Date: 23 Jan Time: What a great web site. Hope that you will continue this wonderful, interesting site, which is all in the interest of WW2 Special Forces military history. Many thanks for the LRDG web, it is really appreciated. I always view your website with great interest. I also think you should encourage Alan Davies Down in Christchurch New Zealand to finish that Chevy it really does only need a little more effort.

I have this wonderful book called "Libyan Sands" by Ralph Bagnold. It was published around and is really a marvelous piece of history relating to exploring the deserts of Libya. I was just wondering if anybody has an interest in it?? Please, feel free to contact me if that should be so. I left my comments on site on oct 14th I apologise for this and rest assured this IS the right email. He later escaped. He lives in the UK, and would like to have some news of anyone who may have known him at the time. Could anyone help? Does anyone know of a photograph of the Marada oasis in Libya?

My father was captured whilst observing the fort there in If one exists, I would be very interested in seeing it. Thanks in anticipation. I have the following to sell phantom major signed by David Stirling serious enquires only please Iam looking for sun compass?? Hi I was just doing a bit of searching and came across my grandpa's name on your site.

Do you have any further information regarding him? I noticed that someone might have done a short story on him. I dont know if you can advise? Regards Mark. Enjoy seeing the pictures of the vehicles. It is like seeing history return from the desert. Keep on building more trucks. Tom died about 10 years ago and I am keen to pass any information on to his daughters who really knew nothing of his war service thank you. What a fantastic site, I enjoyed it very much and will visit again and again.

Its still in its infancy but contains lots of military related images and data. It worth a look. Does anybody know a Ken Bowles, Sgt. Africa with the LRDG , he showed me lot of memorabilia that he collected from various missions. When I was a young man I used to date his daughter Barbara. They live in South London, Lewisham area. Great to see you in our Veterans Parade He's still around, and would like to hear from anyone who remembers him, he was in G Patrol. Tighe MM, Killed in Action does anyone have a photo of this man? If anyone has any info on him please contact me at roblmilner aol.

My father, Passed away some years ago and we didn't really talk about his time in the forces. An old friend of my fathers told me that my father had been involved in the LRDG. The friend of my father referred to him as "Tansy". Does anyone have any information as it will help me to understand a father that I Only got to really know just before he died and so much went unsaid.

Date: 15 Oct Time: I am looking for help ; I need to borrow exceptional photos, documents, and items of interest, for inclusion in this edition. Nice website, great vehicles! Have a look at: www. If it works out, report in late January. Chris S. G tile can you let me how to contact please so i can buy them because i have a L. He was captured in Anzio and subsequently spent several years in Stalag 7A. Anyone knowing him or with any information to add 'his' recollections, please get in touch. Your site is superb and very useful too. Then I visited the German site, to find out whether the Browning.

Can anyone help me by a short e-mail. For the rest, keep up the good work as long as possible! Inner peace means resuming a life he never expected to have in a now-diminished England. As much postwar story as war story, the book is also a depiction of the way past and present mix. Using narrative tricks that range from the subtlest sleight of hand to direct address, she makes us feel the power of storytelling not as an intellectual conceit, but as a punch in the gut.

Spinozan philosophy meets screwball comedy in this eccentric, subtly experimental novel by Hemon The Book of My Lives. Thirtysomething Chicagoan Josh Levin is an ESL teacher and aspiring screenwriter hard at work on a script about a zombie apocalypse. But over the course of a few days, his life takes on twists and turns that far exceed, in sheer weirdness, those of any dystopian screenplay. After Joshua discovers his landlord, a post-traumatic-stressed Desert Storm vet named Stagger,.