Manual Rangefinder (May 2016)

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Now that the laser system has been implemented, this may become a reality. Here is a graphical representation of how a laser rangefinder works: Obviously, this does have a few similarities with the laser autofocus system that the OP2 uses. However, I believe the OP2 uses a grid of lasers instead of a single beam. Tl;dr: Do you think using the laser autofocus as a rangefinder would be possible? Cupcake Sep 20, Marshmallow Sep 20, Dunno if possible with software tho KitKat Sep 20, It has a distance tool that uses your camera but you need to factor in a few things first.

Honeycomb May 10, I want it for my OnePlus 2. Jelly Bean May 10, Pranav Peddi likes this. Ice Cream Sandwich May 10, Antonio likes this. KitKat May 10, M4ENY , May 10, :. Gingerbread May 10, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. I'm extremely happy with my FE and have been happily shooting with it for 2 weeks. Can't wait to see the developed prints. Yeah, the rangefinder is usually the first thing to get gummed up or broken on rangefinders. It's always a risk buying on eBay for that reason, and the people who actually test the things and run a roll through do get a premium.

I'm fortunate to have a shop in town that deals in old cameras, so I have an opportunity to poke at them, although it requires patience if there's something in particular I'm looking for. Fixing is probably tough. The mechanisms make it more like watch repair than anything else, especially on small cameras. Rangefinderforum is the dedicated up of the Internet for such things, but they do skew towards the fancy side.

You'll have to tell us how the first rolls turned out. The only bummer about film is that it's hard to share on the internet if you get something good. My work from today. You can't go wrong with a Leica M5, and you can find them in a just slightly higher price range. But then the lenses are the more expensive investment in the long rest as some said.

Choc mini Gateron black. Quote from: menuhin on Mon, 16 May , And Spopepro, I managed to thrift an Epson V so I'll at least be able to get some decent scans of the prints. I'm excited to see how the rolls turn out as well. Thanks for all the info, I'll have to keep an eye on the thread and check out more stuff IRL.

Well, since I just got offered a Olympus 35 SP in perfect condition at a very fair price, aaaaand since I missed the auction on the Olympus 35rc I originally wanted to buy by 2 minutes, I am now owner of a Olympus 35 SP I let you know what my first impressions are when I get it! Now its time for a SLR! Nikon FM2n here I come. Any lens recommendations?

I'm serious OK, so the Olympus 35 SP arrived today! Luckily everything as described and nicely packed so everything works, a rarity nowadays. It even came with a UV filter attached, which wasn't even mentioned by the seller he probably didn't know that , whish is awesome too protects the lens! Viewfinder is bright has a blue tint to it , and is nice to use even in low light conditions.

Rangefinder for Hunting and Golf – Can the Device Be Truly Used in Both Sports?

Rangefinder is also quite quick to use camera has a small lever to focus , how accurate it is will show when I get my first pictures back, but it seems to be well adjusted. Shutter is a bit loud and sounds a little rattly, but works fine.

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The Camera seems to be very high quality, only thing is that a few segments rings on the lens assembly have a bit of play, but that doesn't effect the functionality in any way. Focusing is very smooth, turning the aperture and shutter speed rings requires a bit of force, hard or impossible to do with only one finger, but its quite snappy.

Loading the film is quite quick and easy black folds open , much faster then on a Leica M for example. How good the Lens is will, again, show when I get my first pictures back.

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  4. Lens is a 42mm, 7 element, 5 group, f1,7. The Camera has a self timer, but I haven't used it jet. Foldable rewind crank on the top, frame counter and hot shoe is also located on the top of the body. However I haven't had the opportunity to test this yet, since this, as well as the light meter require a PX 1,35v mercury battery, these are no longer made. In the states you can get zinc-air replacements, however this is not as easy here in Germany.

    I will need to order a Weincell replacement. Overall this seems to be a convenient, well build and most of all very capable compact range finder, there is a reason why some rate it even higher then the Leica M's. Very good as a vacation camera, also good for street photography, however a little big for that if you ask me. I also wouldn't use it as a snap shot camera a and carry it around all day, for that its just too big and heavy, however still smaller and lighter then a M. Certainly something to consider. Sniping fotos of Pretty girls from far away eh?

    Please share fotos.. Quote from: tp4tissue on Fri, 27 May , How about a Nikon F3? Very cheap, great lens compatibility. Quote from: Photekq on Sat, 28 May , Does anybody know of a adapter that allows for manual aperture control on Nikon F mount lenses like AFs ones? Since my sister owns a Nikon DSLR with these lenses I thought it would be great if I could find a way to use them on my Nikon FM2n, but without a aperture control ring that is not possible.

    Not possible. The same way that non-Ai lenses can't be used on new cameras. Quote from: Spopepro on Mon, 06 June , It's because to add space for the mechanism you will change the distance from the elements to the film plane. So you either have to work with space that is created by differences in mounting specs, or you have to add another element to correct for the increased distance.

    I guess it would theoretically be possible for an F-mount to F-mount with controls to use the aperture on G lenses, but it would require another element, possibly change the focal length, have a loss in image quality, and it would be expensive. And as far as I know, Nikon still includes the aperture ring on their most expensive lenses.

    So I guess not possible wasn't exactly accurate, but so expensive and problematic as to not have been produced is a better statement. I finally got my first roll of Fujifilm superia shot with my Olympus 35 SP back, scanned. I normally shot X-tra , but this film together with some kodak was a gift. Most exposures are off, overexposed, since I am used shorting and therefore didn't took the low-light limitations of ISO into consideration.

    Mechanische camera's

    I put the camera on auto about halfway through the roll. I am not going to show every of the 36 images, just a few which I think are worth sharing: Here are some of the sadly overexposed images, grainy and noisy due to low light conditions my couldn't handle quite like my could, I think they where all done on auto: Here are 2 of the in my opinion best images from the roll, really showing what the film and camera is capable of capturing: There are also many images on this roll most actually which really should have tuned out nicely, but instead turned out blurry and noisy, perhaps this is due to development or scan.

    All these are still OK, but not as nice as they could have possibly turned out: I think the lack of colour and contrast is due to the white sky messing up the exposure This is actually one of my favourites, a shame it didn't turned out as nicely as the two prime examples I listed here, and I have no idea why I hope that gives you an idea of the Lens on this camera. Perhaps this was insightful to one or another. Damn those two "best shots" are really nice. I've been looking at picking up an Olympus 35 SP just because I want to shoot a 35mm rangefinder.

    Really wish I found one when I went shopping.

    Rangefinder for Hunting and Golf – Can the Device Be Truly Used in Both Sports?

    Thanks for the scans. Nice shots. Thanks for sharing. For negative film a bit of overexposure is ok and maybe preferable. The dark bits on the film will still have information but if not enough light hits you really get nothing at all. If you want down the rabbit hole search for reciprocity and specifically reciprocity failure.