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Even as a Pakistani I have to admit this is the worst interpretation of the kargil conflict. Come on Pakistan we can do better then this. To all my Indian friends You guys unfortunately come from the mindset that Indian forces are too big to get a shock from Kargil but you keep forgetting that USSR was way bigger to get beaten by the Afghan Mujaheedin who were also present at Kargil.

Pakistan always goes to war at the wrong time and I don't support Musharaf war from which he only ran away because of US pressure otherwise India this time was on its knees. No doubt Pakistan lost , however on this one please accept the bitter truth and don't trust your media for once. LOL - what is to remember about that date.. Request you to go to wikipedia and read world opinions on kargil war to free yourself from any delusions you might have. The general said we are fully prepared for face any aggression. The PM agreed with him.

Soldiers are in high spirit. Things are looking bright. We will, of course, win Kashmir! Simple truth. If Pakistan was winning the war in Kargil they wouldn't give up. Pakistan was lucky that Indian soldiers were shooting Pakistanis when they were retreating. Random ,They have their constraints on religion imposed by section C of the Penal Code and not reporting such events and truths. It was Indian Govt's weakness that it could not respond fittingly to Pakistan army's aggression in Kargil.

Every sign of that conflict showed active role of Pakistan army. It is a fact that India was in real trouble in Kargil. After Kargil, that is exactly what happen India and Pakistan went on to negotiate Kashmir and came very close to resolve it, unfortunately, due to political changes in India and as well in Pakistan deal never been finalized. To my Indian friends, India may have won others but this one comes to Pakistani bucket.

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This was a war that no one has actually won. Useless activity that went on to satisfy the generals leading to deaths of many innocents for no good reason apart from each side trying to claim the so called victory. Have seen videos from both sides propaganda. We from both sides need to actually ask ourselves, do we need to kill our own same language and culture for the sake of some political gains for politicians who claim to represent us on both sides? Sad to see people claiming victory while not even knowing what is happening on both sides.

Why do we need to follow the rules set by our colonial masters 60 odd years ago, can't we think about a happy co-existence and live peacefully rather than spending all the monies for killing each others? Think for a moment about the families that are divided by partition done by our Colonial masters to satisfy the greed of politicians at that time. Wish common sense prevail at the end. Although this article dates back to , yet the ground reality in relationship today between the two countries still seems to present the same status quo.

The united States is an essential friend and ally of Pakistan and because of our inability to meet our balance of payment requirements we are heavily dependent on it in fiscal terms and are thus forced to do its bidding in all strategic fields. Many western writers have suggested that the Kargil debacle was deliberately created to provoke army to take over power in Pakistan because of the forthcoming international incidents casting their shadows in advance.

India, as the bigger brother, should realize the economic difficulties affecting the people of both the countries as a consequence of perpetuation of Kashmir issue and give to the Kashmiris their right of self-determination and thus remove this hurdle in the advancement of prosperity of the people of India and Pakistan. Atleast remember those people from Northern Light Infantry entire unit was wiped out clean because some nut job general thought he could go on war with neighbor.

Every Indian and Pakistani going nuts here, this is only reproduced article published is from Herald print edition for this online edition. Stop extracting facts or lies from this article. You know what would be absolutely hilarious? If, just for laughs, India and Pakistan jointly announced without warning that Kaszmir was now a free and independent state. They wouldn't know what to do for themselves The facts are already out. The architect of this darama was Pervaiz Mushraff. It was Pakistan,s regular army units and not Mujahdeen. Pakistani PM avoided a nuclear confrontation by withdrawing the troops and prospects of a full fledged war with Bill Clinton,s intervention.

The army general was running his own government within a civilian govt. Millions of people would have died on both sides in a nuclear disaster which general did not think about. He was a bad news, I wish the country had tried him in court for treason. He was a bad apple. A report titled "South Asian Military Balance", submitted by the US Deputy Secretary of Defence Bruce Riedel before the American Senate's foreign relations sub-'committee last year, clearly stated that while India enjoys a numerical advantage over Pakistan in conventional military capability, it is most unlikely that it would score a decisive victory over Pakistan.

In india they gave wheel chakra to a soldier posthumously and later found he was in hospital in delhi. Then some one siphoned off the funds for coffins, so bodies were lying in open and morgues due to shortage of coffins. Good reminder but writer has missed one important thing. Those fighting were not militants but Pakistan army regular which was confirmed by Musharraf.

Anyhow this was big blot on Pakistan and reminde for India to not believe anything coming from Pakistan. Nasir Vajpayee had come to Lahore 2 months prior to Kargill and a decision was made to discuss all. Issues including Kashmir. So your claim that Kargill war forced India to negotiate on this issue is simply untrue, in fact it pushed back negotiations which did not take place until after December when India got its army close to the border in response to the Parliament attack and Musharraf was forced to change his tune and call the perpetrators as terrorists instead of freedom fighters.

In July , Nawaz unilaterally declared ceasefire after his unsuccesful dash to USA where he was unable to get Clinton to intervene and coax Vajpayee to declare unilateral ceasefire. No one except Musharraf thinks that Kargill was a victory for Pakistan. Yuvaraj This story is dated in June, so it makes sense that it would miss out all the things that happened in July including Nawaz's dash to USA on the weekend of 4 th July. And his unilateral ceasefire.

A Private War

This goes to show how biased the media reporting was against India at that time and the courage that Vajpayee showed in standing up to them and not talking until the intruders had completely vacated. If Nehru had done the same thing and listened to Patel's advice, we would not be facing this mess for 70 years. Dinesh, It was a diplomatic failure on the Pakistani side.

When people decide to separate, no power in the world can stop them. Do not live in the paradise of fools. You better remember war with China. Pakistan should gone to war, instead of withdrawing from the Kargil. Indian could not take back the Kargil period. Pakistan and it's people still want to believe that Kargil war was an adventure of non state actors while their the than generals admitted that invaders were from Northern Infantry Battalion diverted to Kargil and Musaraf himself admitted that it was army's plan. Student of Pakistan will learn doctored history and will make same mistake but next time India will not give any chance as Indians are well in learning their lessons.

Military launched a very smart war which would have given us advantage in the long run but the politicians lost it for us The title of the article above - "when Pakistan and India went to war over Kashmi" - is utterly misleading, for wrongly implying that both countries were responsible for the war, when in reality it was the Pakistani army that instigated this latest war, again, for the fourth time since Instead of fighting on who won the war or who lost how many men, will it not be wise to find out why this war happened?

If indeed as stated in the article, it was the mujaheddin, or fighters for liberation of Kashmir, where did they come from? International community has also failed to pressurize India on Kashmir for last 20 years. Only solution in sight is talks and sustained efforts from all parties involved, without violence and guns.

The article looks like to be written by a 10th grade student who went on internet to look for some story on kargil. Taking about casualties on Indian side. Sharif was made fool by his own army men, which he later played along. Ali Khan and who is in control of Kargil if Pakistan won the war. Kargil was a reenactment of Siachen which Pakistan lost. The Indian criticism is for settling for just recapturing Kargil. They could have crossed the loc and redrawn it permanently instead they chose to let Pakistan get away with misadventure.

The political leadership did not want to tie India down with war and waste resources which some think was a great move for the growth of the country. It's amazing how some folks think pakistan won Kargil. The other myth propagated is that the mujaheddin defeating ussr. I speak the truth because I know first hand every building taller than 2 stories was destroyed in Kabul.

A whole generation was lost playing proxy to USA and Pakistan. The Russians had nothing left in Afghanistan after the destruction and would not have occupied Afghanistan much longer much like the Americans today. Kailash no body in Pakistan observe black day. It was America who asked Pakistan to evacuate peaks. And then Indians went up to empty peaks to claim fake victory.

What else you can do. Waseem Completely agree that 2 nations need to get out of this British era enmity. However, I am convinced that there are external players who control the ground situation through the proxies in Pakistan, Every time Indian or Pakistani govt had moved towards peace, there is a set back through an attack on Indian soil.

And Indian govt reacts with very predictable line of moving back from peace talks. I am sure there are very powerful world players or govt who see a benefit in keeping this region on turmoil and backward. And it is very obvious who these players are who sell large volume of war machinery for huge profits. The mountains were not militarily monitored during the winter, which is why the Indian Army was caught on the backfoot when it was surreptitiously occupied by Pakistani irregulars during that time.

This meant that India first had to climb out of the hole that it found itself in when they were discovered in the extremely advantageous position of being high above the Indian forces and backed up by the border which India could not cross and which resulted in the heavy losses that it took. After some time, then PM Vajpayee said enough is enough and let it be known to the Americans that India would cross the border if need be to evict the interlopers whatever the consequences. It was only then that the Pakistani Generals who dreamed up the operation realized that the game was over and acquiesced to return to the status quo.

When you read some thing in your favor, you starts appreciating. But when it's shows you mirror, you starts criticizing. What happened was happened in east Pakistan But we are bangladeshi we love Pakistan more then our own heart. Pakistan in the heart. An army that sends in their regular Northern light infantry as militants and does not even receive their dead bodies has no right to talk about ethics and bravery. Its downright pathetic and disgusting. Good work Pakistan armed forces for liberating the peaks of Kargil especially Dras Sector. Have no regrets, be proud. Kashmir stands by you.

Goes to show that as in all of Pakistan's wars with India, how the country's so-called independent press was compelled to feed fairy tales to its citizens. Combine this level of 'reporting' with the open bigotry of much of the school curriculum, and you have a nation of pliant automatons who are ready to forgive economic disaster, rampant corruption, violent extremism and global isolation, at the mere mention of India by canny politicians.

Indias military might has multiplied since than.. First, the Kargil war was started under the supervision of the then president Musharraf. He has claimed responsibility of supporting terrorist and working with the army to enter Kargil. Once Indian army found out the intrusion, a small war started and it took Indian army few days to push back terrorist and Pakistani army. That is not diplomacy and working back rooms to bring in peace. This is in your face creating chaos and unrest.

And in-sighting violence. And like his predecessors he will be overthrown by the army. That is the fate of Pakistan, because the country openly supports terrorist and that type of an institution can not survive in the civilized world. Are you of opinion that reality is only one sided?

Adil good observation, moreover it had created a distrust among indians ,as vajpayee was working on normalization, it is still gives a opprotunity and strong valid point to people in india who oppose any peace effort between these two countries. We love the people of Bangladesh, the way they love us, as it is quite evident, when ever we play in Bangladesh, we get overwhelming support from people of Bangladesh. For us Bangladesh is a sovereign country. The only thing we have in our mind is of brotherly relationship between the two countries.

To all those accusing the writer of hiding facts, this article was posted in July and whatever is written here is based on what was known at the time. This was written before Pakistan Army admitted it's involvement in Kargil. The pain of Pakistani Army is as such that it can not even name the Jawans martyred during this conflict forget about rewarding them. Pakistani government disowned its own soldiers by claiming them as members of some terrorist group. Ali Ghous: Had they ever bled Kashmir to death? Pakistan is a nuclear power; so free advice for you is to stop day-dreaming please!!

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It is also later known to everybody that PM Nawaz was not aware of the Kargil adventure. This might be the reason for PM Nawaz trying to remove the General and the ensuing coup. It is the fact that unless the three elements in Pakistan, that is Government, Military and Militants decides jointly to stop aggression towards India, peace is not possible.

Random You don't know the true history. This is how India lost war in In 65 again India lost the war. In an Indian program on 50th anniversary of 65 war an ex Indian Air Force officer admitted that India suffered more loses in 71 than in 65 on western border. Talking about eastern border India made a conspiracy. India established training camps in Agartala and trough cross border infiltration India broke civil war in East Pakistan and then invaded.

This is how you got your only success in wars. Are these reproductions from the then reporting? Or, is this analysis.

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There is much in this which has been subsequently denied even by participants in the conflict, and those in the know. Hey wait jonty bonty Pakistan never wanted war despite we developed nuclear power for our country's development and to balance power in asia as India has disturbed it. Hindus were always against the good will of Pakistan so they never accepted Pakistan.

They first attempted war in the dark as they thought Pakistani soldiers are asleep but they were wrong they failed they tried again in but they failed again and they last kargil war was Also their failure. If Kashmiris were to choose to side with India in an open and fair election as was in in Pakistan Pakistan will not accept the results. So calling for elections in Kashmir is hypocritical if the elite will only accept results which it wants. Pakistan needs to practice democracy before demanding it from Kashmiris. It is a long hard slog with much heartache but the result is rewarding.

The article describes lie in true tone.. I read some tropics in local media report in pakistan, they used to tell that pakistan was winning , india deafeted where India entered in Lahore , bangladesh. If u want to know the truth ,please listen the atual fact from soldiers.. Updated Feb 17, pm. More From This Section. Mrec Large. Malatesh Jul 31, am. Dinesh Jul 31, am. Remember Remember ; the 16th of December Sher Khan Jul 31, am. Photo is evident that Nawaz Sharif was aware of Kargil war. Jonty Rhodes Jul 31, am. Sahil Jul 31, am. Even Wikipedia will give the proper information about the war.

Indian pathan Jul 31, am. Shuaib Qasim Jul 31, am. We are proud of being a Pakistani and Pakistan Army zindabad. Amanraj Jul 31, am. Closely check the time when it was written, its June Awais Ali Jul 31, am. Fantastic and realistic article. India always misguided it's people regarding Kargil. LOL Jul 31, am. Random Jul 31, pm. Pure Ind Jul 31, pm. The Rock Jul 31, pm. However like many couples they managed to conceive either shortly before the war or during leave and on June 25, , they had baby daughter Carolyn. Then tragedy struck. Baby Carolyn, who had struggled to put on weight, died from gastro enteritis.

Diana was left distraught with only letters from James to console her. For those whose other half never returned from war, victory in was welcome and a relief but not the cause for ecstatic celebration that others felt.

Eliza Frances Andrews. "The War-Time Journal of a GeorgiaGirl, "

For those whose husbands had survived it meant a chance to be reunited with loved ones and rebuild lives. But it came with its own problems. Men who returned were changed — some had physical injuries but all were altered by what they had seen and suffered, inevitably meaning they were different to the young men who had gone to war.

Fitting back into civvy street for former soldiers was never easy, even for those who found jobs. Post-war life was also different for the wives. They had coped without their husbands and their expectations had changed. Rekindling love with men they had barely known for six years or more presented more problems. The war years had left their scars with them too. Play slideshow. GETTY Women on the home front played a vital role in winning the war by working in munitions factories.

But in their stories are reflected the lives of hundreds of thousands of others like them - ordinary girls who went to war, wearing their uniforms with pride. I recommend everyone to read and listen to this story. My nan was in the WRAF sadly no longer with us I wish I can thank these ladies in person for what they have done for our country. My eldest daughter in going into the RAF Police next year, so I hope she will have plenty of experience of life like these heroes.

Thank you for this wonderful book. This book is another important read, to understand the true difficulties faced during WW2. These women show a remarkable strength of character and unfailing will to survive very difficult situations with courage and grace. I'm not ashamed to say this book made me cry for these women but also to laugh with them too. A fantastic book. What did you like best about this story? The stories of each woman is written with great empathy and understanding. It was authentic and well researched.

The women each getting a chance to speak about their experiences during difficult times and the comradeship they found were a joy to listen to. How does this one compare? Tania Rodigues' performance had exactly the right tone for the stories she related. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?