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Urban Design for Planners 1 - Introduction

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Urban Design

Prerequisites Basic hand drawing skills, familiarity with reading and interpreting maps. Interested in this course for your Business or Team? Train your employees in the most in-demand topics, with edX for Business.

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Purchase now Request Information. About this course Are you an urban planner, designer, policy maker or involved or interested in the creation of good living environments? You will learn some of the basic traits of Dutch Urbanism, including its: contextual approach; balance between research and design; simultaneous working on multiple scale levels.

What you'll learn Dutch Urbanism basics; How to draw simple maps of your own living environment and perform basic urban analyses of them; How to apply your findings in small design activities; Where to find additional literature that will deepen your knowledge and bring you up to date on the latest research findings in urban planning.

APA Urban Design & Preservation Division

Week 1: The first module is a thematic and technical introduction of the basic concepts behind the course and its functionality. Week 3: This module is focused around the structural role of the natural landscape in any urban environment. Week 5: We will look at how seemingly small interventions like the restructuring of an urban plaza can have a great impact on the usability and enjoyability of the city for all. Week 6: This module is an introduction to the realm of data driven design. Week 7: Another exercise in how to achieve big results with small interventions: In this module, we will look at how strategic changes in infrastructure have brought new life to a dilapidated area.

Week 8: Rounding off this course, we will bring the concept of design for the public good to an new level, what have we learned?

Strategic Planning and Urban Design Foundations

But more importantly, what are the roads ahead? How we can help you In every project, we mobilise our full set of skills to provide urban design solutions to public and private sector clients such as city authorities, developers, housing associations and architects.

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