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Learn all about the internal energy system that drives us — our prana life force , chakras energy centres , nadis energy channels and kundalini potent energy that lies ready to be awakened. Benefit from expert guidance on a wide range of postures, purification practices, breathing exercises and meditation techniques.

How to Use Thoughts of Immortality to Awaken Your True Self

Choose from a range of specially designed Yoga Meditation routines that will allow you to get the very most from the many invaluable practices in this beautiful, inspirational book. About Stephen Sturgess.

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Product Reviews There are no reviews yet. Pregnancy Health Yoga Rated 5. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Refuse to be limited by thoughts of weakness or age. Who told you that you are old? You are not old. You, the soul, are eternally young. Impress that thought on your consciousness:.

"Motivate Peace & Positive Energy" Awaken Yourself, Inner Guide Meditation, Spiritual Healing Music

I am vibrant with youth, with ambition, with power to succeed. Attune yourself to Cosmic Power, and whether you are working in a factory, or mixing with people in the business world, always affirm:. I shall not go to the grave without some accomplishments.

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  7. How to Use Thoughts of Immortality to Awaken Your True Self.

I am a God-man, a rational creature. I am the power of Spirit, the dynamic Source of my soul.


I shall create revelations in the world of business, in the world of thought, in the world of wisdom. I and my Father are One. I can create anything I desire, even as my creative Father. The greatest method is to tap that energy directly from the inner source and not through the artificial stimuli of medicines, emotion, and so on. Then you can say:. I forgot it, but now, by digging with the pickax of Self-realization, I have discovered that life force again I am not the flesh.

I am the charge of divine electricity that permeates this body. Know you are immortal—not to be crushed by mortal lessons, but to learn and manifest your immortality and smile. Though challenged by all the purifying fires of the earth, I am the soul and cannot be destroyed.

Introduction to Kundalini: The Yoga of Awareness

Fire cannot burn me; water cannot wet me; breezes cannot wither me; atoms cannot shatter me; I am the immortal dreaming the lessons of immortality—not to be crushed, but to be entertained. You have played many roles through many incarnations. But they were all given to entertain you—not to frighten you.

Is It Really Dangerous? 6 Common Myths—Debunked

Your immortal soul cannot be touched. I am this bubble of life—one with the ocean of Cosmic Consciousness. I can never die. When you close your eyes in meditation, you see the vastness of your consciousness—you see that you are in the center of eternity. Concentrate there; take a little time in the morning and the evening just to close your eyes and say:. The wave is a bulge of the ocean; my consciousness is a bulge of the great Cosmic Consciousness. I am afraid of nothing. I am Spirit. I am a spark of the Fire of Spirit. I am an atom of the Cosmic Flame.

I am a cell of the vast universal body of the Father. Day by day this consciousness will impinge on you when you practice the techniques. When you enter the deep interiorized calmness in meditation, you are free from the bondage of the body. Then what is death to you?


Where is fear? Nothing has the power to make you afraid. That is the state you are seeking. You will say:.

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I have everything in this universe. Death, disease, doomsday, fires, nothing can take that Bliss away! Try to remember and concentrate on all the beautiful and positive qualities of your life, and do not affirm your deficiencies. That is my real nature. Dear ones, let no one call you a sinner. You are sons of God, for He made you in His image Say to yourself:.

Sadashivoham will feature meditations, yoga, puja and processes. Experience and express the amazing Shaktis — extraordinary powers — of Sadashiva. Next Inner Awakening In. Published by sriyoga at July 22, Categories Experience Sharing.

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