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The gnome miniatures are 15mm, so best used with 28mm figures from taller races. This post on the First Edition of Warhammer is interesting.

Gnomes were represented, albeit just one page in the rule book and a few units scroll down after clicking the link. Makes sense to me.

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According to this message board , gnomes were part of the Warhammer universe at least up to the 3rd Edition. They also enjoy moving their statues around at night…to keep the humans on their toes! Contrary to what one human mother told her young child three decades ago, everything in the gnome books by Huygen and Poortvliet is true. Doctors are far to busy to make up stories that aren't true.

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They also have the ability to become instantly invisible, which helps. However, as the field guide of Huygen and Poortvliet explains, gnomes have occasionally allowed themselves to be revealed to humans, Huygen and Poortvliet being two of them. Because Poortvliet was a really good artist and had permission from gnomes to illustrate them as realistically as possible, that fieldguide provide the best pictures available of what real gnomes look like. Here is the most famous picture of a real gnome, which is also the cover of that book:.

Some live to , though that is rare and for most, rather undesirable. Adulthood starts at around Kindergarten begins when gnomes reach Gnomes usually marry at around the age of , and often have their children as soon as their honeymoon is over.

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  • Female gnomes give birth only once. A rare few have a bonus son or daughter. There was a time in ancient gnome history when gnomes began overpopulating the earth. Gnome women were getting fed up with being pregnant for decades and dealing with diapers for centuries. To deal with this threat to culture and harmony, the gnomes worked together to solve the problem. They used ingenuity and a bit of magic to reach perfect population control…and give the poor gnome women a break. Notify me when back in stock Expected in stock - Submit.

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    Want it tomorrow? The iconic Game of Thrones scene - Gnome style.

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