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There is a mixture of kanji and Japanese alphabets used to create stylized ideograms.

Sumo wrestlers, Samurai warriors, and Geisha women become part of the art to represent the influence of their own culture. Paint wars, where crews paint insults back and forth until one quits or gets caught by the police, are common in the culture. The same in many cultures, if the artist is illegally vandalizing an area, they can spend a night to a month in prison. Major Artists. Locating Graffiti In Japan.

Two well know legal places to paint are the Yokohama Wall of Fame, at the Sakuragicho Station, which is a 3 kilometer wall that is covered entirely in graffiti. Typically graffiti remains in underground areas. Bridges, tunnels, and farm walls that happen to be away from mainstream areas are hot spots. The Yamanote line is the best place to check out graffiti if you want to find it quickly. Train lines consist of throw ups that are large and not as elaborate as other pieces.

In major cities, like Tokyo or Osaka, you can find commissioned work but not as much as other places.

If graffiti is located near high class shopping centers will be taken down rather quickly. Anderson, Ariston. Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. About this workspace This workspace is public. It's now easier to play Paper io quickly and freely. Because I'm leaving the paper io game we just opened. We opened paperio.

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Top 60 most popular words in Japan this year. Japanese Samuel L. Jackson Impersonators. Giant Animals Invade Japan. English Teaching, Japan-Style. The Yakuza Reporter on the Daily Show. The Yakuza Reporter. Manga Primer. Japanese Noise Primer in The Onion. For example, the people in Tokyo of course were not hit by the tsunami, but they did feel the potential threat of the nuclear plant problem. So I think there was some confusion among people as to the extent of the impact they had received--if they were victims or not and of what--and about how they should direct their recovery efforts.

In this context, I think what you did was really significant, that you visited the devastated areas as a Japanese-Brazilian with a unique perspective, and that you succeeded in connecting with the local people through art, bringing a positive atmosphere to the area. At the same time, with the above dilemma in mind, I am interested in what you think about the potential of art to contribute in a historical catastrophe like this earthquake.

Tokyo immigration's pinned tweet over "Free Refugees" graffiti goes viral

Could you talk a bit about that? TITI : I believe that art can somehow change people. Since graffiti in particular is a street art and one of the forms of expression in which the artist has the most contact with people, I knew it could provide opportunities for communication. The project members including myself also believed that this project could help boost people's pride.


That is because I felt that the colors in my work and the actual act of drawing can appeal to people's sensitivity. Ishinomaki does not have a graffiti scene like Sao Paulo or New York or other major cities, and I know how closed Japanese communities can be towards certain things. So, just as you mentioned "hesitation," I did feel a little worried that the local people might not like my work, or might not welcome a Brazilian artist coming along with a can of spray paint in hand and drawing on the walls of their homes.

In fact, I did feel that people were eyeing me suspiciously for the first couple of days. But as the days went by and my work started to take shape, it was clear that the residents were starting to behave differently towards us. They would come up and talk to me, or they would talk about my work with each other, and the children wanted to play near my graffiti.

I felt they enjoyed watching me draw and being there with me. During the 10 days of work, I spent my off hours with the people as well, and this allowed me to get closer to them. Titi Freak at work. Meeting the local residents. By the time the project was coming to an end, you could see people smiling, and it was clear that they were truly happy with my work. In Japan, "art" usually refers to paintings and sculptures, so it was very interesting and moving to watch people gradually come to understand my style of art.

In the end, my graffiti managed to touch the hearts of the people in the region. They came out of their houses more often and started talking to each other more. I think that it may even have helped them grow fond of the place. To be honest, I didn't think it would have such a strong impact. I made many friends in Ishinomaki.

Everyone was warm and friendly and I will never forget them. I hope to visit again before the end of this year to see them all and to continue the project by drawing more graffiti in other parts of the city such as the stores and restaurants that are being rebuilt. Workshop with stencils. OYAMA : I think you're quite right that graffiti allows you to really connect with people's daily lives because it is street art.

Certainly, I don't think Ishinomaki had its own graffiti scene.

Rackgaki (includes DVD): Japanese Graffiti by Ryo Sanada

On the other hand, I'm reminded of the movement by the Barrack Soshokusha established by Wajiro Kon just after the Great Kanto Earthquake of in Japan--a historical precedent of trying through art to add color to a place that is suffering some sort of adversity. I feel that your Ishinomaki graffiti project is a contemporary version of this initiative. It's a shame we've run out of time, but if we get the chance in future, I'd like to hear your views on that, too. Thank you very much for this interview. I'll have to end my questions for today.

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